Sunday, May 22, 2011

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus Calls for "More Makers, Less Takers" At Lake County Republican Federation Spring Dinner (UPDATED)

At the 49th Annual Lake County Republican Federation Spring Gala, well over 500 people came to share fellowship and hear new RNC Chairman Reince Priebus talk about his life story, and how he pledged to help make Barack Obama a one-term president. Federation President Sandy Stuart introduced Priebus, who told the energized crowd, "This country needs more makers and less takers!" Priebus's comments were followed by speeches from 8th District Congressman Joe Walsh and 10th District Congressman Bob Dold. The program was topped off by the presentation of the Robert J. Milton Award to former Lake County Republican Federation Executive Director Ant Simonian. Some pix are below.

Stay tuned for plans for next year's 50th Annual Dinner celebration!!!

UPDATED 5/23/11 11:00 am: Fellow blogger Nancy Thorner has a great play-by-play description of the evening's events up at Illinois Rewview, with lots more detail on the substance of Reince Priebu's speech than we are able to provide here, so go check it out. Thanks Nancy!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. "More makers and less takers." Given his employment and financial history, that would make Joe Walsh the latter.

Anonymous said...

TA -

Nancy's coverage of the speech was excellent, but was she actually there or blogging off his prepared remarks?
If she had been there she would have known the the reception did not take place in the big tent which was not there and the foundation under construction. Plus she wrongly assigned the 8th and 10th congressional seats by switching them.

Trebor of Libertyville

Team America said...

Nancy was there, Trebor, I went over to the RALC table and spoke to her between dinner and dessert. As for the errors, I don't issue any warranties for other bloggers. ;-)

Anonymous said...

glad to see that the congressman has to wear a nametag because no one knows who he is