Monday, August 17, 2009

Dr. Richard Keller Resigns From Green Dragonfly Meth Clinic; Is Resignation As Coroner Not Far Behind? (UPDATED)

My, today is busy politically. Apparently, Dr. Richard Keller is resigning from his position as medical director of the Green Dragonfly Methadone clinic. Background here.

Is Dr. Death's resignation as coroner not far behind?

UPDATED: 8:55 p.m.: Here's a News-Sun story on the Keller clinic resignation and here's one from the Daily Herald. Keller says it had nothing to do with the current scandal over the investigation of the clinic and he's planned this all along. Where have we heard something like that before? Oh, yeah, it was when Keller said he was not going to run again because he hated politics. Right.

Well, Keller's resignation from the clinic is not enough for the News-Sun. They want his head on a platter (or maybe in a box, considering he's the coroner). Interestingly, the News-Sun noted this:

This isn’t the first time the Democratic coroner has played fast and loose with his official capacity. Last year, Keller testified under subpoena in a sexual assault case for the defense as an expert witness for a $150 fee. It was a trial where a 28-year-old man was accused of assaulting a 5-year-old child. Keller said that was the first time he had testified for the defense. He testified on technical matters concerning an emergency room physician’s examination of the victim.

Which story was originally noted by the Lake County GOP. Just another public service we provide.

At the risk of being accused of being tipped off in advance, I'm wondering if Keller is going to decide soon that a little vacation to Mexico might be in order...


Anonymous said...

It is rather amazing how the 'Other' blogs in Lake County have been rather silent today. Must be working. For sure they will have something to say by tomorrow right?

Anonymous said...

we can only hope...

Anonymous said...

The News Sun is calling for Keller's resignation.,our-view-keller-resignation-081709.article

Anonymous said...

Keller is going to jail.

Crazy4glf said...

Dr. Death - Nice, TA.

What about the former Vice President: shoot down passenger aircraft, assasinations, pre-emptive strikes?! Or was last year too long ago for you?

I assume you no longer expect respectful discourse on YOUR blog.

Also, you blame other blogs for not allowing anyone to post though strongly hint at those posting anonymously for not indicating their name (close to registering).

Way to go on the double-standard scale!

The Libertyville News Blog said...

Way to stay on top of this story, TA!

Anonymous said...

No, the Democrats and their blogs are still silent on this issue, unless of course, it is a wild conspiracy theory. If a Republican behaved like Keller, they would all be foaming at the mouth in a rage screaming for his or her head on a platter.

So don't expect news on those sites.

Time to resign as Coroner Dr. Keller. I said it last week. I repeat it this week.

Louis G. Atsaves