Monday, June 30, 2008

Mark Kirk and Supporters Storm Waukegan; New Waukegan GOP Blog Open For Business

Conventional wisdom might say that up in Waukegan, the Dems are so firmly entrenched that the Republicans may as well give up. But don't try telling that to 10th District Congressman Mark Kirk, whose district encompasses most of Waukegan and neighboring North Chicago.

In yesterday's parade in Waukegan, Mark Kirk had, by all accounts, somewhere between 200-250 supporters marching with him, many of whom were Latino, and who are turning out to be a huge base of support for Kirk. In fact, Kirk had so many marchers that, in the words of one Kirk observer, it "was actually kind of ridiculous."

Dem challenger Dan Seals, on the other hand, apparently had about 15 folks marching with him. Seals had more people marching in Libertyville, so I have no idea why he'd have less in Waukegan, unless it simply shows that his base of support in what ought to be Dem territory is pathetically shallow. And, it's likely some of those 15 were bussed up from Chicago, like this fellow.

Given that the Dems in Waukegan have already had it up to here with Dem Chairman Terry Link and his political power-plays, not to mention petition issues, maybe this is a sign that the Dem establishment is vulnerable in an area that they have pretty much taken for granted for years.

In the same context, check out a brand-new blog started by the Waukegan GOP Township Organization (the what? yes, Waukegan has Republicans, and they are coming out!). It's got some more pictures of the parade and the GOP float, featuring our challenger to Terry Link, Waukegan businessman Keith Gray. Love those blue T-shirts, Keith!

Here are some more shots of the Kirk army marching down the streets of Waukegan:


Anonymous said...

Seals sent his main force to the Gay Pride parade in Chicago. Figures because that parade is held in the district where Seals lives.

Team America said...

Figures. Will someone PLEASE send that guy a friggin' map?

Not only can't he vote for himself, he spends his resources in an area where the locals can't vote for him either. Brilliant.

Waukeganwhispers said...

Looks like everyone was totally underwhelmed at the Halverson/Seals fundraiser with Michelle Obama.

No wonder - Halverson is the bagwoman for Blagojevich and has now tied Seals to Team Rod.

Thank you for making this easy --

Seals = See No Evil
Halverson = Hear No Evil
Jones = Do Evil and
Rod = Evil

Anonymous said...

It's never a good sign for your campaign when you are struggling to shore up support with people outside the district (gay pride), while you get hammered in an area you should be strong (Waukegan).

I'm thinking Mark out raises Dan by 1/4 of a million dollars this week.

Good for Gray, he could pull an upset with an anti-incumbent "change" campaign.

Anonymous said...

Once again folks, this election isn't going to be won only by deep pockets. Let's not take our collective eyes off the prize: we need to continue to beef up the Kirk ground forces, the field organization, continue to work to get out our vote and THEN we can sit back and be pleased with the results of all of our hard work. What we saw in Waukegan on Sunday needs to be replicated all over this district from today until the polls close on November 4. Our Congressman will win and win with the kind of numbers that he has earned for all that he has accomplished. We know that his 2nd quarter fundraising total will be huge, but again, elections are not won by money alone. Call the campaign at 847 498-0300 and go over and get a bumper sticker, a yard sign, offer to help walk a precinct, be ready to help on election day. That's how we're going to keep Dan where he belongs, in the 9th district, or perhaps back to Hyde Park where he came from originally.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting swarmed with calls of people who attended Congressman Kirk's district update tonight at Bnai Shalom Congregation in Buffalo Grove. While Kirk got rave reviews (no shocker), the biggest story of the night were two young people sent by Dan Seals to record the event who asked Mr. Kirk why we continue to unfairly show favoritism and support only ot Israel, thereby alienating Arab countries and hurting our image abroad.

Apparently, after the event, some of the congregants (obviously appaled by the question) asked who they were and what they were doing there -- after prodding, they admitted they were with the Seals campaign, rushed out of the synagogue and drove away in a car with a "VoteUnion" bumper sticker.

Best of all -- it's all on videotape. At least two others in the room were taping the Q/A and one apparently got direct video clips of the Seals questioners.

Not a good night for Team Seals -- they better start scrambling the crisis management team. Can you believe sending campaign workers to ask Congressman Kirk to end American support to Israel????

Anonymous said...

This doesn't surprise me in the least. Everyone remembers that Seals wouldn't defend Israel in a war with Iran. Everyone remembers Seals called for a ceasefire immediately after Israel retaliated against Hezbollah in 2006 and blamed Israel for causing "more radical Islam."

His campaign world consists of a bunch of anti-Israel leftists who he pandered to at last year's YearlyKos convention.

Now his workers question American support for Israel. Well kiss the Jewish vote goodbye Mr. Seals. Only a matter of time til your true colors bled out.

Anonymous said...

Someone should call the Jewish reporters in Chicago and let them know that Dan Seals campaign workers are publicly questioning American support for Israel.

