Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran Announces for Re-Election as a Republican; Bill Cadigan Scores CQ Article

While most eyes have been on the U.S. Senate and 10th District races, there is a lot more fun to be had this coming election cycle. One race not to be missed will be the re-election bid of Sheriff Mark Curran, who switched parties from Democrat to Republican in response to what he saw as rampant corruption in the Lake County Democratic Party, headed by State Senator Terry "Dead Guys on My Petitions" Link, and his henchman, "Sneaky" Pete Couvall.

Curran will no doubt have a big target on his back by Dems seeking revenge for daring to expose their inter-party strife, as will crack County Clerk Willard Helander. Rounding out the slate of "Republican Leaders" are County Treasurer Bob Skidmore and Superintendent of Schools, Roycelee Wood. Their press release is below.

Meanwhile, in the 10th Congressional District race, likely candidate Bill Cadigan scores a nice mention in Congressional Quarterly (CQ), which focuses on Cadigan's ties to his political mentor former Congressman John Porter. Read the article here.

Press Release
For Immediate Release

August 10, 2009

Republican Leadership Team Seeks Re-election

Today Sheriff Mark Curran, County Clerk Willard Helander, Treasurer Robert Skidmore and Regional Superintendent of Schools Roycealee Wood announced they will seek re-election in the February 2, 2010 primary election. The four officials are running as a team called the Republican Leadership Team citing their mutual respect for one another and belief in integrity and commitment to serving the people of Lake County.

Sheriff Curran outlined his commitment to combating recidivism through numerous innovative programs in the jail. He also pointed to rising health care costs and the impact on the jail system.

“I am 100% committed to keeping county residents safe by enforcing the rule of law,” Curran stated. Curran has plans to launch a suicide prevention program to address the staggering increases.

Clerk Helander successfully pointed to implementing new mandates nearly every year since 1995. Lake County has been among the top jurisdictions for the percentages of early voters, and the County Clerk’s web applications have empowered voters virtually 24-7.

“At the same time the number of registered voters increased by more than 50%, we’ve introduced efficiencies in annual audits so they are feasible and cost-effective tools to ensure accurate voter lists,” Helander noted.

Treasurer Skidmore has successfully spearheaded technology applications to speed service to his customers both in person and on the website. Payments that formerly took weeks to post and balance are handled in minutes.

The Treasurer credits his staff, noting “We can process more parcels than ever in record time and with greater accuracy.”

Regional Superintendent of Schools Wood is keenly aware of the pressure of the challenging economic times. Wood has been a leader and mentor in education in Lake County for decades.

Wood emphasized, “We must preserve the integrity and quality of the public education our county.”

The Republican Leadership Team looks forward to hitting the campaign trail and working together to build an even better Lake County. For details on coming events or to volunteer, contact Lake County Republican Headquarters at 320 Peterson Road in Libertyville or call (847) 680-6680.


Anonymous said...

I predict of the four GOP folks running in LC (Curran, Helandar, Woods & Skidmore), only two will be re-elected.

Team America said...

That's swell, Anon, but how about some analysis? Why?

Anonymous said...

I'm skeptical on cadigan. Mark raised 5.5 million last time and did everything right and still only barely held off pup. My guess is cadigan will be lucky to raise half that total, and won't have the free media available that Mark did. He's going to have to build it all from scratch and my assumption would be most of the kirk organization is moving downtown or focused on his senate seat.

We're a long way from 1992. Porter didn't have tough general election challenges back then (only primaries from the right) and didn't even have internet at campaign hq until 1994. Pup and hamos are both proven fundraisers who will have obama doing what he didn't do for dan in 2008-coming in big late to campaign for the democratic ticket as he can't get embarrassed by losing his own seat. The DCCC dumped 2 million in last time. Cadigan won't get anywhere near that much help from the nrcc which will invest money in cheap southern rural districts that voted mccain and are easier to target.

I give him 25 percent chance to win it at best.


Anonymous said...

Curran jumped from the Democratic Party as a response to rampant corruption? There's a leader for ya! Too bad he didn't send a letter to Link voicing his concern. Too bad he didn't call a leadership meeting to enact changes to improve the party. Too bad he didn't go to the rank-and-file committeemen and help them institute changes in the party. No, Curran's response was to run away. And run to the party of rampant nepotism, of sexual predators, and of tax cheats. It's a real comfort to know that when trouble is brewing, you can find our sheriff ......... running away.

