Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mark Kirk Concerned About Our Kids and "Second Life"

Mark Kirk is all over the MSM this morning after he sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission requesting a consumer alert about the possible dangers posed by Internet predators lurking in the online world of "Second Life."

"If Second Life is unwilling to protect minor children from explicit material on their Web site, it is imperative that we warn parents of the danger Second Life represents so they can effectively monitor their children's Internet usage," Kirk stated.

The naysayers of course, think that Congressman Kirk is simply playing for headlines. See the comments going back and forth at the Daily Herald site.

So, excuse me? Kirk's identification of a problem and trying to protect our kids is something to be critical of, while Dan Seals mostly hides in the shadows and sporadically comes out to wander around aimlessly at public events trying to shake a few hands? Are these folks so sheltered to think that Congressman Kirk made up the whole issue of Internet predators? Check out this and this and this.

Okay, have it your way. But, I know who I want as my congressman... someone who is out trying to be a positive force for the people of the 10th District, and not someone like Seals who simply hangs back and scoffs from the sidelines. It's probably not quite fair to say that a vote for Dan Seals is a vote in favor of Internet predators, but what does Dan's list of (non)-accomplishments say about him?

Sooner or later, Dan Seals needs to get it through his head that simply running for Congress is not a credential for running for Congress.

MEANWHILE... Back in the state(nut)house, the Democratic State Senators are claiming that their canceling of Tuesday's normal legislative session had absolutely NOTHING to do with the fact that Illinois state senators are driving out in droves to campaign for Barack Obama in Indiana. The good part about all this is that they will have no credibility with the public by the time the election rolls around.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I read the "comments" from the dark side. What's sad, TA, is that they believe that by saying negative things about a great Congressman that they will advance the "positives" of their candidate. On what planet are they orbiting! Our Congressman is addressing all of the issues they point out as critical: health care, the environment, taxes, and more. Their negativism is all they offer. The candidate they represent is a huge ZERO. He's clearly a guy who can't hold onto a job, has no record of his own to talk about, is a do-nothing, never was kind of a guy. Congressman Mark Kirk is a man on a mission to work on behalf of his constituents, our State, our Nation and the world. And his opponent? Hello, is anyone at home? I actually think that they'd have more credibility if they acknowledged all that Mr. Kirk does. They are the losers, they are the malcontents who mean nothing because they are nothing.

NTE Suz said...

My daughter was approached by a Myspace predator. Several of my friends told me about similar things in their families. I think he is helping to protect us. I am a Democrat but I think this is the right thing for Rep. Kirk to do.

Anonymous said...

Ridicule is straight out of marxism 101 as Hillary's mentor Saul Alinsky taught in his leftist primer, "Rules for Radicals". When one merely seeks to tear down the existing social order, there is no real need to offer a constructive alternative. Those who call for meaningful reforms are simply ridiculed regardless of the merit of their policy positions. The Left is all about identity politics, where policy issues do not matter and personal destruction is the agenda.

This is the same Left that seeks to destroy the family by pushing homosexual marriage, abortion, euthanasia, pedofilia, and other immoral, aberrant behaviors. The same Left that pushes multiculturalism, moral relativism, and transnationalism, all in an effort to utterly destroy our unique American culture. The same Left that seeks to transform America from a successful Republic to a failed socialist dictatorship.
They will fail... again.