Friday, July 18, 2008

State Rep. Eddie Washington Thinks Terry Link's Out of Touch On Need for Towing Law in Lake County

Regular TA readers know that we have been following the Lake County News-Sun's extensive coverage of State Senator Terry Link's questionable involvement in the failure of the new Illinois Commercial Safety Towing Act to apply to Lake County, even though it applies to just about every other Chicagoland county, including Cook.

We originally reported on this issue here, but noted that the News-Sun had failed to connect the dots and notice that Terry Link coincidentally has been the beneficiary of large contributions over the years from the very Lake County towing companies that somehow escaped the net of the new law. The News-Sun picked up the trail, though, and followed-up with a scathing editorial questioning Link's connections with the would-be regulated businesses. GOP opponent Keith Gray also got in on the act and blasted Link for his failure to protect Lake County consumers by not adding them to the protection of the new law.

Link tried to defend his actions by saying that he had heard "no outcry" from his constituents that indicated to him that Lake County citizens needed protection (unlike everyone else in Chicago).

But State Representative Eddie Washington (who represents the 60th legislative district, which is the north half of Link's senate district) begs to differ. In a nasty letter to the News-Sun this morning, Washington takes Link to task for failing to step up for the consumers:

"Unlike my Democratic colleague, Sen. Terry Link, I have had numerous complaints from local residents who are mostly low income and among the working poor who struggle daily to make ends meet. Some of them have had their cars towed and have had to pay in the thousands of dollars for the only vehicle that is primarily used to go back and forth to jobs outside of Waukegan.

The cost to get their car back has sometimes cost more than the cost of the car itself. To add insult to injury, some owners found that while their cars were under the care of some tow companies, the car was vandalized. Often, the economic hardship was too great of a demand, and some owners just walked away and allowed the vehicle to become the property of the towing company, therefore putting yet another family at risk."

As everyone knows, Eddie Washington has been on the outs with Link for a while now, as Link backed a primary opponent, County Board member Angelo Kyle against Washington. So, I guess we can add Washington to the growing number of people who won't be unhappy to see how Terry Link's petition scandals affect his chances for re-election.

Inter-party warfare at its best, folks. Too bad it's the citizens of Lake County who lose out.


Duane G. Davis said...

What are you doing about the corruption in lake county il.look at people vs davis 07cf4988 false imprisionment for163 days and you nor mr. link have done nothing to defend me. you even said the people i am persuing may kill me. i have a witness to your have been getting my emails and sen obama's office has requested a investigation.lisa madigan and patrick fitzgerald are going to be call to task. the good old boy network is going to be fully need to look at those dvd's going all over town your name is in them. contact the lake county board and mr.waller. federal violations mean federal investigations. you refused to defend my rights and you knew everything.Drac has a dvd this is going to become waukegan get your story right. get all those letters i sent you.hope that casino money is clean.

Duane G.Davis said...