Vote Dan "Mearsheimer" Seals?

Anonymous said...


I guess we'll see if the Seals team is all it's cracked up to be. A solid communications team would have a message up on its homepage by morning saying its campaign workers did not speak on Dan's behalf and are no longer associated with the campaign. Anything less and Dan will be consenting to his own campaign staff's actions.

Politics 101 -- staff comments reflect on the candidate unless disavowed.

Right now, emails are probably already circulating in the Jewish community letting people know that Dan Seals questions American support for Israel.

Bgrovemom said...

I was there too. The Seals supporters shocked the congregation by asking an anti-Israel question. Its ok, only 95% of people there support Israel. All of our talk at the table afterwards was about the Seals people. Guess that set of volunteers won't be asked to represents Seals again. Some people in the room would have voted for Dan. Not now.

IDFriends said...

We got it on tape. It will be used at the appropriate time unless Seals disowns these staffers.

israelguardian said...

Did anyone doubt this was coming?

Dan Seals put out an email alert a couple weeks ago asking for his supporters to vote in some online contest so that Gen. Wes Clark would come in to campaign for him.

That's right -- the same Wes Clark who told Huffington Post that America's foreign policy has been hijacked by the New York Jewish money.

Team America said...

My, but a bunch of folks are up late tonight, incensed at Mr. Seals and his team. Can't wait to see a link to this video.

Anonymous said...

Hey anons, I know you all mean well but can you all keep this stuff to yourselves or pass quietly to the Kirk campaign in the future so that Seals and company don't get a heads up and now have time to post a statement on their Web site before the hit even comes out?

treehugger said...

anon 11:48,

you can't stop the blogosphere. don't even try. we are real people with real voices -- and these voices are going to tell everyone we know what Dan Seals really stands for: ending American support to Israel.


Anonymous said...

Anon 11:13, why are you or others surprised at what Seals and his followers really stand for and truly believe? Get real. His mentor is the catwoman and her followers. They and their Daily Kos crew are so far to the left that all that next to them is the wall. Don't expect Seals to disavov these campaign staffers. What I DO hope is that the video will be on line today. Perhaps it would be a good idea to let the Obama campaign know about this video as well. I'm sure that the host of the Monday night event, which turned out to be a few minutes with Michelle and nothing more, would be mortified knowing that he lent his city apartment to a guy who has views that he surely would disavov. Seals, one big sack of you know what. It's only 7 a.m. and my day is already on the downside after reading what happened last night. I'm counting on those who were in attendance to stay on this, get that video up and out so it can be appropriately used.

Team America said...

Hmm... no offense, people, but considering I would pretty much file this whole Israel-gate story under "campaign blunders too stupid too believe," I am going to wait to see the video, or at least talk to someone in person that was there last night, before jumping all over this. I have a few calls in to the usual sources...

Meanwhile, if anyone wants to put up a link to that video, we're ready to watch.

Anonymous said...

TA, I have just spoken to someone who was, indeed, at that Synagogue last evening. What has been posted is exactly what happened. What these Seal's dopes didn't seem to understand is that many in the audience were taping THEM! How dumb can you be to send kids who can truly wreck what little credibility you have when it comes to the pro-Israel message. Seals is either a fool or a moron. Then again, TA, Seals is the guy who would come down on the side of peace in the event of war in that area. These kids must have learned either from their far leftie parents or from the campaign material of Seals himself. I'm sure that you will get to the heart of this, TA.

Team America said...

Well, I just spoke with a VERY reliable source who confirmed averything that was reported about the incident with the Seals supporters last night. I'm trying to get hold of the video and we'll do a post.

Seals = clueless rookie who hasn't learned squat about campaigning in over two years

Anonymous said...

Seals has more problems that that coming - stay tuned

Anonymous said...

In most states, the state party would take this latest dan transgression, gather some jewish leaders and throw a press conference to slam Dan, calling him out on this latest hit on Israel.

One more nail in the coffin for a campaign on life support.

Team America said...

Don't give up on the state party. This only happened last night. Let's see what they come up with... maybe they can get hold of some of that video and make a movie.

They can call it: Untrained Seals: Dan's "Shouldn't be Allowed in Public" Campaign Workers

Anonymous said...

If your blog is not connected to the Seals campaign in any way, then why the link to donate to the Seals campaign on your blogsite?

I'm still overseas in Greece, but if a video exists of the Seals staffers, I think it ought to be played to settle the controversy one way or another.

Your comments about arguing and disputing under Jewish Law fly in the face of your deleting comments you disagree with. Perhaps you ought to revisit your policies under those circumstances.

Louis G. Atsaves

asdfg said...

After hearing Congressman Kirk's positions on immigration, I am disappointed in seeing these pictures. Are these marchers even citizens?

Anonymous said...


I just found your blog and two things:

1. You should check out mine, I already added yours because it's awesome.

2. I have some pictures from the 4th parades of the Congressman if you'd like them.