Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dan Seals Looks for Help From Michelle Obama; But Did Her Vetting Committee Get the Memo? (UPDATED- x3)

Dan Seals, the Dem candidate in IL-10, announced over the weekend that Michelle Obama (yes, that Michelle Obama) is scheduled to headline a fundraiser for Seals on Monday, June 30th, just in time for the end of the Q2 reporting period for campaign finance disclosures. For a change, the fundraiser is supposed to be held in the 10th district, instead of Chicago (which is Seals' preferred support base), or the 9th District (which is where Seals calls home).

Well, this is no doubt a coup for Seals, who badly needs to fire up his campaign and catch up in fundraising with incumbent Republican four-term congressman Mark Kirk. However, it frankly shocks us here at Team America's Blog, given Seals' own checkered associations, poor judgment, and his penchant for stretching the truth (until caught) on a number of occasions. You would think Team Obama would have more thoroughly vetted any candidates that he, or his wife, would allow themselves to be associated with.

Many people believe that Team Obama wisely told embattled Governor Rod Blagojevich to stay the hell away from a meeting of Democratic governors held in Chicago this past Friday (not the first time, either, since Obama doesn't need to be seen with anyone so closely tied to Tony Rezko). And, Obama's troubles with his questionable associations with people from the Reverend Wright to Bill Ayers have led Obama to a now-familar refrain of 'that's not the man I used to know', or even, 'these aren't folks who are working for me' (in the case of Obama's veep vetter Jim Johnson). You'd think Barack Obama would be a tad worried about tarnishing his brand with any association with anyone else that isn't above reproach at this point. Of course, Obama has had some problems keeping good vetters on his team, so maybe they haven't gotten around to taking a good look at Seals yet.

I wonder if Mrs. Obama is really going to make it, however. As far as I can tell, the Seals press on what you would think would be a major event has been pretty understated... in fact, the Journal and Topics (the what?) news article is the only one I've seen. There wasn't even anything on his website when I checked this evening. I would assume, however, that there will be a lot more press to come, if this event is for real.

But, Michelle Obama seems to be pretty busy right now on a whirlwind tour to re-make her image, armed with handlers and a full-court press no doubt led by David Axelrod (who seems to deny any calculated effort to remake Mrs. Obama is needed or is actually happening).

And, once Mrs. Obama's feisty new campaign team takes a little closer look at what Dan Seals has been up to for the past couple months, we'll see if Mrs. Barackstar actually shows. Heck, if she does, maybe TA will even buy a ticket (if they'd let me in... apparently Michelle Obama thinks all bloggers are liars). Betcha no video will be allowed, though. Never know how such associations can come back to haunt a presidential candidate later on, if Seals pulls any more flubs...

JUST FOR LAUGHS: Go check out Dan Seals' campaign website and check out the Virtual Dan that pops up to give a guided tour of the webpage, including pointing out the contribution button, just in case you'd miss it. While you're watching, ask yourself if this is the guy you want representing you in Congress. If I could figure out how to make the animated Dan appear here, I would, but you'll have to visit his website for the yucks.


I was talking to one of my political buddies about the Seals/Michelle Obama thing, and he figures that (if it actually happens) it's going to be a super-high-dollar, exclusive fundraiser, and not open to the unwashed masses. Thus, camp Seals may have an interest in keeping it low profile (which explains why only a small local paper had a story, which might have been inadvertantly leaked), as the Dem rank and file who would no doubt give their eyeteeth to bask in the presence of Mrs. Obama are going to be shut out because they can't come up with a grand or more a head, or whatever the ask is.

This might be pretty close to the truth, in typical hypocritical Dem fashion- they claim to be the party of the people, except when they are not.

Well, Dan, if this thing goes, I hope all of your supporters who can't afford the event are really pleased with you for keeping Mrs. Obama all to yourself and your 'super donors', rather than make her accessible to the hoi polloi of the Dem party. So much for "change".

UPDATED x2: I spoke to one of my sources today who indicated that Team Seals was definitely trying to get some media attention on the Obama fundraiser, and it was they who called the Journal & Topics--so it wasn't an inadvertant leak as far as I can tell. So why no other media coverage? Either they don't know how to place a story, or no one else in the MSM cares, or both.

UPDATED x3: Here's the first reference to the Seals/Obama thingy next Monday that I found outside of that news article. There's no disclosure of location or donation levels listed. I guess if you have to ask, you can't afford it. Congressman Rahm Emanuel is also listed as hosting. See here for some grief Rahm took after last election for not supporting Seals 'enough'.

Until recently, Rahm was reluctant to choose sides between Obama and Clinton. Wonder if there is ice there or not. Well, it's good Rahm will be there in case something "comes up" with Mrs. Obama's schedule and she has to duck the reception at the least minute.


Anonymous said...

She can start with explaining if Dan also supports her husband's anti-Israel platform, a foreign policy so weak the french are opposed to it on Iran, and how much change he can really deliver when he's been in public service 12 years and still sends his kids to private school.

This move shows dan can't raise money on his own(i.e. support drying up) and has to bring in heavy hitters to bail out his flailing campaign.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think it's kind of short notice for an event like this? One would think that the Seals folks would have been beating the drums with a guest like Michelle to help old Dan rev up his engines. And TA, you are SO right about Barack's pro-Israel agenda. We all know that Seals prefers the "coming down on the side of peace" version of problem solving. I guess they will all be sitting under that tree and singing Kumbaya! Has Obama ever held a job in the private sector? I think he shunned the real world and has always been employed by some governmental agency in his do-gooder career. Perhaps he can assist Dan in finding his place in that very special world. Michelle sure found HER spot in the private sector! Maybe she's coming out here to help Dan get his resume together and find something he can do at one of her former places of employment. So where IS this fundraiser to be held, TA? Or is that also a well kept secret.

