Saturday, August 15, 2009

Attorney Dan Sugrue Back for Another Try at 59th District Against Kathy Ryg

My friend Dan Sugrue, a bright young(er) attorney from Green Oaks, is back again for the 2010 election cycle against entrenched Democratic politician Kathy Ryg for the battle for the 59th legislative district, having unsuccessfully challenged her in 2008.

Sugrue ran a spirited campaign with not a lot of resources against Ryg last cycle. Sugrue was appointed as the GOP nominee (along with Keith Gray in the 30th Senate District, which includes the 59th legislative district) and was challenged by the Link political machine (the complainant in the case being Kathy Ryg's mom, former Wheeling mayor Sheila Schultz). Sugrue easily survived the challenge and went on to run a clean campaign focusing on Ryg's subservience to the Springfield/Chicago political godfathers, to the detriment of Ryg's representation of her home district.

Sugrue's status as a political newcomer, the 2008 Obama wave, and the lack of the electorate's understanding of what kind of mess Springfield was really in (the state budget crisis and Blago's indictment had yet to really hit the fan), all contributed to a decisive loss against Ryg. Ryg had a few terms under her belt, and had a deserved reputation for good constituent services and attention to the district, at least facially.

The tables may be somewhat turned this time around, however, as Sugrue has more name recognition and a political base, knows the district better, and the electorate is keenly attuned to the Blagojevich/Springfield disaster of our current state government, controlled completely by the Democratic Party.

Sugure summed up the dynamics of the race pretty well to the Daily Herald:

"You can't expect the same people who were there during the mess to be the ones to get you out of the mess," he said of the General Assembly before and after the indictment and impeachment of former Gov. Rod Blagojevich. [snip]

He stresses continuing ineffectiveness in a Democrat-controlled Springfield. Sugrue said "very little" has changed since Pat Quinn assumed the governor's post and the Chicago machine rules Springfield.

"She's a nice lady (but) I think she's too nice to stand up to the Chicago machine down there," he said of Ryg. "She more closely represents the agenda of the Chicago machine than she represents the people of the 59th District."

Kathy Ryg IS a nice lady on a personal level (she won't hesitate to castrate you politically, but she'll smile while she's doing it), and I've even had coffee with her to chat about local politics (off the record, of course, so I can't tell you what she thinks about some of her fellow local Dems, but it's fascinating).

In addition, to be honest, the resources of the local GOP party were also attuned more to other races, especially Keith Gray's battle against State Senator Terry Link. I would look for a lot more attention and resources being poured into the Ryg contest by the local party this time around, especially tying Ryg into her unquestioning allegiance to Blago, Madigan and Link (yuck, what a trio!)

With the tide of the state and the nation perhaps turning away from Democrats, as the troubles of Springfield are now really sinking in, and even President Obama's rising star starting to fall, local pols like Sugrue are well-positioned to take back some blue territory from the local Dems in 2010.


Anonymous said...

"If you can't expect the people who were there to do things differently," every GOP member of Congress who rubber-stamped Bush's failed, expensive policies need to go!
Or is this another relative morality-based approach to life in the GOP world? The double-standards coming from the GOP are appearing like a permanent part of their platform. (That's not a good thing.)

Also, despite TA's efforts at demanding respect from others (on this and other blogs) and avoidance of untoward comments, they cannot make a positive or neutral comment (or at least non-facially) without a slam.

Yes, this is a GOP blog, but are we to define the GOP as perpetually divisive, negative, and short-sighted? As people who have no respect for the right to disagree, for those that may not be of their faith, of their political ideology, etc.?

If Kirk and his colleagues are not to be tied with Bush by association, why does TA consistently associate local public officials with those of questionable motives and ideals, often with little or no substantiation?

To be respected, one must be respectable.

Also, "It is in giving that one receives." Put another way, it is in denying things for others that I am denied things for myself. Wonder how many tea partiers are aware of this Franciscan ideal.
Related to this, I thought that lying was an impeachable (wrong offense. Hence, spreading myths or things people at least SHOULD KNOW to be incorrect) should be wrong by morally upstanding people regardless of whether they hold office.

Team America said...

Anon, we ARE civil here. I've refrained from calling you a nitwit all week.

