Tuesday, August 18, 2009

State Representative Beth Coulson Ready to Dive Into IL-10 Race

At last night's Lake County Republican Central Committee meeting, State Representative Beth Coulson told the assembled crowd that she's in for the 10th District race to succeed outgoing Congressman Mark Kirk. As we noted a few weeks ago, Coulson has been mulling jumping into the race, and told Team America that she plans to make a formal announcement this coming Monday, somewhere in the northern part of the district--perhaps near Rosalind Franklin University (formerly the Chicago Medical School) where she previously was a professor of physical therapy. Health care, as you might expect, will be a primary focus of her campaign.

As we suggested here earlier, Coulson has a record that would fit well in the 10th, is an established elected official (State Rep. since 1996) and fundraiser, an experienced campaigner, and has good name recognition in parts of the 10th, which overlaps about 65% of her district (the 17th).

Look for more details in a press release later this week, with an announcement as to the venue for the formal campaign kick-off.

The GOP field so far (official and unofficial) for those keeping track are, (by TA's count, and in no particular order):

Dick Green
Bob Dold
Patricia Bird
Hamilton Chang
Beth Coulson


Anonymous said...

This is very good news, TA because I feel that Beth has a great chance to hold onto Mark Kirk's seat in Congress. She is a moderate, in many ways more moderate than Kirk so the 'fit' is a good one for this district. She knows how to campaign and she has credibility and a fine record in that cesspool called Springfield. All in all, very nice to read this news. Let's wish her well.

Anonymous said...

So after 12 years of the party losing power in springfield and then getting rolled by blago and the rest of the chicago mafia we're gonna take a springfield republican and run her for congress?

Not only is this bringing someone who couldn't hit minor league pitching up to the major leagues, it's also taking our best issue off the table (running against springfield), denying us an opportunity to start anew, and giving democrats a candidate with 15 years of votes to pick through.

great day for 10th dems.


Team America said...

You know, FOKLAES, I'm not picking any favorites here in this race (yet), but so far all you've done is dis the candidates that have shown interest. Where's your guy?

Anonymous said...

If Rep. Coulson runs, she will keep the seat in GOP hands. That's the best way to end Pelosi's rein of error.

Anonymous said...

I've been a grassroots Republican for a very long time. Party has told us for years to get behind it and suck it up "to win". Where are we?

These people want the seat they can prove to us they won't be hastert/ryan/bush republicans. Anyone can sing sweetnothings in our ear and spew talking points about fiscal responsibility and health care and leadership. The state's worse off than it was 15 years ago when she started and don't even start with the party.

I hate to be a partypooper, but the party leadership has pooped on the grassroots a lot lately.


Anonymous said...

Foklaes, lighten up for heaven's sake. Beth Coulson has a fine record in Springfield, is a great choice NOW. I'm really angry that all you're doing is bitching and complaining lately. Get over it. Positive Power, Foklaes, we need it more than ever. Beth has no skeletons in her closet. I'm just not sure why you're so edgy lately.

Anonymous said...

Coulson is a bigger RINO than Kirk. Movement conservatives are going to absolutely hate her.

Anonymous said...

Movement Conservatives? Ya gotta be jokin', right?

Flaming Moderate said...

Does this mean Beth will stop using her state campaign website for federal campaign purposes? Because that's illegal...

Anonymous said...

From RollCall...

Coulson is likely to be the most liberal Republican in the field, and she is considered even more ideologically moderate than Kirk. According to a source close to Green, he is more conservative than Kirk but still moderate on social issues.

Coulson’s fundraising skills, however, remain untested. While running for legislative office, Coulson could take advantage of liberal state fundraising laws. Several local Republicans questioned whether she will be successful in raising money under federal contribution limits.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention that Coulson's education pales in comparison to Hamos's. Wouldn't want all those Ivy-league staffers shunning your candidate.

Pat said...

I am excited about a young and talented newcomer, Hamilton Chang, from Wilmette. I look forward to his announcement soon. Pushing Springfield vets like Hamos and Coulson into the House is admitting that we are OK with how things are being handled in Springfield. Time for new blood.

Anonymous said...

I don't think any intelligent voter will blame Coulson for the mess in Springfield. The minority party was shut out of the budget process and nearly everything else, but allowed to participate in the impeachment process, but again, with a minority number of members on the panel. No one could attach the "bipartisan" label on Springfield the past six years.

So if you are looking for fingerprints or DNA evidence coming out of Springfield, all you see are those of Democrats.

It was only when the Democrats were hopelessly deadlocked on the nuts and bolts of governing (crafting an intelligent and realistic budget and passing it) that they invited Republicans in and demanded that they support tax increases to pay for their sad excuse for a budget. Coulson and her fellow Republicans didn't cooperate, and they are to be commended for that action.

That mess remains splattered on the laps of any Democrats from Springfield running for reelection or for any other office. And one of those laps belongs to Rep. Julie Hamos.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

I’d be surprised if Coulson voted even worse than Kirk (RINO Marky Mark only “votes the way his constituents want” when it’s the left pressuring him – a majority of 10th district voters OPPOSED the bailout, cap-n-trade, and I’m pretty sure are against partial birth abortion like the vast majority of Americans) but that didn’t stop Kirk from voting AGAINST his district so he could suck up to Pelosi and the Dem leadership in Congress.

Still, Coulson lowered herself to putting out “Blagojevich-Coulson agenda” mailers in 2006, apparently wanting to tie herself to an ultra sleazy corrupt machine Chicago Democrat, so you never know.

The good news is that Dan Seals is hoping “third time’s the charm” after his 0-2 losing streak, so if he’s the Dem nominee we not only have a better shot at getting a Republican congressman in the 10th, but electing someone who’s an actual “moderate” and not an extreme leftist on social issues. Remember, Obama got 61% in the 10th but his clone Dan Seals only got 47%. Why his party thinks that’s “impressive” in a district that is half Dem I’ll never know.

It would be nice to get an Norm Coleman style moderate Republican elected in the 10th for once, instead of a socialist like Kirk who calls himself “moderate” but votes to the left of many Democrats. Who is the best center-right candidate in the GOP field? Do we have one yet?

Anonymous said...

When did Mark Kirk become a "socialist?" Did I miss something here? The Democrats claim he is a "conservative."

So which is it? Define "socialist,""conservationist," "conservative,""progressive," "moderate," "liberal." Because the majority of those posting on blog sites including this one repeatedly misdefine those terms.

And the complaining about the minor leagues and hitting minor league pitching seems out of place. After all the demands that a farm team be built and elevated, there are now complaints that someone coming out of the farm team is a minor leaguer?

Define "farm system" then. And specify what you want, a first time candidate who will learn as they campaign or someone more seasoned at it. Down the home stretch, do you put someone on the mound to pitch a big game with no experience, or someone who has experience and has weathered a number of storms and battles?

And sneering at representatives and congressmen who vote the way their constituents want them to vote makes it sound like you oppose any politician who actually represents his constituents. Isn't that what they are supposed to do?

Isn't that textbook civics USA?

Those who are constantly bellyaching about the current state of the Illinois GOP are going to have decide to be part of the solution, or continue to be part of the problem.

"A house divided against itself cannot stand." (Abraham Lincoln)

Smart man, that Lincoln. Still our greatest President after all these years.

Louis G. Atsaves