Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Hillary vs. Barack Show

Everyone enjoying the Hillary v. Barack show? John Kass of the Chicago Tribune has a great take on where things stand, and why. He doesn't think it looks good for Hill, though.

Gotta get on the train, so consider this a Dem primary open thread.


Anonymous said...

Things don't look good for Sen. Clinton or Obama. She is losing the nomination and he lost in neighboring Indiana, despite outspending her and transporting thousands of volunteers from Illinois.

Anonymous said...

On 820 AM radio this morning some ranter named Shultz repeatedly belittled the "Clintonistas" for now going after those remaining little "insignificant" states. "No body cares about those little states!" he screamed in obvious pain. "Michigan!" "Florida!" "Drop dead!" he shrieked.

Some of it is pretty priceless stuff. Perhaps the Republican party should monitor these types of stations and start replaying those quotes to voters who think that Democrats relate to them. Democrats really hold them in contempt.

When Rush Limbaugh goes off the deep end the Democrats are there to make fun of him. We should be doing the same thing.

I still think Clinton will somehow pull it out. The Clinton/Gore attempt to steal the presidency gave them some training on how to lay the groundwork to steal the Democratic nomination. Unless Obama clinches it without the "Super Delegates" (which I still feel is something that is sold at our local 7-11 stores) it should be a rather nasty convention battle.

And will anyone in Michigan or Florida vote for a Democrat this time around after the rules basically disenfranchised them from the Democratic nomination?

I wouldn't.

But then again, I'm still steaming over the Illinois State Senate Recall vote fiasco.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

John Kass wrote: "The math is the math," said David Axelrod, who is not only reformer Obama's campaign strategist but also Machine boss Chicago Mayor Richard Daley's strategist."

The Daley Machine has its hooks firmly planted in Mr. 'we are the change we've been waiting for's 'reform' campaign. While they labor to make it all new and shiny, it looks like the same old tired machine from here.

Anonymous said...

Is there any validity in "Operation Chaos" in Indiana? Are there any studies or exit interviews that support cross overs for Hillary that changed the results? Besides from Rush.

Anonymous said...

You can feel the Jewish community leaving team Obama/Seals.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone hear Barack's speech last night, end partisanship, both parties work together.... If he is such a believer, why didn't he practice this in the Senate? He wasn't even part of the Gang of 14. His response on voting against Chief Justice Roberts, yeah I voted against him, but defended those who voted for him. Poser.

Team America said...

Anon 5:31- interestingly, Rush Limbaugh wants to believe that his Operation CHAOS was very effective in boosting Clinton to a win, and Obama's camp is trying to 'blame' Clinton's win on Limbaugh. Hillary, I'm sure, disavows any effect at all.

So, did it really change much? I have grave doubts. The Fox News article I linked to above stated:

"The impact of “Operation Chaos” is difficult to measure. Indiana holds an open primary, and according to FOX News exit polls, 11 percent of voters in the Democratic contest were Republicans. Fifty-three percent of them said they chose Clinton, while 47 percent voted for Obama."

So, while I'm not really sure, it seems like kind of a wash to me.

Anonymous said...

If Obama is a healer, why did he take his kids to hear a racist every Sunday for over a decade?