Monday, May 2, 2011

Alexi to Teach at NU? But Will He Claim Himself a "Professor?"

Shia Kapos at Crain's Chicago Business is reporting that former U.S. Senate candidate and former State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias will be teaching a course at NU (we assume the undergraduate school, not law or business, etc.) entitled "Campaigning vs. Leading."

Kapos also reports that Giannoulias is still weighing various offers to return to the financial sector, which I have also heard from sources close to Giannoulias. Those same sources tell me that Giannoulias definitely plans a return to politics... maybe even as early as 2014, should current senior U.S. Senator Dick Durbin decide not to run again.

Giannoulias better be careful about what title he claims with respect to his new gig, though. Kapos informally refers to Giannoulias as "Professor" with respect to his new teaching gig, but as three-time loser Dan Seals found out, that title has a particular significance in the academic world, and you better make sure you have a specific apppointment as an adjunct "professor" before you start running around claiming that title. I have little doubt that Giannoulias is a bit smarter than Seals, though, so we'll see if he get tripped up in that issue. Heck, it even caused a bit of a problem for now-President Obama at one point.

So, a word to the wise, Alexi: just be careful how you talk about that teaching cred next campaign.


Anonymous said...

Kapos is a gossip columnist not a serious journalist. Real reporting would be what alexi's done the last 6 months and why his fiancee left him.

You wonder what northwestern is thinking. There are probably students there-the former mrs.kirk comes to mind, that are/were more accomplished than him and if I was a parent paying 50k for my kid to go to school there I would want my money back if he took a class from this bum.


Anonymous said...

Lose a race vs. Kirk, get a job at NU

First Seals, then


Anonymous said...

Shia Kapos is a Greek-American. Giannoulias is a Greek-American. Connect the dots on this "exclusive."