Thursday, August 6, 2009

On Vacation Without an Intern...

TA is on vacation at an undislosed location. Unlike Rich Miller at Capitol Fax Blog, I don't have an intern to cover for me, so use this post as an open thread to talk about whatever y'all like... Kirk for Senate, the 10th District race (please no more about Thaler, FOKLAES, I think we figured out it's one of your hot buttons), whatever.


Anonymous said...

There was a great 6.5 minute hit piece on Alexi done by Sean Hannity sent out by the ILGOP the other day. It is red meat for Team America followers and deserves a link on the blog. It does a great job of slamming Alexi and shows a chicago media ready to destroy him.


Anonymous said...

HOORAY, Foklaes, I'm in total agreement on the Hannity expose the other night. I think that link should be posted so everyone can see the kind of thug who's hoping to join the US Senate in support of his basketball buddy, the guy at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. whose numbers keep tanking. We will have an unparalled opportunity IF we pull together, hold together and work together in support of Mark Kirk. Rahm and the crew circling the Obama wagon will fight, gutter style, to keep this seat in their party. We have the power to deny them that goal. Let's get out and do it.

Philippe said...

Sweet, Sacramento airport!

Anonymous said...

I'm hearing that Joe Birkett is backing out of running for Attorney General against Lisa Madigan!

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

In her bid to lose her 6th election in the 10th, Comrade Jan Schakowsky has endorsed Hamos Hamen who is even more toxic than gash was.

I'd love to hear from a democrat about the cat fighting that is now ensuing amongst dems in the mean streets of east glencoe. I'm guessing these are a few of the comments.

"Dan's a loser, 2 times was enough".

"But Dan's our man, if he can't do it no one can."

"Rahm wants julie, Dan should be a good boy and go away, you don't mess with a 5'5 former ballerina and his fat friend with a mustache".

"The right wing republicans will tag julie with blago, she's toast, and dan's clean."

"Julie voted for school prayer, that will kill her in the jewish community".

"Julie will be 59 when she is sworn in, that's over the hill, not an age to start to go to the hill".

"Julie's endorsed by the extremist EMILY's list...yeah but so was gash, and Kirk still ate her walkers brothers for lunch."

"Team America will destroy both, let's just give up now."


Anonymous said...


We are supporting Dan Seals in his third campaign for Congress, just as we supported him twice before. Everyone who has worked year after year for peace and justice, raised children, held a job, run a business, struggled to overcome illness, or pursued any worthwhile endeavor knows that they can't give up just because success did not come easily or quickly.
If you thought Dan was an outstanding candidate in 2006, you were right. If you thought he could keep his volunteer organization together, raise more money, and improve his vote totals in 2008, you were right. If you think he is uniquely prepared to win the general election in 2010, you are right again, and he deserves your support.
Dan has demonstrated the kind of courage and commitment that we so urgently need in Congress. He was not afraid to run against an entrenched, well-funded incumbent. He did not wait for someone else to do the hard work when the chance of victory was slight.
We have always believed that issues are important in politics, and the U.S. is still faced with many pressing issues. Our country is still fighting two unnecessary and immoral wars, and militarism has gained far too dominant a place in our national policy. Our country has turned its back on our immigrants. We are failing to provide health care to our people. We are not adequately protecting our environment. Our children do not have equal access to quality education.
These problems will not be solved quickly. They will require sustained effort. We want, at last, to be represented by a congressman who shares our concerns, who listens to all the people, and who can be counted on not just once, not just twice, but as many times as it takes to get the job done.
Dan has already spent more than four years learning what is important to the people of the 10th District – he knows the voters and the territory, and, in turn, the district knows him.
Please join us in working to finish the job of electing this extraordinary person as Representative from the 10th District of Illinois. You can find more information at
Thank you,
Lee and Nancy Goodman