Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lake County GOP Readies for Battle at Committeeman Breakfast

This morning, the Lake County Republicans gathered at Austin's Fuel Room for a unity breakfast and rally to kick off the 2012 election cycle. The breakfast was sponsored by the Lake County Republican Central Committee, the Lake County Republican Federation, and the Republican Assembly of Lake County. County Chairman Bob Cook preached unanimity among the Lake County GOP, and when all the major Republican groups can get together like this, the Democrats better watch out. The breakfast was well attended and was standing room only by the time the program began with a prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, and singing of the National Anthem by Emily Bednar, who has been singing at GOP events since she was eleven years old (she's now in college!)

Many, many elected officials, including three Congressmen (Dold, Walsh and Hultgren) attended, and plenty of great candidates getting a few final signatures on their petitions. So, without further ado, here's my pix.

The packed room

Congressman Bob Dold and 29th Dist. Senate Candidate Dr. Arie Friedman

Candidates for 31st Dist. State Senate: Michael White, Lenny Jarrett, Larry Leafblad, and Joe Neal.

Emily and Bob Bednar. Bob is running for Recorder of Deeds.

Rich, a committeeman, and County Board Members Bonnie Thompson Carter and Linda Pedersen.

Circuit Court Clerk Candidate Keith Brin, County Board candidate Rick Lesser, and Moraine Township GOP Chairman Lou Atsaves

30th Dist. State Senate Candidate and Vernon Township GOP Chairman Don Castella, and Green Oaks Trustee Dan Sugrue

Congressman Bob Dold and Team America Superfan Bob Goodman

Keith Gray, Ed Kelly (representing Senator Mark Kirk), and Judge Lou Berrones

State's Attorney Candidate Louis Hayes, and State Rep. Candidate Lauren Turelli

Congressman Randy Hultgren

Libertyville Township GOP Chairman Ed Kelly, and former chairman John Emerson

State Senate Candidate Joe Neal and Coroner Candidate Steve Newton

Lake County State's Attorney Candidates Mike Nerheim and Bryan Winter

County Board Candidate Nick Sauer

Bob Powers, Susan Gravenhorst and Steve Carlson

Dan Sugrue and Bob Cook

State Representatives Ed Sullivan, Jr., Kent Gaffney, and JoAnn Osmond

Congressman Joe Walsh did his usual great job of firing up the crowd.

County Board Candiate Jeff Werfel, 30th Dist. State Senate Candidate Greg Jacobs, and State's Attorney Candidate Mike Nerheim


Anonymous said...

TA, anyone not show up that probably should have?

Team America said...

Yes, now that you mention it. Perhaps somebody that was a bit trepidacious about spending a morning with a bunch of committeemen?

Anonymous said...

Who are you referring to?

Team America said...

Anon 5:17 - if you need to ask, you don't need to know.

Footsteps said...

I was there for most of the morning and did not see Mark Neerhoff. Turelli was there. Is the Doc just going to try to buy the election and bypass the committeemen.

Anonymous said...

I would guess maybe Sen. Suzi by your pictures but am not really sure why she would care. She is not running.

Team America said...

Nope. Guess again.

Anonymous said...

I would rather watch ND clean up than keep guessing. Not sure what big name out there that has done something that would be worried about committeemen.

Team America said...

Ah, a Domer. That explains it. :-)

Anonymous said...

TA, not all of us simpletons are in the know. Are you afraid to offend the said person?

8(soon to be 14th) District Committeeman said...

'Twas quite a gathering, my first time I've been to this event. I just found out this week that I'm in the 31st State Senate district, no longer the 26th, so it was nice to meet the guys who are running in the primary.

TA, saw you taking pictures, wanted to shake your hand and introduce myself but the opportunity didn't present itself...too much bacon and eggs and not enough coffee I guess!!!

Was a very good speech by Bob Cook about party long as I've known him that's the message he's always preached. You're right, TA, if the numerous Republican groups can stay unified, look out dems.

How ironic...the word verification is Bacon!!

Anonymous said...

Good Lord! From the looks of the waistbands and dress sizes, I hope they only served fruit!

Anonymous said...

Looking at the pictures, I'm wondering if there was a sign at the entrance that said "White men only."

Anonymous said...

--Looking at the pictures, I'm wondering if there was a sign at the entrance that said "White men only."--

that's cheap. its pretty early in the election season to be dipping into the well of 'Republicans are all racists so don't vote for them', isnt it? Once you play the race card, there's really no where else to go, except to call us Nazis. or maybe that's your follow-up.

Anonymous said...

I would have rather have some calorie challenged folks than LT. GOV. Sheila Simon. You can't change ugly.

Team America said...