If you're going to keep bringing up stuff you didn't like that Bush and Congress did in 2001 when we're discussing local races like Schmidt and Sugrue in 2010, we're never going to get anywhere and you're not adding anything to the discourse.

And if you're going to continue to post here, please pick a nickname so we can keep track of the back-and-forth. Is that civil enough for you?

Anonymous said...

Spot on TA. Back to Sugrue - I met him when he came to my door. I enjoyed speaking to him and appreciated his willingness to battle an incumbent that spends an awful lot of our money with mailings into the district including a congratulatory letter to my daughter.

The cost of the letterhead, the envelope, the staffer, etc. all paid by me. I've congratulated my daughter and had a heck of a senior bash for her. I don't need my legislator spending my money this way.

I'll be doing a heck of a lot more for Mr. Sugrue in this campaign!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, TA, for reminding yesterday's Anon post that we will in today's world, that time does, indeed, move forward. These Democrats who continually pound away at yesterday's news are, themselves, yesterday. You're right in pointing out that you refrained from labeling him what he is: a nitwit.
Let's hear more from Dan Sugrue. I am convinced that this time around, given the mood change in the country and even in this district, that he can mount a very good campaign. He's personable, has good credentials, and brings a refreshing vision to the 59th District. He has my vote and my support.

Crazy4glf said...

Mark Kirk's comments to Chinese diplomats (and bragging about it afterward - the statesman and leader that he is) and improper tweetS took place this year.
Is that too far in the distant past?
Also, his comments about how the legislation that he voted for THIS YEAR will be fixed in the Senate (to lessen GOP criticism) is rather unique for an independent, consistent 'leader' (energy legislation) don't ya think?
Vote one way or another; don't waiver after 'Reading the entire legislation' and boasting about your familiarity with it.

Mr. Sanford's actions took place this year....He's still in office and very little of the criticism toward him is coming from the GOP. In fact, this is a person the local GOP praised not months before.
You guys are as good a judge of character as Bush was (stop looking people in the eyes and knowing what kind of people they are).

Mr. Ensign's actions took place this year...He's still in office.

Sara Palin quit this year and abused her tax-payer sponsored perks as well as being allowed to waste GOP-donor money on extravagant clothes.
She also complained about the media's treatment of her children. Maybe this wouldn't occur if they weren't marched on the stage at the convention last year in front of thousands of people, but that's just typical double-speak.
Was that too long ago?

Also, if I'm wrong for using examples from the distant past, wasn't one reason Mr. Curran left the Dem's Operation Greylord which took place 10-15 years BEFORE he ran for office as a Dem against a possibly corrupt or ineffective GOP Sheriff? If its wrong for me, its wrong for him, if one is being objective.

To me, one cannot be hammering away in favor of ethical government, respectful conduct, and fiscal conservatism, etc. while making excuses for people like the aforementioned and people like Waller. Waller has ignored possible wrong-doing THIS YEAR. Soon enough for you?

I have often noted the actions of the past to substantiate my comments reflecting the utter hypocrisy of the GOP AS EVIDENCED BY their propensity to throw mud now and complain about alleged fiscal excess when they failed to do so in years past.

I know you guys are not fond of substantiation, citations, DIRECT QUOTES, and evidence-based practice, though some of us were schooled in it and think it makes sense.

Finally, if we didn't use concrete examples, we'd be blamed for making things up, for being disproportionately unfair toward certain public officials, and prone to engage in negativity without basis or merit.

I noticed my factual comment of the best predictor of future behavior being past performance was over-looked, which is unique because it is also the basis for Mr. Sugrue's argument.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the loony toons aren't just on saturday morning cartoons, they are on TA's blog now. Tear.

Good to finally have a Dan I want to be a fan of.

Important thing with legislative races and murphy's race for next year is that if we don't win statehouse, senate or governors mansion dems control redistricting. If that happens you can almost bet our district will get the heave ho and that many of us will either have melissa bean, comrade jan or some city thug as our rep in 2014. Gross. So we really need to go balls out on these races.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Dan Sugrue --- It's now an OPEN seat. Kathy Ryg hired as director of Voices for Illinois Children & will not run for State Rep!

Crazy4glf said...

Foklaes, if (goodness forbid) Repubs gain the majority we can look forward to the Texas-style jerry-mandering that made national news for its infamy.