Monday, May 9, 2011

Uncle Pat Takes Pity On Three-time Loser Dan Seals With State Job (UPDATED)

The Chicago Tribune's Clout Street Blog is reporting tonight that Governor Quinn has taken pity on poor Dan Seals, three-time losing candidate for the 10th Congressional District (as regular readers know, he lost twice to Mark Kirk and once to Bob Dold), and given him a cushy six-figure state job - Assistant Director of the Office of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. Compared to another person in this office with a similar job title (don't know if Seals is repacing her or not), whose resume was a mile long, it's clear once again that Seals fails to measure up. Also, just for kicks, check out the website for the office - they appear to have more assistant and deputy directors than you can shake a stick at. Wonder how they decide who has to answer the phone and empty the garbage on any given day. Maybe they flip for it.

I guess the message here is that if you are going to be a losing candidate for office, better run as a Democrat because they will be sure to take care of you after you lose. This is pretty much par for the course, as former State Rep Julie Hamos was handed a nice state job by Quinn after losing to Seals in the primary -- a job even better than the one he just gave Seals, in fact -- as Director of the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services. More examples of this type of stuff abound.

Quinn even had been accused by some of trading a job for a vote for his tax increase to a then-legislator. Quinn, of course, denied the accusations.

What's the old saying? Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, and three times is a pattern.

I guess, at worst, we won't have Dan Seals to kick around anymore up here in the 10th District. (although, since Seals actually lived in the 9th District and never did move here, I guess in some technical sense, we never really did have him to kick around, ha ha)

Happy trails, Dan. Just remember to put in your 40 hours a week on my tax dollars, and hit the gym only during lunch, pal.

h/t Kelly Hodge BeLow via Facebook.

UPDATED 5/10/11 6:50 am: The Sun-Times has a short article up, in which Seals states his disinterest in running for office again. I guess he finally got the message.


Asgaardian said...

Now Dan can give his fellow loser Alexi Giannoulias job-hunting advice at Northwestern "faculty" meetings.

Anonymous said...

there's been too little to discuss and too much here to make fun of so I'll just say that for him this at least is better than alexi's crying on a beach and boozing in argentina.


Publia said...

Argentina is a good place for Alexi. Then he could tell Dan what a great place it is.

Thor said...

Why is Northwestern hiring these clowns? Can't they find anyone qualified to teach their exorbitant-tuition-paying students?

Anonymous said...

They are being hired because we take care of our people.

Continue to poke fun at Seals, but you've got to give Seals credit. A jobless man running in a district he does not live in with a resume that pales in comparison to Kirk's (even without Kirk's fabrications) and the power of Kirk's incumbency - Seals was always within a couple of points of beating your boy wonder.

And for that matter, Lexi as well.

Both Seals and Lexi earned and deserve the consideration provided by our party leaders.

Why do you think the we control the state? We build folks up while you knock 'em down.

Anonymous said...

From anon 8:16,
"Why do you think the we control the state?"

Gee, I don't know, anon. Is the correct answer, "because you're all a bunch of corrupt scumbags?"


Fielding Mellish

Anonymous said...

Thor -
Northwestern is hiring them so they can participate in NUs next live sex demonstration lecture.

Trebor of Libertyville

Anonymous said...


Hope you didn't do that from your government computer, wouldn't want our friends from the Hatch Act to have to pay you a visit.

Anonymous said...

Much as I am not a fielding melish person, the hatch act is not a government agency. It's a law and commenting on a blog from a government computer is not a violation of it.

Taking care of seals would have been giving him doug o'brien's job or something in the private sector and a board in dc like the foreign intelligence position mckenna had during the bush administration.


Anonymous said...

Curses! Foiled again!

You guys are just too gosh darn smart for lil' old me. Can't slip anything past you, can I? Please don't sick the Feds on me!

Ah Folkleas, another jab. I am flattered by the fact that you sometimes take time to come down from your Ivory Tower of Political Genius to slight a commoner like me.

But, alas. I have taken far too much of your time. I will now take my leave and allow you to, once again, wow everyone with your unparalleled insights.


Fielding Mellish

(Now huddling in terror with my government computer at my side, waiting for the helicopters to swoop down and take me to GITMO...which should be closed, by the way. Nothing good ever came from interrogating prisoners at GITMO, by golly!)

Anonymous said...

I wasn't dissing you Mr.Fielding/Belding whoever you are but since you ask, if dold is going to hold a press conference to condemn some Democratic action like he did today it might be a good idea if the first graph in the politico coverage isn't outright mocking him and his press conference for hypocrisy the way the coverage of the mediscare presser went down today.

Sealsesque move.

Formerly Fan of King Louis Astaves the ellen alexi and pup slayer (FOKLAEAPS)and now back to old fan of king louis astaves the ellen slayer (FOKLAES)