Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Road to Obama's Nomination Littered With Corpses He's Thrown Under the Bus (REZKO UPDATE)

REZKO UPDATE (06/04/08 4:00 p.m.): As everyone is now reporting, Tony Rezko was found guilty on many, but not all, of the counts brought against him for mail fraud, money laudering, and others. Much more on this in the days to come, as you might expect. I hope Obama enjoyed his one day of over-the-top effusive and fauning press coverage, because the headlines in Chicago are going to be a lot different tomorrow morning....

Well, it's official--at least, it's official that the Barackstar now contends he's the presumptive Dem nominee. Hillary is trying to salvage what political capital she can out of this, as she has even stooped so low as to float the hint that she'd take the veep job. Well, I am pretty sure Obama's master plan is to enlist Hillary and her supporters (especially the big money donors), but do it in such a way that he doesn't have to share the White House with Bill and Hill.

Anyway, that's not what I wanted to really dive into tonight. Rather, since it's pretty clear Obama will be at the top of the Dem ticket, the IL GOP must contend with Barack-O-Mania, or risk getting wiped off the face of the fall races. But, there is hope, grasshoppers.

It's no coincidence that on the same day Obama clinches the Dem nomination, yet another one of his spiritual (and make no mistake, also his POLITICAL) mentors, Father Michael Pfleger, has been placed on a leave of absence by Cardinal George. Obama's ties to Pfleger can be minimized by the campaign, but can't be entirely hidden. (UPDATED): The Wednesday Wall Street Journal notes this:

A 2004 Chicago Sun-Times interview with Mr. Obama mentioned three men as his religious guides. One was Rev. Wright. Another was Father Michael Pfleger, the Louis Farrakhan ally whose recent remarks caused Mr. Obama to resign from Trinity, but for whose Chicago church Mr. Obama channeled at least $225,000 in grants as a state senator. Until recently, the priest was connected to the campaign, which flew him to Iowa to host an interfaith forum. Father Pfleger's testimony for the candidate has since been scrubbed from Mr. Obama's campaign Web site. A third mentor was Illinois state Senator James Meeks, another Chicago pastor who has generated controversy for mixing pulpit and politics.

Father Mike's supporters at St. Sabina, of course, think he's done nothing wrong. But, Obama, being a bright guy, has certainly learned a few lessons in this campaign, and one was not to waste any time throwing his former mentor under the bus. The St. Sabina parishioners are sure mad at Cardinal George for giving Father Mike the (at least temporary) heave-ho. Why aren't they mad at Obama for tossing Father Mike away like a used shake-and-bake bag?

But, how many more supporters can Obama toss under the campaign bus before the rest of America takes note that he's disavowed just about every significant associate he's had in the last 20 years? Does this not cast grave doubt on his judgment, at the very least? Will the general public finally start to get the picture that the long line of uber-radical figures that have all made headlines and subsequently been publicly rejected by Obama (some later rather than sooner) are a reflection of who Obama is and what he believes, rather than some kind of 'surprise' that these folks could have harbored these views for all these years, and poor, gullible Barack never knew?

And, better may be yet to come. There's still a little matter of a guy named REZKO, who's guilty verdict should be out any day. And his ties to another mope named BLAGO may well come back to eviscerate any claim Obama tries to lay to an ethical reformer of government, if the sitting governor of his home state is forced to face charges, or even the strong implication that he's going down.

And, I what I want to know is, will Hillary take the veep nomination (at least for now, before the Dem convention) hoping Obama will continue to slide and prove himself unelectable? I have difficulty believing she'd really settle for VP as the pinnacle of her career.

The news about the nomination lock-up, although long-anticipated, is still too fresh to make any valid prognostications about how this is all going to shape up. But, it is heartening that McCain is not waiting around for Obama to bring the fight to him. In fact, Obama really needed to wrap this up so that he could stop fighting a two-front war and concentrate on McCain. So, let's wait and see how this all develops before we GOPers do anything rash...

10TH DISTRICT UPDATE: Meanwhile, in 10th District news, Congressman Mark Kirk keeps doing his thing... Yesterday, Kirk addressed the members of AIPAC at its conference in Washington. According to TA's sources, Kirk spoke before at least 600 people over two breakout panels. The room was packed each time, and people sat on floors and leaned on walls to get a chance to hear him. He got at least six standing ovations, and the buzz around the entire conference is that Mark Kirk is the undisputed leader on U.S.-Israel defense issues.

Kirk has also been in the news lately for a new initiative to extend COBRA coverage beyond the current 18 month period that is allowed under the current law.

Finally, in a bit of a humorous twist, the Seals gas stunt is not one that will be quickly forgotten, at least in Lincolnshire. This week, Linconshire's mayor, Brett Blomberg, came out and endorsed Kirk over Seals.

UPDATED: Michelle Malkin has a good look at Obama's excuses on the bus victims now that the Rezko verdict has come out.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the impending Rezko verdict will end Obama's very short honeymoon

Team America said...

Oh, I don't know about that, Anon 10:56. Obama's name hardly came up at all in the trial. Obviously, Obama's tied to Rezko in the scandal related to the purchase of Obama's house, but that's been throughly explored in the news, at least here in Chicago. Nothing new to see there. We'll be reminded of this particular wart on Obama for a short time, and then the MSM will go back to important issues like the economy, the war, and how much Obama pays for a haircut.