Team America said...

We'll have to wait for more details from Team Seal Pup, I guess. That J&T article is the only thing I've seen, like I said. I agree, it IS short notice, and you'd think that Seals would be screaming about this from the rooftop of his house in the 9th District. I dunno, maybe it's part of a 'stealth' campaign PR strategy.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Rev. Wright will also be there.

Way to go Dan!

John Tantillo "The Marketing Doctor" said...

You make some good points. bama should really be thinking is Brandover not makeover. A makeover is superficial and represents someone else’s vision being imposed on who you actually are. The problem with a makeover is that it rarely works for the long haul –and if we know anything about this particular presidential contest it’s all about the long haul. Not only that, cracks soon appear in the makeover because there’s a basic conflict between the truth of what’s being presented and what’s actually there. And this is the last thing you want to do, especially in the rough-and-tumble world of politics!

Anonymous said...

While we all wonder about the super top secret fund raiser Mr. "Transparent" may or may not be having with she who is finally proud of America, your pal Ellen just posted (another) over the top thing claiming all Republicans favor eliminating the Bill of Rights.

She dared a Republican to respond (and threatened to delete) so in keeping with my preserving my posts in Wonderland from deletion, here is my response (also posted here "just in case"):

"I'm confused. Cute propaganda piece. Who says Republicans want to eliminate the Bill of Rights? You?


Reminds me of that famous loaded law school question: "Do you still beat your wife, yes or no? Post an intelligent question and you will get an intelligent answer. Post a "beat your wife" question and you will get silence.

And you know I'm a Republican. I've said it many times now. No big secret. I live in the 10th. Dan Seals does not.

Lots and lots of Republicans post here who are "rank and file." You know who they are. You have deleted postings from Republicans (including myself and Team America) in the past.

So you are against freedom of speech and against political discussion unless of course you happen to agree with it.

Easiest way to silence Democrats? Talk about the lack of ethics in Springfield, Rezko and his relationship with Obama "He wasn't that way when I knew him" and Gov. Pay-to-Play. Obama and his loaded with Chicago Machine Democrats campaign committee? Dan Seals and his ethical lapses in accepting envelopes in front of students and buying votes with gasoline?

Funny how no one around here wants to talk about that!"

Louis G. Atsaves

Team America said...

Hey Lou- I saw Ellen throwing down the gauntlet over there as well. I recall she did the same thing to me last year-- it's simply what passes for her self-justification for deleting your posts-- she simply claims you never answered her question, so she is going to delete your comment and deny you a platform. Her and her other groupies feel self-satisified because no matter what you say, they simply justify it in their minds that you would not play by the rules.

Could you imagine something like the recent 2A debate going on over there? Doubt it. It's her loss, Ms. Freedom of Speech. I have to admit, the arguments raised both for and against the assault weapons ban issue were well thought-out and I found myself questioning my stance on the issue several times. Still not ready to change my mind quite yet, but the point is that such open debate is how we can intelligently try to reason with one another, rather than the dictatorial Ellen method.

BTW, I zoomed over there just now and as of 6:24 a.m. on Tuesday, your comment is still up. Any bets on how long it lasts?

Anonymous said...

You crack me up, Lou! I give you a lot of credit for continuing to try to 'talk' to that vicious catwoman on her sicko blog. I think I've suggested in the past that you just forget her and the few who follow her rantings. You keep on trying. We need to silence her after this election. We need to let her know that she does NOT represent the views or the feelings of the vast majority of those who live and vote here in the 10th District.

In the meantime, I just heard our Congressman on the Spike O'Dell radio program expanding on his Appolo Energy Program. Talk about continuing to look for ways to creatively and effectively work towards a solution to the energy crisis. Oh yes, Mr. Kirk's plan has absolutely nothing to do with giving away free gas to a few folks who happened to drive by a Lincolnshire station a month ago. Mr. Kirk WORKS on solutions, real solutions, but his opponent shows what an empty suit truly looks like. So, Lou, keep on trying with old catwoman, but don't expect a miracle.

Anonymous said...

Sen. Obama want to raise capital gains taxes. So does Seals!

Sen. Obama wants to raise Social Security taxes. So does Seals!

Sen. Obama wants to raise tax rates on the "the rich.". So does Seals!

Anonymous said...

The person you call "catwoman" deleted me "twice" sometime after you checked TA.

What is really hilarious is I only posted once on that topic! Who the second poster she deleted was shall forever remain a mystery!

You know me. I always sign my name. I always ID myself.

Louis G. Atsaves

Team America said...

No big shock, Lou. Maybe the other commentor that got deleted was one of those elusive 'rank and file' Republicans (as opposed to Republican leadership) that Ellen or some crony claimed didn't offer comments.

Guess we'll never know.

Why bother to have a blog if you're just going to delete people and stifle communication? At least put up a sign that says "contrarian opinions not allowed" or something, so that no one is fooled into thinkg that "using my free speech while I still have it" applies to anyone but Ellen.

Well, we're happy to have you here, Lou!

Anonymous said...

I know your feelings aren't hurt, Lou, since you know with whom you are dealing. Catwoman and her couple of Kooky cronies need to be marginalized and nothing more. They're a breed until themselves. It's their way or the proverbial highway. I just hope that she and they disappear on November 4 if not before. Stay here where you belong, Lou, there's a lot of great 'conversation' on TA's blog and plenty of room for freedom of speech as you can see!