Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Desperate Democrats Still Fishing for a Hero in IL-10; "John Tree" Latest Contenter for Dem Nomination (UPDATED)

UPDATE 11/10/11 3:40 pm: Lynn Sweet once again brings us the latest; this time, candidate Ilya Sheyman's reaction to John Tree's candidacy, wherein Sheyman blames "Chicago political bosses" for sticking their noses into the 10th District Dem primary. Read it here.

Original post:

In a clear showing of how desperate and unhappy the Dem powers-that-be are with their field on candidates to take on freshman Congressman Bob Dold in Illinois' Tenth Congressional District, the Dems have fielded yet another candidate, businessman John Tree.

Lynn Sweet has a detailed post here.

I have no idea who this guy is, but if you look at the press release quoted in the Sweet post, he has a professional campaign hit squad all ready to go. That tells me he's probably pouring (or is expected to pour) a ton of his own dough into the campaign, as he looks to be a successful businessman (and lives in Long Grove, which probably says something). I could not find any FEC reports that are available yet to prove or disprove my theory as to his finances and assets.

Given that Tree basically needs to buy name recognition in the short months left before the primary, pouring the money into the hired hit squad is really his only option.

But, Tree ought to ask Dick Green how that strategy worked out for another rich businessman with no grass roots support or political experience.

ADDING - Tree's press release states that:

John was motivated to run for Congress when it became clear that extremists in Congress put their narrow partisan interests ahead of our shared national interests.

However, if we look at the Tree campaign team, we don't see any partisan "extremists" (all Dems, of course) that his campaign staff has worked for in the past, do we??? Jan Schakowsky, anyone???

More later.


Anonymous said...

This guy doesn't even live in the 10th District. He lives in the 14th District. Can the democrats really not find ONE good candidate that lives in the 10th?

Anonymous said...

Correction, 6th district. Hard to tell nowadays with a gerrymandered map.

Anonymous said...

So Anon, you're already conceding the Tree is a good candidate?

Anonymous said...

He's a good candidate for securing the nomination for Sheyman. LOVE that guy!!!

Anonymous said...

apparently adams apple, sean shrub, brian bark, bobby bush, carl cactus, dylan dirt, wally weed, lincoln log, page'n plant, peter paul pinecone, bill branch, larry leaf, ricky root, robin rock and gary grass were not available for these consultants last ditch attempt to get a campaign check err candidate.

This guy gets in with a full blown campaign team the day schoenberg quits springfield to suck up pritzker money as a "development officer" for their "foundation". Do the math.

Fan of king louis astaves the ellen slayer (FOKLAES)

Anonymous said...

On the Patch, the Tree article includes his official military photo. Wasn't Mr. Kirk chastised by the Pentagon for promoting his military service and wearing a uniform as part of his campaign?

Mr. Giangreco ought to remember that episode from the Giannoulias/Kirk race.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

Tree lives in the new 6th. But then again Dold lives in the new 9th. Have to wonder is Tree thinks Dold is an easier pick?

Anonymous said...

TA: Time for the truth squad to intervene (see...making the same mistake as MSK by inflating one's military resume):

1. "During the course of his military career, John has earned over twenty-eight awards and decorations, making him one of the most highly decorated Colonels in the Air Force." HE'S SPENT THE LAST 14 YEARS IN THE RESERVES. SPEAKING FROM EXPERIENCE, I DON'T KNOW ONE MEMBER OF THE ARMED FORCES (ESPECIALLY A RESERVIST) WHO WOULD CLAIM TO BE "ONE OF THE MOST HIGHLY DECORATED COLONELS" the entire Air Force.

#2 "In 1995, Tree served as Chief of West Mediterranean Logistics for the 16th Air Force, responsible for logistics support for Tunisia, Morocco and Israel." LAST TIME I CHECKED, ISRAEL WAS IN THE EASTERN MED -- OR PART OF THE EASTERN MED LOG GROUP FOR THE 14TH AF...hmmm...stretching the truth to pander to the Jewish constituents of the 10th? If you simply visited Israel multiple times during a career, great. Make that claim. Don't redefine the scope of your military group's area of responsibility.

Anonymous said...