It's much more likely that Rezko will cause Obama some problems indirectly if Rezko is found guilty and he flips on Blagojevich.

If THAT happens, and the story of the Fall is Blago getting indicted and the true tale of Illinois political corruption unfolds in the national press as Obama is out on the stump stressing his brilliance and ethical strengths, THAT could be a big problem for him.

But the GOPers in Illinois need to have a better plan than hoping Patrick Fitzgerald rides in to save the day.

Anonymous said...

Tossed under the bus scorecard:

The Grandmother who raised him.
Friend and advisor Antoin Rezko
Rev. White
Rev. Pfleger

Almost but not quite:

Radical bombers Ayers and Dorhn.

Coming soon:

Rod Blagojevich
Emil Jones
Richard Daley

Anyone else care to add on?

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

I think Lou has it right. Obama is the king of teflon, the master at throwing old buddies 'under the bus' for political gain when necessary. I just heard him pander to the Aipac policy conference attendees in DC. And pander he did. He wasn't so quick to say that he would sit under the tree and sing Kumbayah with the Iranians and other terrorists. At least not yet. He is the master of teflon. I think the weeks ahead will be mighty interesting as we see and hear him try to distance himself not only from some pretty disgraceful old buddies like Wright, Pfleger, Ayars, Dohrn, but political hacks like Emil Jones and our 'great' gov, Blago. I guess Barack will just tell us that for the past 20 years nothing happened in his presence. Yup. And pigs fly.

Team America said...

Here's a link to the pander referenced above.

Anonymous said...

Hey TA, word in from that aipac conference in DC has some great local news. Several former Seals high dollar supporters are now actively out there in strong support of Mark Steven Kirk. In the next couple of weeks it's going to be very clear to many in the 10th that several high profile names who voted for old Dan in 06 are not firmly on the side of our Congressman. Welcome aboard. Granted, some had walked away to support Jay Footlik because they saw the real Dan up close and personal in the waning days of the last campaign and said, thanks, but no thanks. The overflow audiences for both seminars featuring our Congressman yesterday at the DC conference got him more than just standing ovations. The bi-partisan attendees recognize and acknowledge our congressman's leadership and amazing creative initiatives not just when it comes to the US/Israel alliance, but in all that he has done and continues to do.
Yes, it's still going to be one heck of battle in the next 5 plus months. But what happened in DC over the past few days, coupled with what we're seeing back here in the district, I think Dan and his crew have a lot to think about.

Team America said...

Anon 12:34- thanks for that report!

You know, though, I'm not sure Seals and his team is smart enough to be worried. His plan is to simply say to people, hey, you know Barack Obama? He told AIPAC he supports Israel! And, hey, I look a lot like him! Vote for me, too!

Anonymous said...

Agreed, TA, but it's words for both Obama and for Dan. This time I can guarantee that Mark Kirk will not sit quietly and allow anyone to define him or his past record. He learned the hard way. The voters in this district can see right thru a guy who has done absolutely nothing for the past 3 years but campaign for this seat. He hasn't earned the right to represent this district by his INACTIONS. Nothing, zip, nada, he just didn't see the need to get out there and do anything to advance anyone's cause but his own over the past 3 years. I can't believe that he couldn't find some worthy organization or activity to help while not being employed. This time around he has baggage, lots of it. He didn't have that in 06. He does now. Same for teflon Barack. Now that the dust has settled, let's see how he handles himself going forward. Baggage can get mighty heavy!

Anonymous said...

Seals admitted another error today and gave back the money from convicted congressman Rostenkowski.

How many errors a week does this guy's campaign make?

Anonymous said...


The RNC is at it again according to their latest press release and it's too bad the local state party missed a chance to slam Dan in advance of Mark's speech on Israel at AIPAC. Then again these are the clowns that can't figure out how to beat a soon to be felon governor and terrorist protege.

Would be a sweet move to highlight Dan's anti-Israel record with a similar website.

Anonymous said...

One other thing. The sun-times is now an organ of the democratic party, but this piece of bias from randy blaser is just disgusting.


Anonymous said...

I just read the Blaser piece and I am shocked that Blaser sees nothing wrong with the "mystery envelope" or with Seals having both Melissa Bean and Abner Mikva speak to the class as well.

Did Northwestern describe the class as tailored for Democrats only? I would demand a refund!

Annie said...

Alot of folks I know have switched back to Diet Coke from the Kool Aid.

The more one learns about Obama, the less likely one is to vote for Obama. Hillary should keep her powder dry. It ain't over yet!

Anonymous said...

Annie - I agree! If you listen to his supporters they all say the same thing subliminally. "If you don't vote for Barack, you are a racist." Well, I think folks are starting to realize you should vote FOR a candidate because of the content of his character and NOT the color of his skin.

Character does count and that is why McCain is the clear choice.

Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering if the students who spent money to learn something from old Dan knew that the course was totally and completely partisan in nature. Do we have feedback from anyone in that class? And what's the refund policy at that once prestigious University. Oh, I forgot, it IS only the D's who know or can teach anything, right!

Anonymous said...

Obama's duplicitous nature emerged again today at AIPAC as he suddenly became a retroactive Kyl-Liebreman Resolution supporter. I guess he was against it before he was for it. For one who wants to sit down for chai with terrorists, he certainly knows when to feign concern for Israel. It's patently clear many Israel supporters ain't buyin' what he's peddling.