Sunday, February 7, 2010

So Much for Scott Lee Cohen

Apparently the heavy hand of Michael Madigan has convinced Scott Lee Cohen, who won the Dem primary for Lt. Governor, that he ought to withdraw.

It'll be interesting to see as this story unfolds to see exactly what lever MMadigan applied.

It'll also be interesting to see who's appointed to fill his spot on the Dem ballot.

It also means my plans to copyright the "Adlai Option" probably won't be very profitable.

Ah, well. Tomorrow, Durbin and Alexi.

We now return you to the Super Bowl, which is all of a sudden becoming a decent game (as of Q3, 1:55 to go).

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Anonymous said...

I think this means they are going to go after alexi extra hard to atone for failing to do their homework on this guy, they, the chicago media, can't blow two corruption issues in a row.

Stroger's gone, blago's at trial so there's no new game to be had there. Their research staffs are going to be trained solely on broadway bank. He's the next scalp to take and with no other ones on the horizon-mcpier isn't as good for ones career as taking down a potential us senator, they gotta nail him.

Durbin sickens me, his enemy chucky schumer has awful poll numbers in new york right now and his other pals harry reid and patty murray are facing harsh re-election battles. Hopefully he'll be next. Also have to admire the chutzpah of comrade jan trying to lecture scott on ethics given her husband and her own involvement in the blago trial.

Bombs or should I say subpoenas away!