Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Roll Call" Examines Dan Seals and Other Carpetbaggers

Today's Roll Call takes a rather unflattering look at congressional candidates that don't actually live in the district they seek to represent, including... that's right... Dan Seals. Roll Call figured out what we here in IL-10 knew long ago... "the matter of a few blocks could cost Seals."

Regardless of whether it's a few blocks or miles, the bigger issue to me is that Seals hasn't made any contributions to the community that he aspires to represent, except of course, to amuse us by spending the past few years running a campaign and paying himself a salary to do so. As we've said before, running for Congress should not be a credential for running for Congress.

I can't wait until November when Seals will just be an amusing memory and we can look forward to the return of Jay Footlik, perhaps, as the next sacrificial lamb the Dems offer up against the formidable Mark Kirk.


Anonymous said...

It's a few blocks, but it's several hundred miles policywise. Dan is an anti-Israel, anti-reform, anti-fiscal conservative, pro-big government, soft on terrorism, pro-union hack who is merely seeking to use the district to expand the Blago-Stroger empire. Only 4 more months before this guy has to get a job beyond an internship.

Jay and Dan are both second tier flakes, by their own party's admission, whose political failures have demonstrated how impotent laughingstock Lauren Beth Gash's organization is in these parts.

Team America said...

Anon 6:44- I agree with your sentiments, but let's not underestimate or shortchange LBG, as I believe that would be a serious tactical error (and we're all about tactics on this Blog).

Let's give credit where credit is due: LBG created an entire organization the sole purpose of which is to avenge her close loss in 2000 to Mark Steven Kirk.

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

I've talked to LBG and we've discussed her 10th District strategy and even talked about TA's Blog (she was complimentary of what we've accomplished here, although she would not wish us luck, of course).

She positively will not stop until Mark Kirk is beaten or moves on to a higher position.

She's smart and she's got nothing better to do, apparently, than work day and night to beat Kirk.

Dan Seals is simply the latest candidate that LBG has set her hopes on to achieve her goal. That being said, we can't underestimate her.

I think there is a fair question as to whether the Dems' success over the past few years is due more to the "do-gooders" like LBG, Kathy Ryg, and the like, who have largely worked outside the traditional Dem party organization controlled by Terry Link and Pete Couvall to achieve what they have, although we usually give Terry the credit (blame) for the Dems' successes.

In any event, to deny what LBG has accomplished and what she plans for the future would be a serious error. We need to acknowledge it, and work against it, without the false comfort of partisan hyperbole.

Anonymous said...


Is there any way to get us the entire Roll Call article for non subscribers?

Team America said...

I think most of the time, Roll Call will make the subscription-only articles available after a day or two, when it's 'old news'. I usually try to keep an eye out and publish an unprotected link when it's released. Rest assured I will do so with this one!

Team America said...

Here's my little contribution to what I feel about LBG's determination to never stop until she defeats Mark Kirk. Hope it's worth a chuckle.

Anonymous said...

Lauren Beth Gash, like her buddy, Ellen Beth Gill, aka the Catwoman, are fixated on getting Mark Kirk out of office. Gash will never get over losing to our Congressman back in 2000. She was positively sure that this was her seat, her ascension to higher office. Thankfully she lost. She was so upset on that election night in 2000 that she never made the obligatory call to congratulate Mark on his win. Totally classless. Ever since that November night she has done nothing but try with every fibre of her being to oust our Congressman. Never underestimate her. What's that old saying about a woman scorned??? Granted, it's about something else, indeed, but it sure fits her total obsession with finding someone, anyone, to hold this seat. We are NOT going to accommodate her or her organization. She doesn't do anything but focus on Mark Kirk 24/7. So yes, TA, you are right in not discounting her when she has time and resources and a passion for her cause.

Anonymous said...

Good points TA, few things.

I speak no false partisan hyperbole and you never give a democrat credit for anything.

Lauren Beth Gash has failed for 5 cycles after mark dumps dan, despite obama, a state party that's rotting and unfortunately a W that hasn't been a Winner.

All she's done locally is do what she did 8 years ago-fear monger to soccer moms on abortion, scare old people on social security, and well the peacenik nutroots brew their own Ellen Kool-aid. It's the sign of a bitter partisan political has-been, and those people have nothing left to play for so of course you take them seriously.

Finally this drivel about local democrats being reform minded needs to end. Every seat they hold here enables one more day of this garbage in springfield, one more day of people who raise taxes, one more day of incompetence, one more day of our futures mortgaged.

These Ryg's, Garrett's, Nekritz's, Karen May's, Hamos's, Biss's are a problem. Their "independent reform" moniker is a joke, as republicans would show far more hostility towards the governor than members of his own party.

I for one would rather have young gop guns in those seats raising hell and bringing change in the capital.

Anonymous said...

Let's look at the big Seals backers:

Gash - fined the largest FEC penalty in 2001 for violating election law,

Creamer - a year in jail for two felonies bilking seniors out of their social security checks,

Washington - My God Allah will beat your god Jesus - 'nuff said and

Link - dead guys signing all his petitions, indictments to follow.

Seals is not under several FEC looks and got investigated by Madigan last year for ethics violations.

Anonymous said...

Add Congresswoman Jan S. who represents Dan S in his own district.

Word is out there that Jan S. is raising huge sums for Gov. Pay-to-Play right now rather than running away from him.

Perhaps she is looking to be appointed a U.S. Senator if Obama squeeks through?

Louis G. Atsaves

DCEyes said...

Dan had a "successful" Washington DC fundraiser last night. I stopped by to see his momentum.

Nine folks appeared. Nine. I don't think you Kirkizoids have much to worry about.

Team America said...

Hey DCEyes- thanks for the intel. Too funny. Next time snap a picture on your cell phone of the 'packed' room for such a successful fundraiser and we'll post it right up on the Blog. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Of course, if Seals doesn't advertise his Michelle Obama fundraiser, he's going to squander that opportunity too.

'Course, once the Dem masses find out that he had Michelle in town for a gig and kept her only for his elite donors, he's going to alienate his grass roots volunteers faster than you can say Rezko.

Anonymous said...

dceyes, thanks for that 'intel'. I believe the event was hosted by Jim Clyburn's COS, right? And all they could manage to get were 9 staffers to attend? What a groundswell of support!

DCeyes said...

Nine people - that was it.

A couple were Clyburn staff - i.e. Not contributors. Seals is very, very unimpressive for a guy who has been running for Congress for three years now.

No wonder several of us union guys are probably going to back Kirk.

Anonymous said...

For all the polls showing Mark 21 points ahead and Seals' "successful" DC fundraiser, I just hope Mark continues to take him seriously.

The last thing we need is an election as close as 2006. This guy has to go back to his home 9th district and leave us alone.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:59 you are SO right. In this crazy environment, in this hysterical 'change' mode that is sweeping the nation, we can't and better not take one day, one minute for granted. We need to work on the campaign with the drive and intensity of the 2000 campaign. We need to get out the vote, volunteer to make calls, walk precincts, do whatever it takes to finally send old Dan back to his district forever.

Anonymous said...

Usually in campaigns you bring your big guns in at the very very end when voters and the media are paying attention to max out exposure.

Michelle Obama and Rahm are 2 of Dan's biggest chips and the fact that he's playing them this early shows A LOT of panic, since they have bigger fish to fry this year and won't be doing this again. DESPERATION DAN strikes again.

Anonymous said...

The Clyburn event was in Chicago on Saturday, so DCEyes would have to have some pretty amazing peepers - in fact they'd have to see the future from Washington D.C. - to know how successful the event was.