Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dan Seals' Roll Call Carpetbagger Debut On Video

Check out a video homage to Dan Seals' recent 'carpetbagger' article in Roll Call.

MEANWHILE, Q2 FUNDRAISING DEADLINE APPROACHING: I got a pretty pathetic e-mail solicitation from Dan Seals today begging me for $47 to pay for a video message. How they got my e-mail, I have no idea, but several other Republicans who attended the Lake County GOP Golf Outing this afternoon also got the e-mail, so we had fun chuckling over it while reading our Blackberries.

Speaking of fundraising, the Michelle Obama event has got to be the best kept fundraising secret ever. Check back here tomorrow for the reason why.


Anonymous said...

If you're wise you learn from other peoples' mistakes. If you're a fool you fail to learn from your own mistakes. Dan Seals is a fool. He lost in 2006 due to his carpetbagger-hood and he'll lose in 2008 too.

Anonymous said...

And if you recall, when he and Footlik appeared before the Tribune Editorial Board before the Primary, Dan said that he couldn't afford to move into the district because those of us who do live here are in the millionaire class! Having seen his Wilmette home I'd say he lives no differently than most along the northshore in the
10th Congressional District. When he bought that home he knew it wasn't in this district. Period, end of the story. He can't claim that he's not able to afford a home in this district: he chose NOT to live in the 10th.

Dan Seals has the same old, same old as his mantra. His worn out claim that our Congressman votes 90% of the time with the administration is not borne out with the truth. How does he explain that Mr. Kirk voted 4 out of 6 times to override the president's veto. How does he explain the fact that Mr. Kirk is endorsed by Planned Parenthood in each election cycle for his 100% pro-choice voting record. How does he explain Mr. Kirk's outstanding environmental record and endorsements from leading groups dedicated to protecting our planet. How does he explain that once again Mr. Kirk has received the endorsement from the Teachers in our country. How does old Dan explain the fact that National Journal ranks Mr. Kirk's substantive votes on issues squarely in the center of the House and that's why he's the leader of the Moderate Republicans in the US House. Want more? His leadership is recognized on both sides of the aisle because he knows that working in a bi-partisan manner is the only way to truly represent the best interests of his district.

Seals will lose because Congressman Mark Kirk has clearly earned the right to a 5th term in the US House. It's just that simple. Seals has done nothing to warrant a second look. We have a gifted, proven, accomplished and very highly respected leader. If it's not 'broke' why 'fix' it.

Anonymous said...

Nice video TA. You get an Emmy.

Anonymous said...

I have received a paper invitation and email invitation, along with a phone call about the event, as have most of my politically active acquaintances. how is that a "secret"?

have you ever considered that your inane commentary say more about your friend mark than seals? maybe it says that mark has done nothing in congress and has an embarrassing record of being denny hastert's little butt boy. now that uncle denny is gone, mark can no longer pretend that he's not the total lightweight we all know him to be.

so, i challenge you, if mark is so great, why do you have so little to say about him? maybe you should go back to discussing the assault weapons ban, that worked well for you.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:51 you are either blind or just can't read! This blog is replete with continuing praise for all that our Congressman has and continues to achieve for this district, our State and the nation. There is much evidence of all that he has done that is solidly verifiable. If you want proof positive just let us know where to send the data. Just today our Congressman's order to Conferees on extending the protection of kid's toys to age 12 passed with 417 votes. In case you're not up on what it takes to win, it's generally 218 votes or, if on Suspension, 290. Get it. He prevailed on 3 Bills today alone. Stop drinking the Ellen Beth Shrill Kool Aid. Or perhaps just stay over there and don't bother yourself with reality.

Team America said...

== Nice video TA. You get an Emmy. ==

thanks, Anon 11:29, but I don't make 'em, I just post 'em when I find 'em.

