Monday, July 27, 2009

Former Porter Staffer Bill Cadigan Looks at IL-10 Race

How much weight does the John Porter brand (IL-10's Congressman who immediately preceded Mark Kirk) still carry in the 10th Congressional District? We may have a chance to find out if health care attorney and former Porter staffer Bill Cadigan decides to enter the ring for the sure-to-be-bloody 10th District bout.

Cadigan, 45, is a native of Arlington Heights who now lives in Winnetka with his wife Beth and their 13 month old son. He is an attorney in private practice with offices in Chicago and Winnetka. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Eastern Illinois University and a Juris Doctorate from the John Marshall Law School.

Before entering law school, Cadigan worked on Capitol Hill as an aide for Porter, handling appropriations, health care, education and other domestic policy issues. Interestingly, he worked for Porter at the same time as current Congressman Mark Kirk. Cadigan looked at the race in 2000, when Kirk did decide to run, but Porter decided the time was not yet ripe for him.

Is it right now? Cadigan sent Team America this statement:

I'm interested in running for Congress for two reasons. First, our country is in a grave economic situation. I am frustrated that the people in control of Congress and the executive branch can’t get beyond partisan bickering and posturing to enact common sense measures to promote job growth on Main Street and restore confidence in Wall Street.

Second, I believe the time for anger over corruption in Illinois is over. It is time for action. As a Republican activist, I have worked to promote GOP candidates and causes that will bring good government and reform to Illinois. As this campaign gets underway, I pledge to continue the work of reform and uphold the independent, fiscally conservative, and socially moderate tradition that has served the 10th District so well for the last 30 years.

Cadigan tells me that he's competed in and finished 8 marathons, and in his spare time is an avid bicyclist. He's going to need that energy to successfully compete in IL-10, where State Rep. Julie Hamos is expected to announce her candidacy tomorrow, and State Senator Michael Bond and perennial IL-10 candidate Dan Seals are also in the race. On the GOP side, only failed mayoral candidate Patricia Bird has formally announced, but businessman Dick Green is expected to also run (we'll have more on Dick Green this week), and State Rep. Beth Coulson is also taking a serious look.

Cadigan's experience with Porter probably gives him the most instant credibility with the electorate out of any GOP potential candidates that I've heard mentioned so far. Cadigan knows he can't simply ride Porter's coattails; after all, Porter has been out of office nine years, so he's going to have to stand on his own. He says he's up to the challenge, though, so we may expect an announcement soon.


Anonymous said...

Porter's decision to endorse in 2000 was between Kirk and Andy Hochberg whose father was one of porter's biggest fundraisers and a huge asset in the jewish community. The porter momentum was big in 2000, but you have to wonder after 10 years what is left with name i.d. Hamos has a statewide fundraising network and will have every naral, emilys list, union (as you saw in my notes on her bio she is a HUGE front for the chicago machine)and liberal special interest behind her. We'll see on this guy. Congressional aides tend to have difficulty emerging from the shadows.


Anonymous said...

After Attacking Michael Bond for attending SIU, I'm waiting for the follow up here as Mr.Cadigan attended Eastern.

AgentOrange said...

As I understand it, Cadigan's political background is not limited to his work some years ago for Porter.

I am told that in the interim, he has been active in Steve Rauchenberger's camp, as well as on the board of the Illinois Medical District, which makes me believe there is more of a "reform" commitment to him than his comments might belie.

Anonymous said...