Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dick Durbin Flips on Offshore Oil Exploration; Can Dan "Flipper" Seals Be Far Behind?

Reuters is reporting today that Senator Dick Durbin had a change of heart about offshore oil exploration. Reuters stated that Durbin told the Wall Street Journal that "I'm open to drilling and responsible production." According to Durbin, he might even be able to convince Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to flip as well.

Well, this is quite the quandary for our friend Dan Seals. TA hears that he's spent the last couple of weeks railing against the idea of offshore oil exploration -- and now his supposed friend Dick Durbin has pulled the rug out from under him. I guess they didn't have any policy discussions at the Northbrook parade last week.

Given the chances that Seals will flip on this issue like a cirque du soleil acrobat, I'm starting a new TA tradition -- the Seals Flipper Pool. What day do you think The Pup will flip on offshore oil exploration? Will he ever?

I'm taking the first bet -- July 21.


Wunderkind said...

Seals is locked in on opposing off shore oil drilling. We have him recorded at four different events blasting Kirk for being for such exploration for oil.

Seals is getting very lonely on the far left...but his masters, Robert Creamer and Jan Schakowsky, won't let him back a reasonable energy policy.

Anonymous said...

And what will these idiotic lunatics say about their hero, Obama, who voted FOR the FISA Bill today after stating that he'd stand and filibuster such a thing! The more Obama runs to the center the more the nutjobs are attacking him. Isn't this fun!!! And what do you suppose that sicko catwoman will say about all of this. Her hero is Russ Feingold but he's a lost cause. And now I think she's attacking TA for posting on her site. Paranoia? No, I think she's just being driven right over the brink and nothing could be sweeter. And as for our Dan "Flipper" Seals, I'll bet he's sitting in his office and trying to figure out who's pitching and who's catching!!!

Badge of Honor said...

It was me! I admit it! I couldn't help myself!

Anonymous said...

BOH, I'm laughing. Keep it up. It just doesn't take much to get that sicko wound up. I like it! Try it again, and again, and again. We might get her admitted to the psych ward where she belongs.

Team America said...

Badge of Honor- I laughed when I saw that exchange on Ellen's Blog. She really flatters herself to think I'm so desperate to get my digs in on her blog that I would post anonymously, knowing she'd probably delete TA posts. She gives herself way too much credit for thinking her blog is so important. Although I admit that I check in over at Ellen's quite regularly to see what lies and sedition are being spread over there. She probably saw my IP address on her site meter close to the time BOH left her comment and jumped to conclusions.

Anonymous said...

July 15.

Seals won't leave Durbin's shadow.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you also had a good laugh, TA, since it is pretty funny that she's so self-important. NOT. She and her cat must be pacing around her apartment trying to figure out what to say, how to say it, or how to spin what her guys have been voting for of late. She and Russ Feingold can stand in the corner and continue their tirade. And as for the Pup, I can hardly wait to hear what he has to say!

Anonymous said...

Now that Senator Durbin may have finally cracked open a high school economics textbook, he apparently has finally learned that to lower the price of a commodity you must increase supply. Or, he simply could have seen the way the political winds were blowing and adjusted his position accordingly. After all, a survey conducted by CNN last week shows that 73% of Americans support increased drilling.

I'm not going to try to figure out which of those scenarios is the correct one because I don't know and I really don't care. I applaud him for seeing the light and supporting America's energy independence.

What I'm really interested in is how the Pup will react. Dick put him in quite a pickle. He's spent weeks heckling Mark Kirk for supporting offshore oil exploration,yet now his supposed friend and sugar daddy says that he supports oil exploration too. Maybe Dick is mad that Dan horned in on his parade spot in Northbrook.

Team America said...

I popped over to Ellen's to see the latest, for kicks, and you'll love this- in response to the commentor that asked if she felt used and betrayed by Obama's flip on FISA (among other things), Ellen said Obama's vote for FISA was OK because it wouldn't have changed anything and that wasn't the battle to fight.

Can you believe it? Where are Obama's principles? If it WAS the tie-breaking vote, he should have kept to his pre-primary promise to fillibuster FISA. If not, he still should have voted against it, since it 'would not have changed anything' according to Ellen.

She lives in her own fishbowl where any Dem conduct, no matter how crazy, can be easily rationalized. Doublethink, for those 1984 fans out there.

Anonymous said...

It's always delicious political theater to see democrats and green party members take die hard dems to school from the left.

This is a must read,and I would pick up their book as well, Grand New Party. The article is called "battle for the burbs", and discusses the future of districts like ours it's at:

What the article makes abundantly clear is that until moderate Republicans figure out what moderate democrats and new labour did in the 1990's, and conservatives did in the 70's and 80's, and formulate a movement and agenda and we are stuck. Thus we are going to have to watch bright and talented leaders like Mark fight interns and hanukah party organizers like Dan and Jay when he should be shooting higher up the food chain.

My fear is that the conservatives from the southwest have consolidated power in our party and will be unwilling to have discussions about how to win back congressional districts in Westchester County, New Hampshire, the Philly and Pittsburgh suburbs ect.