Anonymous said...

Geez, Anon 9:55, simmer down and control your Democrat banner. And isn't it a shame that anyone in a position of leadership and power would have to go to those already in leadership and power and beg them to get their collective acts together? And then there's this: would you like to bet that Curran already knew that it's hopeless, pointless and yes, dangerous to try to talk to Link and that sleeze ball Couvall. I give Curran a lot of credit for just walking away and coming to another ball field. And let's be clear about your seeingly nutty and stupid charges about tax cheats, predators, etc. Proof? Come on. You are a partisan Democrat so I'm not going to expect anything from you. I wish that catwoman would let all you folks talk on her blog so you could free up space over here. I'm still chuckling about your idea that Curran should have sent a letter to Link voicing his concerns. You really are funny, in a sick sort of way.

Anonymous said...

Antioch assessor with two properties for which she granted herself a homestead exemption to both; Green Oaks Mayor given probation by your geriatric GOP State's Attorney, Clerk of the Lake County Circuit Court's brother in a $60,000 + per year finance position and yet we still can't access court records online as you can in Cook County, Will County, Jo Davies County, Richland County, and every other county in Illinois, and a GOP voter registration drive at the Lake County Fair "pre-approved" by the Lake County Clerk performing the exact same type of registration that she prohibited last summer in Waukegan.

As for cowardly Curran, everyone knows he was planning to jump to the Republican Party long before Link's petition scandal broke. He refused to meet with Democratic candidates in March of 08, and failed to participate in most party functions. The nice thing is that all one has to say is "Curran" and volunteers pop up all over the place willing to work to put that blow-hard back in his mediocre private practice.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:59, if you want to play tit for tat when it comes to not playing by the rules, both Republicans and your team won't win any awards. I can list every damn thing Couvall, Link and many others from your party have less than perfect scores. Curran will run on his record and be elected. The tide is turning, both in this district and around the nation. Enough of empty rhetoric by everyone. It's time for some non-ethically challenged people to step up and step forward. But to say that Republicans are worse than your side is just not true.

Anonymous said...

How typical that you reduce defrauding taxpayers to the level of tit-for-tat. Witness the nature of a Lake County tax-and-spend Republican in the county with the 17th highest property taxes in the United States. And please, since we're asking for specifics, tell me what Pete Couvall has done, and spare us the conjecture and the innuendo. I saw him at church this past Sunday and he seemed a pleasant fellow to me.

Team America said...

You saw Couvall at church??? Was his hand putting something in the collection dish or taking something out?

Anonymous said...

"I saw him [Couvall] at church this past Sunday and he seemed a pleasant fellow to me."

You can't judge a book by its cover!!!

Anonymous said...

Curran wins in a walk.

Anonymous said...

Curran wins in a walk

Anonymous said...

Let's see, Curran blamed Greylord as one of the reasons he left the Democratic Party.

Keep in mind that Greylord occurred at least 10-15 years BEFORE he ran as a Democrat against a GOP Sheriff that was under a cloud of objective suspicion (Waller must have missed that one; surprise, surprise).

While people can do what they want, is it too much to ask for said people to have some principles, to have a decent rationale for their actions, and for not appearing to have taken advantage of those that supported Curran's first effort at running for office?

If the GOP is so perfect, why did Curran feel the need to run against Del Re in the first place?
Why is the last GOP Governor in prison with a previous GOP Governor pleading to get him out of prison (society of law and order and personal accountability be darned) using excuses like Waller uses for not pursuing Repubs in the first place (their age, their familial situation, their awareness of what they were doing and connection to the community)?

Were those charged with improper signature gathering not prosecuted in Lake County?

At some point, those on the right side of the aisle will demonstrate objectivity, will promote qualified, open-minded candidates, and will act in the best interests of the people, regardless of myths about legislation, short-term partisan gain, and fodder for the blogosphere.

When this will be is up to the GOP.

Limbaugh, Coulter, Savage, O'Reilly.

Glad I'm not under their hateful, criminal (more meds, Mr. Limbaugh?), and nefarious influence!
YOU are known by those whom you associate with.

Anonymous said...

