Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Terry Link's Objection to Keith Gray Dismissed; Lake County Dems 0-for-6

This just in... the hearing officer made a directed finding against the objector, Cynthia Alexander, who opposed GOP candidate Keith Gray, who is slated against State Senator Terry Link.

Link's legal team reportedly had nothing, and simply fished around to see if they could trip anyone up as to the circumstances of the slating meeting.

Next up is the hearing on Dan Sugrue, who is slated to run against State Rep. Kathy Ryg.

In case anyone is keeping track, the Lake County GOP has prevailed in all of its objections to slated candidates so far (four county board candidates and one state rep. seat), and the Lake County Dems just failed in their first objection, which was to Keith Gray.


Anonymous said...

Hey TA,

I hear the Springfield Senate GOP Campaign Committee doesn't want to help Keith Gray in paying his legal bills incurred for the right to get on the ballot and contest Senator Terry Link.

Say it ain't so, TA! (Paraphrasing the Shoeless Joe Jackson cry).

Democrats in the meantime continue to prove that they just can't follow the law when it comes to elections.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

Off Topic, but posted on the other site in case it gets deleted or disappeared:

"Will Obama disavow Ayers and Dorhn? Will Dan Seals disavow Obama for his failure to disavow Ayers and Dorhn? If not, then we should also huff and puff until our faces turn red from rage! In fact, I demand to see the Seals disavowals right now!

"Will this entire campaign be about nonsense over who is disavowing who at any given moment?

"Lately all I see from you are breathless outrage pieces over "gotcha" bills and this type of nonsense.

"All you are doing is proving with those tactics that Mark Kirk is an excellent Congressman who deserves to be reelected. Keep up the good work!"

Louis G. Atsaves

Team America said...

Lou- I don't speak for the Gray campaign or the State Senate Republicans (or the Lake County Republicans, for that matter), but the last I heard was that the Gray campaign was going to foot part of the bill, and split it with the State Senate Republicans. The Lake County Republican Central Committee and the Lake County Republican Federation are also pitching in financially.

So, I think this is a good example of unity and teamwork in the face of the real enemy, our friend, the Chessmaster Terry Link.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lou, your post may be off topic vis-a-vis the catwoman's latest attack on our Congressman, but you are right on tartet. That woman has absolutely nothing to say of relevance, is only interested in her never-ending rants and raves proving that she's meaningless and hopeless. I happened to be on Mr. Kirk's TeleTown Hall call last night. How refreshing to hear real constituents engage in dialogue with our Congressman on anything and everything they choose to discuss. None of these are "plants" since there's no way to know who's on the call until they decide to speak up and speak to Mr. Kirk. Too bad the catwoman has never heard the praises of the people in this district for all that Mr. Kirk has done and is doing for all of us. Makes you wonder about that tired old catwoman over there. She has no life other than the bitterness she spews which is read by a few of her cronies. Lou, stop trying to "talk" to her. What part of hopeless aren't you hearing?

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this...,0,3482726.story

Anonymous said...

Now I've heard and seen EVERYTHING! So Dan is using his campaign funds to pull this stunt today. It might be technically legal, but what a way to make your statement. If I had contributed to his campaign I'd be damn angry. And this dude wants to be our Congressman? YIKES. Hey, maybe while he's out there Dan can get a job at that filling station! Now there's a plan. Seems that he only knows how to spend money, OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY, but can't seem to make an income on his own. So much for a leader. How disgusting.

Team America said...

Well, not only is it a stupid stunt, according to the Tribune article, it's not even an original one.

If Seals wasn't trying to grandstand for the public and offered some real solutions, he might note that for a gallon of gas, about 80 cents of that is taxes. In fact, I understand that the state tax is assessed on top of the federal tax, so in effect, you are being taxed on the tax. Perhaps Seals could ask the Democratically-controlled Congress why the federal taxes are high, and why Obama (his hero) pooh-poohed the idea of tax relief. Seals should also ask his friends in the Illinois General Assembly (like Terry Link) why the Dems are not supporting the GOP plan for state tax gas relief.

Finally, if Seals wants to single out Kirk for blame for high gas prices, let's look not at the increase in gas prices not from 2000 to 2008, when Kirk has been in office, but from 2006 to 2008, when the Democrats have been in control of Congress.

Dan, you listening?

Annie said...

The headline should be Seals Stunt Stumbles. Consider the folks driving out of their way to get the gas, then waiting in line to get the gas, then leaving because the "free" gas goes to the first fifty people, then who paid for the cops that had to stand out there directing traffic? What was the total cost of this fiasco?

And did former congressman and convicted felon Dan Rostenkowski's donation to Dan Seals at NU pay for this stunt?

Weary in Waukegan said...

Good question Annie. But I'm from Waukegan and there are more of us that need free gas than folks in Lincolnshire. Why Lincolnshire and not Waukegan or North Chicago? Or is that "contribution" being made to the "pulpit puppets" just before the election?

Team America said...

Kirk responds to Seals' stunt.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to Dan to cop out on his answer to Congressman Kirk on the stupid gas stunt today. TA, your comments about the TAX issue needs to be thrown at Seals for an answer. Let's not expect one since he's too stupid to know what's going on around him. He's the epitome of Charley McCarthy and the Dummy. Guess who's the damn dummy! The Dems tell him what to do, what to say, and he just does it. I wish they'd tell him to get out and get a job, learn what it takes to make a living, support his family NOT thru the largesse of his campaign funds to pay his living expenses. We saw evidence of that on his FEC report in the last campaign. Might be nice to see his tax returns to see what else he's been up to lately.
This guy is a zero. Actually, a minus 150.

Team America said...

Here's an explaination of the enormous tax burden on gas prices in the Chicago area, as we alluded to above.

Anonymous said...

weary in waukegan,
yeah no wonders why seals did it in lincolnshire because it is a independent part of the district unlike waukegan where he has a majority of the support

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for the story of Link getting a convicted felon to file a frivolous objection to a candidate running against him and having the board of elections throwing it out. I have not seen coverage of this in any of the local newspapers. Was it covered?