Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bob Dold Wows 'Em on Fox Chicago Sunday

Check out 10th Congressional District GOP candidate Bob Dold on Fox Chicago Sunday:


Anonymous said...

Bob looked good yesterday. I feel good about his chances.

Anonymous said...

Me too. Very articulate. Knows the issues and can explain them

Anonymous said...

Yes he certainly knows the issues......uh, which issues were those? All I heard was that he's signed the front of checks. Of course that's for the business he inherited from his parents and grandparents. Dold mentions liberty, the constitution, and being fed up with Washington. All empty rhetoric - no specifics or knowledge required. Oh, and he did his 10th district Republican pander about Israel.
He can continue to tell people he's a moderate on social issues, but social moderates don't get endorsements from anti-abortion organizations, as Dold has.

Anonymous said...

The difference between Bob and Dan on Isreal is as follows: Bob will support Isreal. Dan will sometimes side with Isreal when he has to, but otherwise will act as a neutral.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 10:32: Dan supports ISRAEL far more than you do, for example he actually knows how to spell it.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

The primary is over and campaign staffers need to leave the comment sections and listen. Bob was mediocre at best yesterday. He comes off nervous and unsure of himself.

I am supporting Bob because I know he'll be a good Representative and Dan Seals is an Obama clone. But we have to be honest and not give Bob false info and offer constructive criticism.

Yesterday was not a winning performance. He needs clear-detailed answers about Israel security and foreign policy as a whole. He needs to give precise answers not round about statements.

Honesty people not feel good BS!

Anonymous said...

You won't see any candidate giving a detailed manifesto on every issue in a 5 minute segment. Can't be done. Honest!

What I did see in that clip was a candidate present himself extremely well in the limited time available.

This guy is the real deal.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

Sorry for not commenting in a while, it's been a tough time combating all the bull**** coming from DC. As much as I respect the posters on this blog, it doesn't take a degree from Augustana College to know that you trashed Dold in the primaries and it looks less than professional to prop him up now. My advice: focus on Kirk or another race that you might actually win. Dold is a Dolt and a lost cause.

Enjoy Congressman Seals (I can't believe I am saying that either)

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Team America said...

CC- as a well-known Dem agent provocateur, we owe you no explanation for anything we do on this Blog. But, what the heck.

First, I challenge you to give me any post where we disparaged Dold. To the contrary, one of the first things Dold did when he announced (along with Cadigan, Coulson and others) met or called TA to talk about their candidacy. We had plenty of posts playing up his videos, campaign activities, etc., etc., just as we did for the others (Hamann and Bird didn't count) The fact that we decided to endorse Coulson at the end of the primary is a simple fact, but if you look at the record, we gave props to Coulson without dinging Dold.

Second, the idea that this Blog has to sit out the general because we picked someone different in the primary might be how you Dems run things, but not the GOP (at least not the rational ones). We're all Republicans in the end, and you can bet no matter who we backed in the primary, we support our nominee. If you disagree, maybe you ought to call Dan Seals and tell him he's a fool for soliciting support from former Hamos supporters.

Having said all that, so glad you are back, CC. We need someone besides Pup to smack around.

Best regards, TA

PS- don't ever dis Augie on my blog.

Anonymous said...


george washington university is a safety school for most folks so don't bash augustana.

I was responsible for 80 percent of the attacks or what I call thoughtful critiques on dold with a d for defeat dan seals in the primary. I'm a republican and so the goal now is to defeat the pup. Mark worked for this district for 15 years, dan has been unemployed for 6 years and done nothing but talk about issues and still says stupid things like how ready he is to see Israel turned into a desert governed by holocaust loving arabs. All it takes is mark detailing one of his la's to the dold campaign and having the person go over about 100 issues with dold. I wouldn't be shocked to see an old mark kirk 10th district issue briefing book turned up at dold hq with dold's name on it as is done by most outgoing republican congressmen for the republican in the general trying to keep the seat. Mark owes it to team dold and district republicans who have supported him to provide dold with this service.

Mark is also not the most charismatic guy and porter while more energetic and taller never was considered a barack obama when it came to giving speeches. Dold did a decent job in that interview of starting to set up a narrative which we will hear for the next 9 months that he is the local small biz guy who cares about the district and pup is the corrupt thug from out of district who sank ge. sounds good to me and team dold would probably argue I was their archnemisis in the primary.


