Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Congratulations to Our GOP Winners: Kirk, Dold, Sugrue, Cole; Gov Still Uncertain

As I sit here watching the late returns after making the rounds of some of the North Shore victory parties, it is quite clear that Congressman Mark Kirk has handily beat his competition and will go on to face banker Alexi Giannoulias in the U.S. Senate race.

Here's video of Kirk's victory speech at the Westin Hotel in Wheeling. (You can pick out TA on the platform at the far left hand side waaaay in the back, but heck, I was up there).

Businessman Bob Dold beat out State Rep. Beth Coulson and will face two-time loser Dan Seals in the 10th Congressional District. Dold is going to need everyone's support against Seals in a Dem-leaning district, so we will need to get to work. The good news is that Seals is an enemy we know, plus his main credential for running for Congress is the fact he's run before. Not very impressive. And he can't claim the "outsider" mantle against Dold.

My friend Dan Sugrue won a big victory in the 59th Legislative District and will face Madigan tool Carol Sente in November.

Sandy Cole easily beat ideologue Paul Mitchell in the 62nd District.

But as of right now, Bill Brady and Kirk Dillard are neck and neck for guv.

It could be a long night for some, but I'm cashing it in. More tomorrow. Plus, the Republican Unity Breakfast!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Bob Dold.
Coulson ran a horrible campaign
Green should have dropped out months ago.
Arie Friedman did admirably.

Publia said...

Wow, Dold vs. Seals? Republicans took the smart choice and the Dems choked! Will be quite the election!

Anonymous said...

Robert Dold....

That sounds great.

Maybe those of you who misspelled his last name will now know how to spell it.


Got it?


Vindicated Dold Guy

PS: TA, can't wait to see who you endorse next fall. Hopefully, you will choose Dold over Dan Seals.

And yes, I am loving every minute of this.

Team America said...

Dear Vindicated: Luckily, I don't judge the candidate by morons like you. We all have our favorites in primaries. That's what it's all about. But after the primary is over, we all need to come together and battle against the Dems.

It's good for Dold that I know he doesn't condone nitwits like you who don't understand that the best way to coalesce support among fellow Republicans is not to stick their nose in it when their primary candidate loses. Please grow up.

Thanks, The Management

Anonymous said...

As a fiscal concervative who enjoyed this blog, I would like to ask everyone out there for a recommendation on a non "republican some of the time" website where I can go and learn about the issues pertaining to me and not about the lollipop politics on TA tht have been offered this past few weeks.. Lost one more reader.

Team America said...

I'm sure real fans of the blog can give you a recommendation, but it's going to be to do something else besides look for another blog. Good riddance.

Look me up in DC next January as we welcome in Senator Kirk to office.

Anonymous said...


What a cop-out.

You sat idly by while people called him "dolt" and ridiculed his campaign. And then, you endorsed his opponent, who did nothing to advance conservative principles that you, supposedly, believe in.

Then, you "raise the level of discourse" by calling me a moron and a nitwit...only because you lost in this race.

You and your ilk can keep decrying incivility all you want, while calling your detractors, "morons, dolts, nitwits, and idiots" all the while.

In the end, you come out looking like the sore loser.

But hey, PLEASE endorse Seals this fall! Your record up till now has been stellar.

Team America said...

Okay, nitwit.

I will be supporting Dold in the fall, despite people like you that simply want to gloat. If this blog isn't good enough for you, please go start your own.

Anonymous said...


You rest my case.

Thank you.


PS: Would love to communicate when you agree to 86 the personal attacks.

Team America said...

Um, I thought you were leaving to go find a 'real conservative' blog. We're just going to keep doing our thing here, like it or not. And Dold will be glad of our help.

See ya. Wouldn't want to be ya.

Anonymous said...

"See ya. Wouldn't want to be ya."

Wow....more personal attacks.

Again, TA.

You rest my case.

Still, hope you endorse Dold this fall! I don't think Seals is the conservative we need.

Team America said...

Hmm... Mr. "lollipop politics" can dish it out but can't take it?

I thought you said you were leaving. Goodbye.

Anonymous said...

"Mr. lollipop politics"

tsk, tsk, tsk...