It appears that the press release was written not yesterday or today, but some time ago. If you read the Lynn Sweet exhaustive piece and then read the Greg Hinz piece in Crain's a savvy reader will see what I'm referencing in that statement. Sadly, this family has suffered a tragic loss of their eldest child very recently. One piece refers to the full family, one identifies the loss of the child. Odd, also, that in this grieving period that Mr. Tree will be out and about running for office. Just an observation, folks. Also, in the Hinz piece there's a reference to Mrs.Tree's mother who is on the National Board of Hadassah, the largest Jewish Women's Organization in the US. Mrs. Tree is Jewish. Can't wait to actually meet and hear John Tree in person in the coming weeks. He surely has some top tier staff helping him, courtesy of the A Team in the White House.

Anonymous said...

He actually lives in the new 6th, not the 14th...he's in Ela Township.

Rob_N said...

FOKLAES November 9, 2011 11:10 PM --

Schoenberg endorsed Brad Schneider.

Your post, other than being hilarious in it's juvenile way, makes no sense.

Perhaps that's part of your comedy routine.

Rob_N said...

Anonymous November 10, 2011 1:55 PM --


"Sixteenth Air Force, headquartered at Aviano Air Base, Italy, is one of two numbered air forces that comprise the U.S. Air Forces in Europe command. It is also the southern air component of the U.S. European Command.

The mission of Sixteenth Air Force is to execute aerospace operations through expeditionary force command and control in support of the U.S. European Command and NATO. Supporting this mission, 16th AF plans and executes combat air operations in southern Europe and portions of the Middle East and northern Africa as an air component or joint task force headquarters; supports approximately 11,000 Air Force and civilian members at two main operating bases, four support bases and other sites in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Hungary, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Greece, Turkey and Israel; and conducts peacetime engagement throughout the region."

...Next time, try doing about 0.27 seconds of fact-checking before wantonly attacking people with false accusations.

Truth squad, indeed.

The 14th Air Force, by the way, is based out of Vandenburg and includes Space Command units.

Other than being a part of the USAF it's completely different, not that you show any inclination of knowing or caring.

Perhaps you were thinking of the 3rd Air Force, the only other numbered USAF command in Europe.

The 16th covers mostly Southern Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East.

The 3rd covers the UK and northern Europe up to Scandinavia.

In other words, the Air Force commands in Europe are aligned in a north/south split, not east/west.

As for the 16th Western Med Logistics... in the simplest terms Israel is not lumped in with Jordan, Saudi, Egypt and the other nations of the eastern Med for good reason.

Take a second or two to try and figure out why.

Again, not that you'd know or care.

You just see the (D) after a service man's name on the ballot and attack attack attack with out and out lies because you can't be bothered to look up facts.

If that's what passes for patriotism in today's Teapublican party it's pathetic.

Rob_N said...

Larry, Did you remove my post clarifying the several mistakes Anon November 10, 2011 1:55 PM made about the Air Force or did it just not "take" after I hit Publish?

Team America said...

Rob, I assume it was the spam filter. I think the comment you are referring to is now right above.

Rob_N said...

Much obliged, Larry.

When you get a chance, do a little more digging and fact check the rest of your Tree posts.

I understand you're writing from an antagonistic angle but with the number of whoppers from you and your commenters in just his first week you guys are giving Col. Tree more credibility in Dem circles than you realize.

Much more. ;)

Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

Team America said...

Rob, thanks and same to you.

In all seriousness, if you can be more specific about what part of my hits on Tree were inaccurate, I will certainly take a look. To the best of my knowledge, all facts I stated are accurate, and all my insinuations are clearly labeled as supposition at this point, until confirmed either way. I really do try my best to not post anything that I believe to be inaccurate, as hard as you may find that to believe. ;-)

Rob_N said...

Larry, No I don't "believe you."

If you cared you would've made sure your material was accurate or at least clarified before posting it.

Team America said...

Like I said, everything I posted about Tree I confirmed as a fact (and provided a link) or clearly indicated it was supposition. The fact that you can't give me any examples simply reemphasizes my belief that I got it all right.

Rob_N said...

Perhaps then your belief structure is the problem, Larry.

But again, by all means, keep attacking an Air Force Colonel with nothing but innuendo and juvenile "hits"... it's not like your guy Mark Kirk ever exaggerated his military service to where you had to hypocritically defend him or anything.