Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Democrat John Tree Definitely Not Part of the 99%; Let's See How that Plays in IL-10

It's very popular for Dems right now to ally themselves with the so-called "99%" of 'regular folks' out there who are just plain mad at the Wall Street bankers, special interests, heck, just about anyone who they can blame for the poor economy and job prospects, not to mention the ever-growing "wealth gap."

Well, the latest 10th District Democratic candidate to hit the campaign trail, John Tree, is going to have some explaining to do to the 99% of folks who want to know why the heck they should vote for someone in the 1% (after all, isn't that how they plan to run against Congressman Bob Dold?)

Take Mr. Tree's house, for example. He's a successful businessman, who has done quite well for himself. So well, in fact, he bought a house in Long Grove not too long ago for around $1.8 million. Not too shabby -- and certainly not just your average "Tree House" (sorry, I couldn't resist).

Now, the last thing your Team America would do is to suggest that Mr. Tree doesn't deserve to enjoy the fruits of his labors and ingenuity. After all, the government didn't hand Mr. Tree that nice house; he had to go out and earn it. Heck, Team America aspires to someday be as successful as Mr. Tree, so I'm certainly not going to begrudge him his wealth.

But, try explaining to the 99% up in Waukegan and other areas of the 10th District (which doesn't include Mr. Tree's house, by the way) that Mr. Tree pays more in real estate taxes on his Long Grove mansion (more than $43,000 a year) than many of them even take home for their annual salary, assuming they are fortunate enough to have work.

Do the Dem primary voters really want to hear a 'pick yourself up by your bootstraps and go out and be a success like me' message coming from someone like Mr. Tree? (heck, starts to sound even a little like Herman Cain, for cat's sake) Or will they find Mr. Ilya Sheyman's 'free stuff from the government is your entitlement' progressive message more appealing?

Better get that high-paid campaign team working on crafting that message, stat, Mr. Tree.

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