More personal attacks, TA?

I will not respond in kind.

I will take the high road and only wish that you see the light this fall and endorse Robert Dold.

Dold won once without you. He can do it again,

However, this time, it would be nice to win with you.

But it's your choice.

With, or without you, Dold will win this fall.

Best of luck, and hope you have a super day.

Yours truly,
Lovin' Every Minute of This

Anonymous said...

ENOUGH! If we are to win in November we need to stop this damn childish bickering and get on board the same ship that will carry our candidates forward. For those of you who think you know better than TA, can do better in presenting a Blog where we exchange ideas, then go and start your own pages. Leave. Leave NOW. One would think after such an inspiring night with a Kirk victory to be proud of, other races as well, that we'd begin to find common ground. So please, everyone, let's put this nonsense aside, get out and work like crazy to help elect some decent leaders in our districts, the State, and yes, the US SENATE. Time is not on our side, so stop this crap and start working on your favorite Republican candidates race.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, 1:02...

You can't rip on "Dolt" for months (or, in TA's case, condone it) and then act like nothing has happened once the election vindicates Dold and his campaign.

Cowardly crap like this bores me. And your "take your ball and leave" crap bores me even more.

And yes, I'm lovin' every minute of it.

Anonymous said...

Team America, let me know how the tickets to the cruise on the Titanic were. Shame on you because we as GOP members need something we can believe in and you my friend are not the answer. You should have taken then high road but instead you sink to the level of insulting your bloggers. Naughty naughty. Somebody suggest a better Illinois rep website. Sorry but I don't like Seals. There I said it.

Anonymous said...


Yeah, the Titanic sank for poor old TA tonight...Or, should I say the SS Coulson?

Oh well, maybe he and Beth can start a book club together! That would be awesome! They could read "Bridges of Madison County" together while wearing red Snuggies at a baseball game!

I think that the final takeaway from tonight is that, as a conservative blogger, TA makes a great one-legged clog dancer.


Bye, bye TA....Enjoy anonymity!

You and FOLKDORKASS can sit around and talk about how cool you are, amongst yourselves...as no one else reads.

so sad.

Anonymous said...

Dan Seals:

2x loser
Unemployed for five years
DCCC staffers called him a lazy candidate after he lost again in 2008

..."Congressman" Dold coming...

Anonymous said...

I was going to play nice with team dold, then this garbage from a bunch of underachieving new trier losers. If this is how his campaign goes forward, its up shit creek, because this guy is andy hochberg, but dumber.


ran a failed business

subpar education:

dennison and indiana aren't top schools, particularly coming from new trier.

pest inspection-think there isn't dirt there-investigations, law suits? People love candidates who kill rats for a living.NOT.

no ideas, vision, can't talk beyond his talking points.

no national security experience.

worked for a clinton impeachment leader-ask congressman porter how that worked out.

changed microphones for dan quayle.

sounds like a real champ.

no personal achievements.

As for the rest of the night.

1. comrade jan got whacked again with hamos. I don't think she'll help dan. She's got obama's campaign next year, then we count the days until she retires. she is now past her prime.

2. Murphy got what he deserved as did mckenna, murphy sold out. the grassroots will never trust murphy again, what a phony.

3. Ethan hastert hahahahaah.

4. judy baar topinka. vomit.

5. people that rip on team america suck. Congrats on graduating in the bottom third of your class at new trier and on your super cool pic with dan quayle. not.

6. I think brady helps mark a lot in bringing conservatives out to vote and on having jobs experience.

7. congrats to thunder dan.

8. beth, got what she and edgar deserved. that ad was awful

9. happy trails dick green, next time don't hire morons to run your campaign. You may have a harvard education but your political judgement couldn't get you a ged.

10. stick around arie friedman, you are a good man.

Anonymous said...

OK kids, we have lots of work to do before November so PLEASE let's stop the bickering and get behind our candidates, Mark, Bob and whoever wins the governor's race.

I was watching Ch 5 after the electric victory party for Mark and saw some really dumb comments across the bottom of the screen about Mark's victory -- obviously from conservatives from their tone. WE HAVE TO BAND TOGETHER AND WORK TOGETHER. It doesn't matter who we supported in the primary, it's over. We work together now. What is wrong with Republicans that they hold such a grudge? Get over it people.

