Wednesday, August 19, 2009

National Attention to Beth Coulson Announcement Bodes Well for GOP Chances in IL-10 Race

Anyone who may have thought the Democrats were going to easily swoop in and claim the IL-10 congressional seat from the GOP without a fight after Mark Kirk joins the U.S. Senate must've been sorely disappointed yesterday with the unofficial announcement yesterday by State Representative Beth Coulson that she was planning to enter the race. Her official announcement is expected next Monday.

After we broke the news here, Rich Miller at Capitol Fax Blog confirmed the story (crediting Team America with the "scoop" -- thanks, Rich!), and the news was quickly picked up by the local news media, both new and old, such as Greg Hinz's blog at Crain's. From then, it went on to hit the national level, including Huffington Post (Yikes!) and Congressional Quarterly (both of which credited Team America), Roll Call (which named "two sources" for the info), and others.

Roll Call also noted that over the weekend, National Republican Congressional Committee Recruitment Chairman Kevin McCarthy came to IL-10 to meet with prospective candidates, including businessman Dick Green, attorney Bill Cadigan, and businessman Bob Dold.

If the Dems and DCCC thought that the GOP was just going to walk away from this seat without a fight, considering the blue tint to the district and the high price tag for the Chicago media market, it would seem based on the national attention already being paid to this race that they might want to think again. It's going to be a hot one.

The front running Dem candidates, Julie Hamos and Dan Seals, have plenty of warts on them that we won't go into now, but let's look forward to dissecting them over the next few months.


Anonymous said...

Beth Coulson is now the 800 lbs gorrilla is this race

Anonymous said...

Only the beginning of a lot of props likely to come your way. Keep up the good work beating the msm.

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