Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Why is Anti-Tea Party Democrat John Tree Running Against Bob Dold and Not Joe Walsh?

The Tribune's Patch has a nice article on the various Democratic candidates for their party's nomination for the 10th Congressional District, and it's clear they all have their knives out, trying to elbow each other to claim "front runner" status among the Dem contenders.

Of greater interest in the article, though, is the discussion of Tree's motivation to run for Congress, primarily his disgust with the 'tea party' crowd in Congress, but which does not explain why Tree would pick Dold's district to run in instead of tea party darling Joe Walsh:

Tree’s motivation to become a member of Congress sprang from his anger when he said he felt members of the Tea Party were threatening the country’s economic stability.

“Last summer I was working at the Pentagon when the debt ceiling debate was going on,” Tree said. “The Tea Party was holding their own party (the Republicans) hostage and threatening to shut the country down.”

Okay, so why run against Dold rather than Walsh, if the 'tea party' is what must be stopped? Besides Lauren Beth Gash, I don't know if anyone could possibly consider Dold a tea party candidate.

Our own Lou Atsaves comes to the rescue to point out this discrepancy, though:

That experience motivated Tree to serve the country as a representative in Congress as well as a colonel in the Air Force reserve. Though he admits to living a block outside the 10th District, he chose to challenge Dold rather than admitted Tea Party member Rep. Joe Walsh (R-McHenry).

“Dold had a chance to stand up and show leadership,” Tree said of the Kenilworth congressman’s stance during the debt ceiling debate. “He could have broken with his party and supported a bipartisan deal. He did not show the courage.”

Tree’s comments surprised Moraine Township Republican Chairman Lou Atsaves of Lake Forest.

Atsaves explained Dold was one of 40 Republicans and 100 members of Congress to recently sign a letter asking the Congressional Super Committee, charged with reducing the federal deficit an additional $1.3 trillion, to consider all methods possible including increased revenue.

“I deal with a lot of Tea Party people both as Moraine Township chair and with the Lake County Republicans. The Tea Party is not comfortable with Dold,” Atsaves said. “They were upset when he signed it (the bipartisan letter)."

Connecting the dots to figure out Tree's motivation to run against Dold rather than Walsh is not too hard: Tree obviously thinks the 10th District is much more favorable to a Democratic challenge. Clearly, though, if Tree was really interested in cutting the legs out from under the tea party, it would be more effective to go after their poster-child, Walsh, than a moderate like Dold.

So much for Tree's ideals. Looks like he fails the very first test of honesty and character, and won't even admit his real reason for seeking to challenge Bob Dold.



Anonymous said...

Jay Footlik spent 3 years in dc telling everyone, including myself at an event that he was the next man for this job. He got more press clips saying he was going to be congressman than actual votes from voters in the district. Until Tree shows a poll or wins an endorsement-Hoyer backed schneider so there goes the moderate dc support from leadership for him, this is more hail mary than anything.

Fan of King Louis Astaves the Ellen Slayer

Anonymous said...

Don't you think someone in obama's (can't even use caps when writing his name)inner circle recruited him to run? Let's see where his money comes from and how many people from the circle's group of workers works in his campaign. Who is the campaign manager and where does he come from. This needs lots of watching but I think the answers will come very quickly.
B&B's Mom

Rob_N said...

"a moderate like Dold"?

Voting to kill Medicare as we know it is not moderate.

Voting to redefine rape so it's more difficult for victims to seek help and justice is not moderate.

Voting to slice women's healthcare, after putting on a multi-media kabuki theater display claiming otherwise, is not moderate.

Proposing to kill Social Security as we know it, and advocating the Super Committee do that work for him, is not moderate.

Fighting tooth and nail to protect massive socialist-style government payouts to profitable oil companies, while crying poor to the hurting middle class, is not moderate.

Pushing for fracking into Illinois' fertile farmlands - and being willing to accept the flammable tapwater that comes with it - is not moderate.

...Grow a spine Larry and admit the facts for once.

PS - Randy Hultgren will easily sweep Walsh by 15-20 points or better. Depends on how many more women Congressman Deadbeat screams at between now and March.