Okay, campers, enough is enough. No more of the silly ad hominem attacks from either side, or I start hitting the delete key. Let's try to raise the level of discourse. I'd be interested in hearing from the Dems on how they intend to counter the re-engergized and united GOP, not silly drive-by comments about what they look like.

Anonymous said...

I'll take Nick Sauer over Ilya Sheyman in looks any day.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, TA, just noticed your last directive. Sauer is still a hottie though.

Anonymous said...

"I would have rather have some calorie challenged folks than LT. GOV. Sheila Simon. You can't change ugly."

Hmmm. However, Sheila does play a wicked banjo! Give me talent and brains over vapid looks any day of the week.

Rob_N said...

Team America said... "Let's try to raise the level of discourse."


You can start by fact-checking your posts for one thing, Larry.

I get that you enjoy regurgitating lame hyper-partisan conservative talking points. If that's how you get your kicks so be it.

But, that's no excuse for the many errors and erroneous assumptions in your posts.

Just this past week, for instance, your numerous errors about Col. John Tree would be embarrassing to any normal writer yet you appear blithely unaware of how pathetic and unprincipled these blatant mistakes make you appear.

Such is life.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to celebrate over Rob_N's tears again. Remember how he spewed his filthy bluster last election cycle?? All for naught, eh, Nevicil?

Rob_N said...

"Anonymous November 22, 2011 9:02 PM" -- Maybe Bill Brady and Tom Cross were crying, but not me.

Elephant dung happens, you know? :)

By that point I was busy getting petition signatures ready for spring anyway.

In a way I was hopeful the GOP would actually do some legislative work to help the President and Senate get Americans back on the job but so far the GOP has been nothing but an immature disappointment.

Anonymous said...

The GOP is immature. Give me a break. I think you need to look at the other side - let's keep spending, let's dole out money to keep those votes coming in. Let's take money away from those who have worked hard and made it on their own and give it to those who want everything without working for it. Let's forgive all those student loans so the rest of us can foot the bill. Let's let the government do everything for everyone.

I have a very good friend who unfortunately is still on the left side and complained about how much income tax she had to pay last year. She and her husband have worked their entire lives, she raised a family while going to night school to get a degree and now she's considered in the 1% because their combined income is $250,000. Wonder what she'll say now when her income tax goes up.

B&B's Mom

Anonymous said...

Obama and his hacks at the Fed are devaluing the dollar and destroying savings. They want everyone poor and dependent. Then the goons like Nevicil would finally be able to tell everyone what to do.

Anonymous said...

B&B's Mom: Let's talk again when those whose governments paid for their education stop coming here to steal jobs from US workers because they're "undereducated"--and then file for bankruptcy to discharge the debt they acquired here WHILE being able to keep their substantial real estate investments overseas because they're "too difficult to liquidate", but those who have lived here their entire lives contiue to lose their AMERICAN homes.

They used to be part of the 1%, too. Look behind you. They might be sneaking up on you, too.

Rob_N said...

Anonymous -- Goon. LOL.

B&B -- By definition, your friend would need to add several zeros after that $250,000 to be in the 1%.

If you're on this blog, you're in the 99%. Even Bob Dold and our host are 99ers.

Here's the reality, in the form a little joke...

A billionaire, a conservative and a liberal sit down at a table with a plate of cookies on it. The billionaire grabs all the cookies, stuffs a few in his mouth and then shoves the rest in his pockets.

He points at the crumbs and tells the conservative, "Watch out for that guy. He's trying to take all your cookies."

Guess who made the cookies? The conservative and the liberal.

...Not too funny but that's the reality that BOTH the Tea Party and the Occupy groups have realized.

Anonymous said...

Rob_N, you left out the wannabe 99er standing next to the billionaire who catches the crumb the billionaire flicked at him, said "thank you, sir; may I have another?", and then tried to convince the conservative and the liberal that "this never happened; the billionaire was never here."

Anonymous said...

Definitely not class warfare.

Anonymous said...

That's right, Anon 4:12am. There's a "movement" that's begun and Rob_N is right. It's going to include both the OWS and Tea Party groups, because Conservatives--especially--now know that what they believed, was true all along. 9/11 was just a prelude to the real war--a silent, undeclared economic war on the US.

This isn't class warfare. This is about restoring our Country to the greatness it once was--and then "thanking" all of those who had ever doubted our strengths and abilities.

Anonymous said...

anon@9:59 AM wrote:
Looking at the pictures, I'm wondering if there was a sign at the entrance that said "White men only."

-- TO BE FAIR, there were some white women pictured. Not pictured were any minorities, however. It does not mean that the people in attendance were racists. Far from it.

But given the population dynamic in the county, I'm surprised there aren't any minority voices - or more strong female voices of any color - at such an event. Even if they just show up to give diversity to ideas, I'm sure it would help with the final policy decisions.