I really don't care about politics below the federal level, maybe a few state reps, but I'm a federal level. Still the insinuation that limbaugh is the republican leader is ridiculous. Al Franken sits in the senate, if I had a mouth like his and wrote the things he's written about women, Republicans and people he disagrees with, my mother would have detached it from my face in 2 seconds and I wouldn't have hands to respond to TA's posts and be named serial commenter.

Side note, Rich Miller's lackey took a piece out of Mark today. It was completely wrong, but Mark should know better than to make a jv mistake of doing a campaign stunt on federal property. Team Kirk needs to wake up. If you screw up in August, next october won't be pretty. He's aware of the hatch act, and let's hope the democrats are too stupid to ask whether he did it on his house blackberry.


Anonymous said...

I'll just note for the record the lack of any specific charges against Pete Couvall. In the land of put-up-or-shut-up, its time for anon 10:29 and the rest of y'all to do the latter. Silence is, after all, an admission in the face of a request for facts, is it not, counselor?

Anonymous said...

Was Curran ever really a Dem? Did he perhaps plead to the LC Dems because he knew it was the only way to go head to head against Del Re. Yet from inside sources in the Department, his management philosophies echo some very democratic values.
The first Anon predicted a split...me too, but I am willing to say Curran and Woods will not get another term and Helander could face a tougher battle than she is used to.

Anonymous said...

Let me say something here that may not be so popular. How about a little more civility from the Republican side of any debate or comment on any topic or person.

I speak of the immediate demonization of Democrats such as Link, Couvall, Garrett, Ryg, Blagojevich, Keller and others on this site. Now they do have their moments where they deserve harsh criticism, but not over every little thing they do or stand for. Even Rod Blagojevich did a few things right while in office. But then, a broken clock still tells time correctly twice a day, right?

Now I fully understand that Democrats on their sites repeatedly demonize Republicans. A few of them posting here exhibit the same behavior. It doesn't matter how great Mark Kirk is, you will never get an Ellen type to admit to a single little thing they agree with Kirk about. But let them wear blindfolds and bump into things, get themselves all frustrated and rage against the darkness, do we need to do so as well? Do we have to crawl into the gutter with them and just toss mud?

Let them behave in such a childish fashion. In the meantime let us debate in a more intelligent fashion. Let's simply show the voters we are smarter and more capable than the opposition. That we are in fact . . . better!

The recent "church" comments ridiculing Pete Couvall are a good example. He was seen in church and then ridiculed for it? Couvall for years served his Greek Orthodox church community with distinction, whether you like his politics or not.

Lets not cross the line here. Let the other side do it and we can point out their bad behavior.

The childish ranter against Curran embarrasses himself, not Curran, not us, unless of course, we rant back. Curran gave some exceptionally strong reasons for switching parties, none of which pop up in those childish rants, which means that the ranter is not paying attention, missed what Curran was saying, or is just childish, or all of the above.

And let's not be angry over the success of some Democrats. Let's figure out a way to defeat them by making voters want to vote for Republicans, and not simply wanting them to vote against Democrats. Sometimes, Democrats actually run better candidates. Sometimes, Democrats actually run better campaigns. That is a bitter truth we need to admit to. Other times, we defeat ourselves for various reasons, including petty infighting.

That's my position. I have met and worked with Dr. Keller in the past on a healthcare issue. He is a genuinely nice person. I don't feel that the "Keller investigating Keller" was appropriate, and that he should resign over that incident. I also don't think that the investigation over his behavior is a diabolical Republican plot, and those spewing such nonsense should recognize how nonsensical they sound when they speak that way.

I have met and dealt with Terry Link and Susan Garrett on numerous occasions as well. They are not evil people per se. Just misguided. They are Democrats! :-)

But when they do something I disagree with, I have the right to say so, whether they like it or not.

So let's elevate the tone and the debate here. Let's rise above the mud.

It will be a long campaign season. Let's engage voters, not turn them off with garbage. And if certain Democrats want to turn off voters with their garbage, let them. Our side will only benefit from that behavior.

Louis G. Atsaves

Frank said...

Well put, Lou.

Anonymous said...

Lou...right on man.....but the GOP leads the Dems with alienation of the values of Americans. The GOP has shifted too far to the right and that is a turn-off for main stream America.