Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mark Kirk & Lake County GOP Make Strong Showing In Libertyville; Dems Have Some Sizzle But No Steak

I spent most of my day at Libertyville Days today, helping with the GOP float, manning the Lake County GOP booth, and even taking a ride on the Ferris Wheel. I must be getting old; the Ferris Wheel, as small as it was, was really as high as I cared for.

Among the GOP candidates walking the parade route with supporters were 10th District Congressman Mark Kirk, Senate Candidates Dan Duffy and Keith Gray, State Representative Ed Sullivan Jr., State Rep. Candidate Dan Sugrue, and Judge Valerie Ceckowski.
Here are some pix, taken by yours truly and his trusty Blackberry:

On the left are a few of our early morning die-hards, including County Board Member Carol Calabrese (center) putting the finishing touches on the GOP Float.

On the right is Team Keith Gray, and just behind him are Dan Sugrue and his troops.

In the red shirt is none other than Congressman Mark Kirk, surrounded by his many supporters (note the dog with the Kirk shirt in the lower right).

Last but not least, we have Senate Candidate Dan Duffy, sharing a float with State Rep. Ed Sullivan Jr.

The festival itself was quite successful, the rain holding off until the evening. From what I could tell, the parade route was lined with a ton of people, most of whom appeared to stay until the last float had gone by. I don't have the exact number of parade entrants, but I believe it was over 70!

The Dems had a number of people in the parade to support their candidates, including Dan Seals, although the only candidate I saw with a float was Amanda Howland, who is challenging Sullivan. Dan didn't give out any free gas, but I saw a bunch of Seals stickers and "Dan Fan" fans. Interestingly enough, most of the fans were being held by kids, and a lot of the kids also had Mark Kirk stickers on them, which pretty much means kids will take any free stuff you hand them. The Libertyville Township Dems had a booth across the park from the Libertyville GOP, which has been a steadfast presence at the event for years.

While there's no question the Dems were out in force (a commentor stated s/he saw only 15 people marching for Seals, but I thought it was considerably more, though not as many as Kirk), I have no question the GOP has better candidates. I think it's no shock to most people in the know that the battleground for the 10th District, and perhaps the county, will not be the party faithful, but the so-called independents or ticket-splitters. Thus, while finally getting some people to show up and march in a parade is a good start, the Dems fall short, I think, when it comes to their slate. It's up to us to reach the voters and convince them that the GOP has the edge when it comes to casting those votes in November.

Also Seen at the Festival: A few petition passers were out trying to get a new independent candidate on the fall ballot. I forget his name, but I'm sure his one or two supporters that monitor my blog along with Capitol Fax Blog will remind me in comments. While I am disappointed that a group of right-wing Republicans would be trying to undermine Mark Kirk, I will say that the petition-passers seemed very careful to verify that those they asked to sign the petitions actually resided in the 10th District (must've seen how having non-residents (not to mention dead folks) sign for Terry Link worked out). I know, because they asked my wife to sign. They asked if she was sure she lived in the 10th District, and offered to show her a map, but she was like, "BELIEVE me, I know I live in the 10th District..." She politely declined to sign, however.


Anonymous said...

A lot of people in my group yelled "Dan, where is my free gas?" Several of us were caught in his gasgate traffic jam. It wasted more gas than it saved.

RT176 said...

I heard that too -- Seals will get fewer votes this time

Anonymous said...

Gasgate - what a crock. Ozinga just did the same thing down South in IL-11. Where's the outrage from TA? Sorry kids, but Kirk loses this year thanks to a Democratic tide, Obama coat tails coupled with a really good Dem candidate in Seals. Kirk's faux moderate image can't last forever. I expect with the DCCC's money and NRCC's lack of it (whoops! fiscal accountability can such a pain...) we'll finally get to see him held accountable. You can't vote for years on the major issues with Bush as part of the House Republican leadership, then try to run the other direction and claim you Mr. Independent.

Team America said...

Anon 8:59: You don't know much about much, if you believe that Ozinga just pulled the same stunt Seals did. Go back and check the news articles (we posted at least one here) which clearly indicated that Ozinga did not attempt to buy votes with gas, he simply offered to pump peoples' gas while he chatted about gas prices and other issues. A world of difference, my friend.

So, next time, before you get your indignation up, check your facts, and try to keep your blood pressure down.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:59, TA has your "number". Get your facts straight before spouting off. And why can't you face reality when it comes to Mr. Kirk's true record in Congress. If you bothered to do the research you'd know that he is rated, NOT by TA or anyone here in the district, but by the National Journal, as smack-dab in the center of the US House on substantive votes. That's fact, not hype or fiction. He's 218 out of 435 on votes on issues. His rock solid endorsement again from Planned Parenthood is FACT. His environmental endorsements are FACT based on his solid voting record. I think your Kool Aid is rancid or worse. Congressman Mark Kirk has more than earned a 5th term as our representative. The DCCC can dump money into the Seals campaign but they can't distort the facts. People in this district understand that they have the real deal in Mark Kirk.

wingr said...

Team, it looked like Seals had about fifty marchers with his shirts on. Looked like a few more than Kirk had, unfortunately. Where have all these Democrats come from?

Anonymous said...

Some probably from Chicago.

Anonymous said...

wingr, many ARE bused in from the city! What WE have in this campaign are the most enthusiastic, dedicated, motivated Kirk team members led by a professional staff that takes every minute of every day with a serious purpose. In case you haven't been checking, though, wingr, the 10th CD is leaning a bit on the Democrat side these past few years. At the end of the day, however, the people out here continue to understand that it's not a party label that matters but really the exceptional accomplishments of Congressman Kirk on every issue that matters to the PEOPLE in this district.

Anonymous said...

I can attest to the professionalism of the Kirk campaign staff and the absolute dedication of the volunteers, young, old and those of us in the middle. I am encouraged by the enthusiasm of the high school and college interns volunteering their time at the campaign office when they could be out having fun or making spending money. They understand what is at stake and what Congressman Kirk has done, continues to do and will do for the 10th District. They work hard for him because he is a proven leader and one who always is working for the district, in which he lives. Unlike his opponent who says he can't afford to live in the district (there are two houses on my block for sale which he should be able to afford -- oops, I forgot, he doesn't have a job!) I digress, how can any thinking person not support our Congressman? That continues to baffle me.

Baxter's Mom

qwert said...

Go Stevo! A real conservative is what you all in the 10th need.