Tuesday, June 10, 2008

IL GOP Blasts Dan Seals For Kicking Iraq Vet Off November Ballot in IL-10

State GOP Chairman Andy McKenna blasts Dem candidate Dan Seals and his minions for booting poor Green candidate Dave Kalbfleisch off the ballot. The vets will not forget.

No link yet, but the IL GOP Press Release is below. But, before you read that, you might want to recall what a local Dem would-be state rep. candidate, Terry Hall, had to say about the unfairness of being kicked off the ballot because she screwed up her paperwork (be sure to catch TA's comment, posted to the letter a few weeks ago). Apparently, the Dems can dish it out, but can't take it.

Dan Seals Throws Iraq War
Veteran off November Ballot

Kirk breaks ground on Navy/VA Hospital, votes for new GI education benefit ILGOP: "Voters should know this is how Dan Seals treats our veterans."

CHICAGO – Illinois Republican Party Chairman Andy McKenna released the following statement on Dan Seals' treatment of Iraq war veterans:

"Yesterday, Dan Seals and his campaign succeeded in kicking Iraq war veteran David Kalbfleisch off the November ballot. David Kalbfleisch fought to defend Dan Seals' freedom and all he asked in return was a chance to participate in our democratic process. Unfortunately, Dan Seals cares more about himself than Iraq war veterans. Voters should know this is how Dan Seals treats our veterans."

In March, Northfield Township Democratic Committeeman Michael Kreloff filed an objection to Kalbfleisch's nomination with the Illinois State Board of Election. Kreloff is a member of Seals' inner circle and helped recruit Seals to run for Congress. McKenna noted the stark contrast on veterans issues emerging in the Tenth District race for Congress.

"An 18-year Navy combat veteran, Congressman Mark Kirk voted for the largest funding increase for veterans in history, supported the first expansion of the GI education bill since World War II and secured funding for a brand new Navy/VA hospital. All Dan Seals can say is that he kicked a veteran off the ballot. The contrast between these two men could not be more clear."


AND, JUST FOR FUN.... SEE OBAMA WITHOUT A TELEPROMPTER - Check out Barack Obama when he's not reading from a script. Where's the soaring rhetoric now, buddy? h/t ReverseSpin


Anonymous said...

Seals never served and mistreated veteran LCDR Dave Klabfliesch.

Dave earned a place on the ballot and Seals is a loser.

Anonymous said...

Andy McKenna can send out all of these press releases that he wants but until he and his sycophants start getting John McLaughlin to tell them that they are focusing on stuff no one cares about, they aren't doing mark much good. It's really sad that the national media has to do the work he and his team should have done years ago in discovering all this junk that was sitting out in the open on Obama, Wright, Rezko, ect, that may now cost Mark his seat. Think Dan would have a prayer if clinton was the nominee or Obama was still in Springfield?

Dan has a base of support of 47% of the district, he will also likely get a bounce of a couple thousand obama voters at least, plus a million dollars of national democratic t.v. support that will cover a month of ads, which is huge. Because Hastert left the House GOP a mess, the nrcc is broke and Mark will not get any help.

T.V. is 250k a week here, which means Dan's likely to go on air Labor day and with national democratic air support, to stay. At that point they will be able to saturate and unless Mark gets 527 help, it will be out of his hands to fight a 2-1 and the dccc will be able to go hard negative so dan doesn't.

The race has to be won now by defining dan and this isn't the way to do it.

In short what's happening is the same pattern that has made the connie morellas, sue kellys, rob simmonnss, jim leachs, and charlie basss, and Nancy Johnsons ,nonprofit directors, business executives and professors rather than high powered members of Congress.

Not Good.

Anonymous said...

Seals is brainless, we know that. But, let’s look on the bright side. Mark Kirk is the green candidate in this race, not Seals. Mark’s record on the environment has been exemplary.

Seals has just cost himself a few points. Like I wrote, he is brainless.

Anonymous said...

New polling shows that Kirk is now more popular than Obama in Illinois 10.

Despite over $100k in negative media against Kirk, his position has improved against Seals.

Kirk is now winning by 21 points in a clean head to head.

Dan is about to be a two time, very unemployed loser.

Anonymous said...

The Obama stutter on his VP vetter question is classic. Even more classic, that individual has now "resigned."

Another Obama pal thrown under the bus. Who is keeping score again?

Louis G. Atsaves

Rob_N said...

...And, just for fun, when McCain has a teleprompter he still screws it up and tells us he's going to "veto every single beer".

Great idear, maverish. ;)

Rob_N said...

Anon June 11, 4:12 --

Why are you claiming 100k has been spent against Kirk when Kirk's own memo lists a lower number?



How many lobbyists has McCain thrown off his bus... vs. how many are still lobbying from the back of the bus (Rick Davis, Charlie Black...)?

These guys worked for Iran and, go figure, as soon as they stopped getting a paycheck from Iran McCain's tune suddenly flip-flopped.

But you're worried because Obama actually does what he says he's going to do and gets rid of people that don't meet his standards?

Which side of your mouth will you be talking out of next?