Duane G. Davis Sr. 1402 Lochner Rd. # A Baltimore Md.21239 Dear Ms. Madigan This is my 5th letter to your office. I was illegally incarcerated at the Lake County Jail on false charges 12-24-07 by The Waukegan News Sun and Mr. Waller for a Bomb Threat. A charge I vigorously deny. I was making a movie about Political Corruption and Racial oppression in the Judicial System in Lake county Il. Mr. Waller Judge Booras ,Judge Foreman, Judge Bridges ,Judge Rossetti, Judge Starck and former Chief Judge Phillip have knowledge of everything I am telling you. Judge Booras has been receiving mail from me since 3-17-07 asking to have a hearing concerning the Theft of $15,000 from in my 1986 case. You can contact the Lake County Board ,Mayor Hyde , Chief Malcolm Zion Police Dept. Lionel Farmer of the Waukegan Police Dept, Officer Nash of the North Chicago Police Dept and Sheriff Curran Lake County Sheriff Dept. I was writing a Book, making a movie and on 12-24-07 I was shooting footage for my Documentary . Mr. Waller has the video tape taken from my camera. He refuses to return it . He has also tampered with the original film. Which is a violation of his oath office to tamper or alter evidence in cases bought before Judges or Juries in the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Of the State of Illinois. He knowingly filed a false indictment. Judge Bridges and my lawyer refused to let me put on my defense that I was making a documentary about Political and Judicial corruption in Lake County Il. You have received numerous mail from me over the last 12 months. Most recently I filed formal charges with your office, but you refuse to respond to my charges. Patrick Fitzgerald and the Lake County Board both have more than enough evidence to prove my innocence. But refuse to act on my behalf. You have witnesses and petitions to move the State of Illinois to review my case in front of a impartial Grand Jury and Court. (Change of Venue. )This is the only way to achieve Justice . Some Officials in Lake County are just as greedy and corrupt as Governor Blagojevich. Pay to play is not limited to his office. It is a cancer in Lake County’s Judicial System. My case is a prime example. I have a detailed diary of abuse of Civil, Constitutional, and Human Rights violations. I have sent material to numerous political figures within and outside the State of Illinois to insure attention is paid to allegations. I have a taped phone message from Gov. Blagojevich‘s office, but considering his current situation I doubt if he investigates Lake County. Besides he might have his hand in that Casino money like so many other officials in Lake County. Pay to play is a long time practice in Lake County Il. And my documentary was and is going to bring all these issue to the forefront. My situation is no different than Leroy Orange or Alton Logan. Your office has a responsibility to protect not only my rights, but the countless inmates at the Lake County Jail. Sen./President Elect Obama has asked for a investigation in June of 2008. Sen. Link and State Rep. Washington, Con. Jessie Jackson Jr. Sen. Durbin Con. Danny Davis Sen. Ben Cardin Of Md. and Gov. O’Malley of the State of Maryland have all been notified about this situation. Your office is suppose to defend the rights of the citizens of the State of Illinois. And this letter is written to insure your office openly investigate my case and all the allegations I have brought before your office. You can get more information from the Judiciary Board , Althea Welsh of the ARDC Chicago Office .They have an open file on Judge Booras Foreman Bridges Rossetti and Phillips.Ms. Welsh has a open file on Waller LaRue And Levi. I have asked you to turn over the names of those dirty cops in Lake County to the F.B.I. This is how the WHITLE BLOWERS ACT is suppose to work. Enclosed is more evidence and footage of my ongoing documentary. I can not conclude my movie until I receive a new trial or the current conviction is over turned. Mr. Waller is no different than Gov.Blagojevich by using his political office to deny me my Constitutional Right of FREEDOM OF SPEECH. And covering up the theft of $15,000 by Judge Booras and Forman in 1986. Mr. Waller destroyed all my evidence from that case. And refused to return my property. This was openly admitted in the courtroom of Judge Rossetti on 1-31-07 at the 9am court call. You can refer to the article by Art Peterson on 2-1-07. The News Sun is at the core of this whole situation. I hope you take this situation as serious as you have Gov. Blagojevich. Corruption is a cancer in the Political System in the Great State of Illinois. It stretches from the Northeastern Shores of The Great Lakes to the Statehouse and beyond. It is the charge and duty of your office to remove all cancer not just political adversaries or the pay to player players. The good old boy network in Lake County need to be put on public display.. Time for change is now and so is “ACCOUTABILIY!”Yours as well as mine. All I’m guilty of is SNITCHING.. Remember the Stop Snitching video from Baltimore. Well Consider this the upgraded version. I want to see if Snitching works for everyone. Not just color or socioeconomic class. Justice for all not just us. Please respond to this letter in a timely and respectable manor. Don’t let your political aspirations deny me the representation your office affords the citizens and inmates in the State of Illinois. Respectfully Submitted CC.Sen./Elect Obama Gov.O’Malley U. S Justice Dept Patrick Fitzgerald Lake County Board Sen. Ben Cardin Md. U.S Senate Judiciary Com. * Money Corrupts. Look into that CASINO money