Foklaes, you too, stop with some of the sniping. I appreciate your views but at times it does get out of hand. You should have come last night and basked in Mark's victory.

Baxter and Beau's Mom

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Didn't the song go DOLD with an "E" not a "T"?

Dold brings a lot of new faces and excitement to the Republican party in the 10th the same way as Friedman did (and still does).

When I attended events sponsored on behalf of all the candidates these past few months:

(1) Dold events were primarily attended by "new" excited and motivated faces,
(2) Friedman events were primarily attended by "new" excited and motivated faces,
(3) Coulson events were primarily attended by faces I would see all the time or who have been around for a long time. Many attended out of a sense of obligation.

DOLD (with an "D" not a "T") brings a whole new energy and excitement to this race against the same old tired face and agenda of Dan Seals.

Coulson was an excellent candidate as was Friedman and Green. We were truly blessed to have four excellent candidates in the primary this time for this seat, and none of us had to hold our noses and grimace while voting for any of them!

Time to rally around DOLD with a "D"!

Louis G. Atsaves

Easy said...

Congrats to Dan. I had doubts that he would seize the opportunity. My doubts were answered

Anonymous said...

Dold ran a vicious ,obnoxious, negative campaign against a great legislator who has accomplished so much more than he ever has. His endorsement by the pro-life groups will kill him in the Fall.

Anonymous said...

baxter's mom, there's no toleration for the team america bashing. i have no problem supporting DolD but I do have issues with people who come on here and talk up their candidate and talk down team america after 5 years of his hardwork just because their guy held a few coffees.



Anonymous said...

I hope the House Republican Organization toes the line here and gets behind Dan Sugure with the same vigor that they showed in opposing him.

Anonymous said...

As a member of Team Dold, I can say that we respect and admire TA and his blog. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if it is a Seals troll stirring the pot trying to divide our team.

In any event, will whomever is demonstrating poor judgement and low class by gloating please cease an desist...

Team America said...

Thanks Anon 5:32, it's appreciated and rest assured we are 100% behind Dold from here on out. Everyone picks their horses in the primaries, but the important thing is to come together afterwards and work for the R candidate. I know Bob will do a great job. In fact, he reached out to TA the night before the election and invited me to his Tuesday night party, which was appreciated, but I was too busy with Kirk and Sugrue to trek to Winnetka. Suffice it to say, I look forward to the next nine months of Seal-bashing. We've certainly got the experience.

I guess it could have been a Seals troll trying to sow dissention in the R ranks, but somehow I think that would show a little too much imagination for a Seals supporter.

In any case, it's now time to buckle down, get behind Bob and engage in some happy months of Seal-hunting!

Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

"Sandy Cole easily beat ideologue Paul Mitchell in the 62nd District."

Two errors in one short sentence, I'm impressed TA.

First, Sandy's win wasn't easy. She moved to the right, first identifying herself in her campaign materials for the first time as a "Republican". She had her buddies in the NRA make a call into the district, and send a mailing, even though my positions are closer to the NRA's than hers (are the NRA ideologues, TA?) And her buddies at Personal PAC likewise made a call and a mailing into the district to lie about me and criticize my 100% rating from IFRL, shared by 17 other state and federal candidates appearing on Lake County ballots, including your friends Dan Sugrue and Cindy Hebda. (Is Terry Cosgrove at Personal PAC an ideologue, TA?) Finally, Sandy herself did a last-minute robocall in which, for the first time, she promised to work for tax cuts, rather than just "holding the line" on taxes. This was a promise she was already backing away from when she spoke to the press on election night.

When it all shakes out, we're going to see that Sandy outspent me by 3 or 4 to 1, and I still pulled over 38%. Hardly "easy."

And I am not an ideologe. I uphold the Republican platform, all of it. I'm sorry to see, TA, that you don't.

Team America said...

Paul- thanks for stopping by. I'm sure that, like any good Republican, you plan to wholeheartedly support the GOP nominee, Sandy Cole, without any suggestion of sour grapes.

Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

TA, I plan to support the entire Republican ticket.