Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bob Dold Concentrates on Private Sector Growth in Second Radio Ad

Bob Dold, Republican candidate for Illinois' 10th Congressional District, is burning up the local airwaves with a series of hard-hitting radio ads that are playing on major radio stations in the Chicago area. The second of the series of ads, "Better Way," has just been released:


Anonymous said...

Great Ad. Dold is the right candidate for these times. I heard Seals call himself a "conservative Democrat" the other day at an event in NT Township. I tried so hard to stifle my laughter that beer came out of my nose. Seals = Total Clown

Anonymous said...

Well if Gill, Gash and their comrades heard Seals call himself Conservative anything they'll clean his clock, big time. Was Seals out at the Nutjobs convention in Las Vegas? We know that Alexi was out there trying to gin up support.
These clowns are just that, clowns hell bent on the total destruction of the American way of life. Seals is just a sick joke.

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to think that Seals will say or do anything just to be elected.

Maybe it would be wiser for him to focus that desperate energy on actually finding a job.

Anonymous said...

I saw some print material this week that Seals is a "independent minded, fiscal conservative, small businessman!!!!!!!!!!!"

Uproarious stuff!!!!!!

Apparently he WILL say anything!!!! Dan Seals once was a joke, the second time unreal; now it's beyond belief!!! What WILL these people stoop to???

Anonymous said...

dold does not have the money to go pound for pound with the national democrat party and the pup in the fall so he's using these cheap radio ads to build name id now. It's smart, but he's going to be overrun by the attack ads that are run against him by the dccc and dan in the fall. pup hasn't released any polls which is a very very good sign because not releasing them means he doesn't have anything to crow about.

The other thing that bears watching is what happens come labor day when voters decide to mete out punishment for blago and stroger. the recent polling on the mark/mob banker race indicate they haven't started to take flesh, but I think what happens with blago will add to mark's numbers and help dold.

If not, we can start planning the adam beeson for congress campaing 2012.


Anonymous said...

Why would you think Dold doesn't have enough cash? He has just about as much as Seals and even out raised him this past quarter.