== I have received a paper invitation and email invitation, along with a phone call about the event, as have most of my politically active acquaintances. how is that a "secret"? ==

Is that so? Tell us, Anon 11:51, WHERE is the event? And, what's the minimum contribtution requested? Why isn't Mrs. Barackstar coming to the district to do an event for the masses, rather than being carefully hidden away only for the most exclusive donors? Could it be Seals is desperate for cash and he just can't afford to "waste" Michelle Obama on the unwashed masses? Please tell us, since you were privileged to get the invite.

== maybe you should go back to discussing the assault weapons ban, that worked well for you. ==

Why do you say that? Do you think that just because a lot of gun supporters wrote in to express their opinions, Kirk is supposed to shrink like a violet and roll over to the ultra-right? I thought some of the constitutional arguments raised in comments were very insightful, and it's not a clear-cut issue, in my mind. I have some reservations about the bill, but we'll see. I don't think Kirk would have sponsored the legislation unless he really believed in it, and I very much doubt that he will be surprised that the gun fanatics are opposed to it. Or maybe you thought that would come as a shock to him? If so, you're not too swift.

But I will tell you that unlike the "other blog", we don't try to stifle opinions that differ from TA's, or anyone's, and we LIKE having people write in to express their viewpoints. As long as you are respectful and polite, you get heard. Note that not ONE comment on the assault weapons ban was ever deleted. Try to get that kind of fairness over at Ellen's Blog.

Team America said...

I should probably note that, while some of the gun commentors on the assault ban string were not particularly polite or respectful, most were, and many had some pretty well-thought out arguments. But even for the ones that resorted to name-calling or simply ranted, in the context of the discussion, I decided not to be overly sensitive and chalked it up to the writers' passion (obession?) for the topic. I think that those of us who visit over at Ellen's Blog have seen how a hair-trigger delete key stifles discussion and reduces your blog to simply a propaganda machine.

Anonymous said...

No real press release for Ms. Obama's appearance at a Seals fundraiser? A public relations opportunity being squandered? But plenty of mailed invitations. More of a private affair? Fine with me.

I can also understand from a Secret Service perspective keeping a tight lid on things but perhaps the Seals campaign isn't bragging loudly about this appearance is due to the fact that the Obama for President campaign has opted to not accept federal campaign moneys in exchange for receiving all those $10 and $20 donations through the internet. It's all about the support they get from the little people and never mind those huge donations from special interest groups! Right?

Leaving aside the blatant hypocrisy of Obama going back on his reformer image now that he has locked up the Democratic primary as it concerns campaign financing, perhaps the tickets for the Seals events will be far more than $10 or $20? More like Tony Rezko fundraising numbers? $1,000 a head? $5,000 a head? $25,000 a head? Pay to play money? Bundled money?

Funny how a few claim to have invitations but they don't show them. Perhaps the price tag on them is anything but "change" and "reform" "little people" prices?

Capitol Fax/Rich Miller also reported that Congresswoman Jan S. is raising oodles and oodles of cash for Gov. Pay to Play while others are shying away from his toxicity. The money is being used for his ever escalating legal fees. Now if Republicans play these types of games, the shrill Democrats would scream bloody murder!

So it is OK for Democrats to lie and be sneaky, but not Republicans in the world our shrill opponents live in right now.

Just my thoughts here. If they were posted on the EBG site, they would have been deleted.

Go easy on me TA!

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

Again in campaigns you pull out all the stops at the end. Doing it early means you are desperate so this is a good sign.

Ellen continues to complain about Mark's tele-town hall and all I can do is grin, because it's a smart move and deep down she knows it, and knows it's exactly what she would like him to be doing. It's smart constituent outreach like that makes him our man in d.c..

Team America said...

I too enjoyed Ellen's blogging of Kirk's tele-town hall. You could almost hear her teeth grind together every time she admitted she supported Kirk's decision on an issue.

Interestingly, the poll results on the proposed assault weapons ban were, according to Ellen: yes 81% no 14% don't know 5%

That's what we would call a classic 80/20 issue. For all you folks in Texas that have been glued to the Blog lately, take note of what the people in IL-10 think.

Anonymous said...


When do those of us without a Roll Call subscsription get to read the article? I await your post.