Anonymous said...

FOKLAEPS, that's laughable... Some random commenter on a local political blog with a daily readership in the hundreds calls the arch nemesis of a congressional campaign.

Does this post mean that I'm wreaking havoc amongst DC the Republicans, which you've so often claimed to be a member

Paul said...

To: TA Regarding your comment about (Hamann...didn't count)

Complaints of sudden acceleration surfaced, in the public arena, around the early 1980's. At Purdue, in the 1970's, I studied the issue. All materials degrade over time, because of expansion and contraction, due to temperature changes, including computer silicon chips. Engineers design products based on warranty periods. I guess some people expect a product to last a million years, without any problems.

In 2003, the largest known judgment on sudden acceleration was ordered against General Motors. An injured woman and her husband claimed sudden acceleration in their 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass resulted in a crash, and a Missouri jury agreed, awarding the woman and her husband $80 million.

Congress is currently having hearings about sudden acceleration. What do Dold or Seals know about sudden acceleration ?

I guess a licensed engineer, who understands the complex issues before Congress, is not needed in Congress. I guess a smooth talker is more important, to the public.

Anonymous said...

Well said, TA...

You never trashed Dold in the primary. Like many Dold supporters, I was disappointed you endorsed Coulson, but you also said that you would rally behind the candidate, no matter who won.

As for CC...You may want to re-consider posting. After all, any more cogent missives like that, and the folks at Augustana are going to want to change the school name.

I mean, come on. The "Dolt" thing is as unfunny as it is hacky.

I'm guessing Creative Writing wasn't your major.

Keep up the great work, TA.

Fielding Mellish

Anonymous said...

2 points in this campaign.

pre blago trial

post blago trial.

this trial is going to be hiroshima and nagasaki into one. Until we see the fallout everything is meaningless. Team america is probably sick of pup, I am even more sick of his people. Blago takes the party down, dold and mark knock them out and we move on to david hoffman's bid for congress and the right's thrashing of mark for his first vote that doesn't get an A+ on a christian right scorecard.

The hits on me are pathetic. 5 years ago it was me, king louis and team blasting catwoman and lucky mom on her blog of bunk and bull. I don't remember seeing you guys there.

time for me to sleep.


Anonymous said...

OOPS! Seals just got the JACPAC endorsement.

Anonymous said...

What a joke. JACPAC never had the courtesy of even asking Dold for a meeting. A bunch of well known, hard core Democratic women founded and still run that PAC. They were cajoled into standing with Kirk because he fit their standard of choice, separation of church and state and last, but not least, Israel. Some of the JACPAC members were supportive of Mark, never really got support from the key leaders. Big deal........that endorsement and 25 cents won't be helpful to loser Dan.

Anonymous said...

Was waiting to see how JACPAC would be downplayed. The point is that so many here have gone on ad nauseum about Seals not being a supporter of, or being merely lukewarm toward Israel, like the 2-22 Anon. 10:32 poster above, and yet those in the know say otherwise. Perhaps its time to pull the plug on this echo-chamber charade or risk becoming irrelevant.

And could someone please tell Congressman Kirk to not wish an Olympic Team luck on facebook a half an hour after they lost the game! And no blaming facebook or the computer or the internet. Just acknowledge that, once again, staffers are posting on his behalf and, like the twitter security breach, they just screwed up and be done with it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3;15 you are obviously an Ellen follower because her buddies are trashing Mark for the very same thing. Does it really matter when or how you wish someone good things? Perhaps you're Ellen herself. You sound just like her. And as for JacPac, they never were on board with Mark. They are firm Democrats and proud of it. Support and an endorsement from that group of women is hardly a pro-Israel endorsement. Remember, they have 3 pillars, the LAST of their pillars happens to be Israel. So get back where you belong because your comments are hardly relevant. You're lucky that TA gives you the space to spew.

Blue Wind said...

So Dold said in the interview that he is socially moderate. Is that true?

Is he pro-choice? Is he for gay rights? Anyone care to clarify?

