Monday, May 9, 2011

The Message to Illinois Businesses Is Clear: We Have A Lousy Business Environment (Unless You Can Cut A Special Deal)

Not a lot of time to post today, but I can't help wondering if Governor Quinn has yet realized both the damage he has done to this state's business environment by raising taxes, or the trap he has laid for himself by cutting special deals for the likes of Navistar, Motorola and now perhaps Sears, just to bribe these employers to stay in Illinois.

Doesn't this compound the problem and force the state to rely even more heavily and disproportionately on the backs of small employers who can't negotiate huge tax breaks to make up the difference.

We don't care for unions much around here, but it's starting to sound like maybe Illinois small and medium size business will have to band together to be able to play on a level field.

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Anonymous said...

Pro-Union Quinn (PUQ) - Why give those evil businesses tax credits?

Pro-Business Quinn (PBQ) - Because they would leave Illinois after we raised their taxes (with tears in his eyes)

PUQ - Let them leave!

PBQ - But some of the jobs are union.

PUQ - Well, that's different. Maybe a 100 million is not too bad. We can raise taxes agin to pay for it.

PBQ - But more businesses will leave.

PUQ - Let them leave!

PBQ - But some of those jobs are union.

PUQ - I am so confused - how can I just raise taxes on the Republicans?

PBQ - Put the House and Senate Democrats on it - they are sneaky little sh*ts like you!