Monday, February 15, 2010

Another Senate Seat In Play With Retirement of Indiana's Evan Bayh: Good News for Mark Kirk and GOP

The surprise announcement by popular centrist Democrat Evan Bayh of Indiana that he will not run for re-election means yet another U.S. Senate seat that will be in play in 2010.

The timing of this announcement is quite odd, considering that the deadline for filing nomination petitions in Indiana for the May primary is apparently this Friday; which means that if no candidate can gather enough signatures, the Democrats can appoint a candidate. Perhaps this timing was all by design to allow a hand-picked candidate to get the nomination, but we will not dwell on the intricacies of Indiana politics. (We're also scratching our heads given that Bayh, unlike many Dems like Harry Reid, was still in a strong position in his state to win in 2010, despite the tide that seems to be turning against the Democrats in general). Rather, we will simply note that, aside from the nationwide implications of yet another established Dem candidate fleeing the sinking U.S.S. Obama, it means less resources available for the DSCC to defend seats like Roland Burris' seat here in Illinois, where our hero Congressman Mark Kirk stands a good chance to wrest the seat from the Dems by trouncing flawed candidate banker Alexi Giannoulias.

Good times ahead, folks.


Anonymous said...

One more headache for dem, they go from having 13 million bucks and a safe seat to total hell which will stretch their resources thinner.

It also increases talk in the dc media and leads to an obsession over whether or not the gop can run the table which means rather than seeing this seat as a tough get for the gop, it moves to being more republican favored. This will help mark's fundraising with dc insiders who dont know northbrook from the south side. It also makes pat hughes look like more of a moron because as the more electable candidate mark moves the gop closer to taking over the senate.

fan of king louis astaves the alexi ellen and pup slayer

Anonymous said...

You guys are all myopic, short sighted partisans. The middle is disappearing and this is lousy for all of us. Republican and democrat. The only people left running are oversized narcissist egos who couldn't operate successfully in the private sector. Ah, dold and seals will be 2010 posterchildten for the wrong reasons to run.

Did u see dold's recent email? He has the audacity to say the nation is watching his race and he's the man to fix things. Yes, it's a high profile race, but spare me the grandiosity.

I think both Kirk and dold have napoleonic complexes. Actually, I can safely say, from experience, I know so.

Oh brother.

Anonymous said...

Oh brother -

What might your experience be? Working on a campaign against Dold and/or Kirk? If you knew anything about politics as a whole - not just in your backyard - you would understand that the 10th is a national bellweather race. Might it have lost a bit of its luster due to what is happening elsewhere in the country? Sure. The D's need to hold what they can in other races - everywhere. But they have this race in their sights and want the seat badly.

As for not being able to operate in the private sector...when it comes to Lil Obama - you are 100% correct. Still can't find what he's done in the real world. Is marketing consultant Lake County code for Community Organizer?

As for Dold, some may slam him for working for the family firm, but what noboday talks about is the fact that the company was going under before he came in and revitalized it. I think they about doubled the number of people that work there. Seems to me he actually knows how to run a small business and put people to work.

Perhaps next time you will have some facts on hand before slamming those who actually step-up to do something about the direction in which this, and the previous, administration are taking our country.

Anonymous said...

the foklaeaps family is buying walgreens stock in preparation for the massive amount of sales of prescriptions for depression and adhd and other meds for 10th dems, scumbag cook county liberals when the illinois republican party runs the table this fall and democrats are forced to cope with leaders in this state who a) don't believe the job of government is to steal from the hard working to reward the lazy b)don't believe israel is our arch enemy like dan seals c)don't believe that hiring 40 relatives of government officials to the public payroll is job creation.

I urge you to do the same. Team Dold can't take things for granted. Pup is bringing in chris van hollen who is bought and paid for by lobbyists this week and is also the best friend of a convicted felon who used her job as mayor to steal gifts for poor kids to use for personal gain.


Danny Wein said...

I think readers of this blog will appreciate this hilarious quote from a recent Politico article.

...But when asked about the Republican portrayal of Giannoulias as a scandal-plagued banker who oversaw delinquent loans during the financial crisis, Adelstein, a Giannoulias media consultant,
attempted to spin it into an advantage.

“Frankly, a guy whose father’s business struggled in the economy, I think it’s something voters can relate to,” he said.

Anonymous said...

Good grief, no, I don't think voters will want to identify with anything that Alexi has or had been associated with at the Broadway Bank. Thanks for the post, Danny, a great job. Also great for a smile early on a Friday morning.

Anonymous said...

Rest assured, Folklaeps...Dold is gonna run everyday as if he's 20 points behind until the race is over. He is not a guy who takes anything for granted.

Amen on the Walgreen stock!

Fielding Mellish