I will vote Dan Seals no matter what, but I would like to know if he is really socially moderate. I thought that he was Sarah Palin-like socially conservative and a member of the tea party crowd.

Anonymous said...

Oh, oh! Democrats popping up around here trying to show some fangs! Oh, oh! What's next? Phony TV marathon sessions instead of governing? More symbolism instead of meat and potato governance?

Been there, had plenty of it in Springfield and now Washington. Old and tired stuff.

All this while Dan Seals is trying to sound more like a Republican!

This will be one fun election!

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:59 - Yes it does matter. It's called an empty gesture. Actually it would be called an untimely, empty gesture. And just so you know, there was a great deal of talk about this among the facebook pages of both Washington staffers and Springfield GOP and Dem staffers. John Fritchey is to facebook what Cap Fax is to political blogs and he rode Mark about it. I dare say more people follow Fritchey's facebook and tweets than read this blog. Once again, Kirk seems to be stepping on his whatsis.

Anonymous said...

I'm hearing from a lot of Dems in the 10th District that they are upset that Dan only comes around the District when asking for votes.

Blue Wind said...

I thought Dold was a Sarah Palin-like republican. Is he really socially moderate? Is he pro-choice? Is he pro-gay rights?

Blue Wind said...

What I find funny with republicans these days is that they are afraid to declare their positions. Dold is too far to the right for IL10. Kirk was at least socially moderate. Can you imagine a candidate against women's rights being elected in IL10? Think about it. It is impossible.

Anonymous said...

What I find funny with republicans these days is that they are afraid to declare their positions.

Nope. That doesn't apply to the majority, but there obviously are some for gosh knows what reason and a bright light is shining on them right now.

Anonymous said...

The thing I like to see is that the Democrats have no idea what they are up against. Their lies will be exposed, then they will have to campaign with no credibility. Keep it up Bowel Wind!

Anonymous said...

"Their lies will be exposed, then they will have to campaign with no credibility. Keep it up Bowel Wind!"

Gee, Mr. Potty Mouth, you wasted our cyber time with that incredibly obtuse and childish comment. Thanks, though, for pretty much defining the class of the comments here.

At least Lake County Eye has some creativity. This blog has become nothing but incessant, utterly irrelevant mono-drone.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:06 they why in the world are you HERE? Get back over where you belong. Odd how some of you frm the 10th Dems love trolling over here where clearly you can't pick up traction. That bitter catwoman is waiting for you. Get lost.

Blue Wind said...

ANON 12:51

Who are you to tell posters to "get lost"? Team America is open minded and welcomes posts from democrats here. Although I disagree with TA politically, I much appreciate his openness and willingness for open dialog.

It is not your place to tell anyone to "get lost". Stop harassing posters. If you dont like it here, stop coming here and go somewhere else to post. In democracies expression of different opinions is allowed. Maybe you should look for some soviet or chinese blogs to spend your time. It would be a perfect fit for your mentality.

Anonymous said...

When you are 50, have no husband, no kids, no success in your profession, and aren't part of the elite in your community you have time to rip a congressman on your blog about a facebook page edited by an intern who has yet to grow a chesthair.

Jacpac means nothing, the jewish community hates the question there.

Team I find it hilarious local democrats have to say about cook county or springfield. we are waiting for a defense of those august cities of sin.


Anonymous said...

Blue Wind, why is it that those of you on the other side of the aisle think nothing of posting some of the nastiest things ever and that's OK. When WE point out that you're not exactly the truthful posters concerning our Congressman, this election, or anything or anyone even remotely Republican, you get your damn shorts in a knot. You want to be fair? Then BE fair. Speaking of fair, catwoman is hardly fair. She won't let anyone post anything that she hasn't censored. Fair, right? So that's why you're over here. Quit complaining when something comes up that doesn't meet your approval. TA gives you all, and I DO mean all the space you want. He's fair. Catwoman, not fair. Accept reality.

Blue Wind said...

Anon 10:27,

As I wrote, I appreciate TA and I think he is great and open-minded in allowing different opinions in his blog. You either did not read what I posted, or you are the same person with Anon 12:51 (and it seems you are) who asked the other poster to "get lost". If so, I will repeat. Stop harassing other posters. This is TA's blog and TA allows democrats here. If you dont like it, go somewhere else.