Monday, June 9, 2008

Meet Dan Seals' New Out-of-District, Earmark-Loving Friend - Florida Congresswoman Wasserman-Schultz

Rep. Schultz: "I could kill somebody and still win reelection"

Dan Seals recently asked for the help of Rep. Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL) at a Winnetka fundraiser last Sunday. Like many other of Dan Seals' friends (convicted felons Dan Rostenkowski who taught Dan's class, and Robert Creamer who trained his campaign workers), Wasserman-Schultz is well known for having a few ethical screws loose.

In the recently published major book, Pennsylvania Avenue Profiles in Backroom Power (Harwood/Sieb, Random House, 2008), she was quoted as saying, "I could kill somebody and still win reelection."

Wasserman-Schultz "makes no apology about the role money plays in the process calling allegations of corruption on Pennsylvania Avenue 'overrated'. " Wasserman-Schultz amazingly continued, "campaign donations simply become one device among many that help Members decide how to spend their time."

Wasserman-Schultz loves earmarks of taxpayer money, especially for political supporters. She sent a February memo to other Democrats on how to request earmark spending in what one group called a "Pork Valentine." Wasserman-Schultz told the authors "the thing that bothers me is when the media says there is something wrong about pursuing appropriations for supporters. I have pursued appropriations for contributors but I put my name next to them."

Well Dan, that clears that up. TA readers note our Congressman, Mark Kirk, is backing an earmark moratorium and reforms, while not supporting any such requests.

Danno, we just thank our lucky stars that your patron, Florida Congresswoman Wasserman-Schultz, is only (for now) the Chairwoman of an Appropriations subcommittee in charge of $1.5 billion of our money. (Although, she may not be all bad, as Kos thinks that DWS is not partisan enough...)

Way to charge down that road to change Washington, Dan!

PS- TA hears that DWS was really, really late to the Winnetka event... apparently leading some event attendees to wonder for a while if Seals' disastrous gas stunt meant DWS was having second thoughts about showing?

ROTTEN TOMATOES OR SOUR GRAPES? Just for kicks, I dropped by Ellen's Blog to see if she had put up a post blaming the recent national outbreak of salmonella poisoning of tomatoes on Mark Kirk yet. So far, nothing on her blog, but I figure it's only a matter of time since it seems like he's been blamed for everything from lead paint in toys and tainted pet food, to high gas prices and the stripping of the ozone layer. If western California disappeared in an earthquake tomorrow, he'd get the blame for that, too. Hey, isn't Pelosi from California???


Anonymous said...

Guess ya forgot about this?

At least it's nice to see Mark Kirk taking SEals' lead on earmarks. If only he'd do that when it came to Iraq, healthcare, the economy....

Anonymous said...

Wasserman seems pretty sleazy.

Anonymous said...

TA, this Florida 'legislator' is sleeze personified making the kind of remarks ON THE RECORD attributed to her. Why would you think that Dan Seals would invite someone with ethical standards to appear on his behalf? Get real, TA.
And as for that crazy lady on the 10th District Blog, today she's blaming Congressman Kirk for all the ills that occur when one takes the train. She claims to take the train to work daily and it's always late, obviously due to Mark Kirk. NONSENSE. Let's ask other readers who also take the train from Deerfield to comment. Rarely, if ever is the train late. Yes, Amtrack trains running downstate can run behind schedule due to having to yield the right of way to freight lines. But on the the commuter lines, we are fortunate beyond belief to have what we all enjoy. All except the silly catwoman. Oh yes, I'm sure that the rains, the tornado funnel clouds, the intense flooding are all due to Mark Kirk's inability to legislate against them. She is sickly disgusting. Not funny.

Team America said...

Anon 11:36- while Dan Seals was issuing press releases that few people read, Kirk was killing the bridge to nowhere. THAT's leadership. Wonder if Seals had any moral qualms about inviting DWS to star at his fundraiser even though she's the queen of earmarks. Guess political expediency is the name of Seals' game.

Annie said...

I am stunned at the comments made by Wasserman - but even more stunned that she continues to get elected.

She's got to be buds with Jan Schakowsky - another Congresswoman who could "kill someone and still get elected".

No wonder folks just tune out - problem is when they decide to tune in, they discover government has taken over their lives and tune them out.

Shari said...

Wasserman sounds like a very shady congresswoman

Anonymous said...

And why are you surprised that someone like this would be here to help Seals? She fits the mold! Even if she knows that she could do something outrageous and still be re-elected, who is dumb enough to brag about it. Add her name to the list of Dan's mentors and buddies! Hey, maybe she attended the Robert Creamer 'school' of ethics! Or perhaps she learned valuable lessons from Rosty while still in school. And her other good buddy, Jan Schakowsky, just adds 'frosting' to the 'cake'. Excuse me, I need some Alka Seltzer.

Unincorporated Middle said...

Oh great Swami - Ellen just tried to tie rotten tomatoes to McCain... LOL

Anonymous said...

Schultz is a serial career politician that's never worked a day off the government dime-hello dick durbin-who's considered a rising star in democratic circles largely because of her ability to raise money from extremist special interest groups and lobbyists. She runs appropriations for the legislative branch which recently announced that get this-the congressional cafeterias are in debt 18 million dollars and in need of a government bailout.