Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lake County Tea Party to Host Weekend Rally in Libertyville

First off, let me wish everyone a wonderful 4th of July! I was watching fireworks last night with some friends who happen to be English, and one of them offered his "commiseration on your separation from the Commonwealth." Boy, those English still haven't gotten over it, have they?

I think we have always enjoyed our special relationship with the British, especially since we have shown our character by going back and bailing them out of world conquest every couple decades, after we whupped 'em in the 1700s. Of course, that relationship seems in jeopardy now given President Obama's attitude toward the British, but that's a post for another day.

Meanwhile, we have mentioned this before, but on Monday, the Lake County Tea Party will be hosting a huge rally in Libertyville (an appropriate place for such a rally). There appears to be a lot of interest in this event, and many local politicians will be in attendance (mostly from the right, far right, and so-right-they-have-almost-come-around-to-the-left). I've reprinted their flyer below for convenience if you plan to attend.

The tea-party movement, while suffering from the scorn of the elite left (a sign of fear, no doubt, as people always criticize what they fear or don't understand), is really starting to get some traction as there appears to be a solidifying national theme of cutting spending and the deficit as the top priority, which now mirrors that of many Americans, says the Wall Street Journal. So far, the movement has not seemed to catch on a lot around here, but we will see if tomorrow's event marks a new beginning for the movement that could have a strong effect on local November elections.

Lake County TEA Party

Join us for a TEA Party in Libertyville July 5th,
1-4pm Downtown Cook Park
“Liberty in the Park”

Come out to the very first Lake County Tea Party! Bring your homemade signs, your chairs or blankets, your patriotism, CELEBRATE LIBERTY, and listen to speakers talk about freedom and limited constitutional government!

Speakers to include:

• Bill Brady, Tentative, Republican Candidate for Governor
Lex Green, Libertarian Candidate for Governor
• Ed Rutledge, Libertarian Candidate for Lt. Governor
• David Schippers, Constitutional lawyer
• Mark Curran, Lake County Sherriff
• Terry Weppler, Mayor of Libertyville
• Joe Calomino, Americans For Prosperity - Illinois State Director
• Maria Rodriguez, Executive Director, For The Good of Illinois and Mayor of Long Grove
• Bruno Behrend,, former host of the Extreme Wisdom radio show on WKRS
• Michael Carbone, Grayslake Dist. 46 school board member, Lake County TEA Party board member
• Robert Cook, Lake County Republican Chairman
• Rosanna Pulido, Director, Illinois Minuteman Project
• Pastor Richard Valkanet, Living Waters Assembly of God Church, Grayslake
• Steve Tucker, Health industry expert
• Randall Stufflebeam, Constitution Party nominee for U.S. Senator
• Julie Fox, Libertarian Party nominee for Comptroller
• Dan Sugrue, Republican nominee for State Representative, 59th District
• Paul Mitchell, Lake County TEA Party board member, Lake County Right to Life Board member
• Peter Karlovics, Lake County Board Member
• James Pittman, Associate Pastor of New Hope Community Church

Thank you to our Celebration Sponsors:
* Conservative Magazine of IL * AFP * Lake County Republican Party *
* Dan Duffy Campaign * Lake County Young Republicans * William Fraser *
* Lake County Right to Life * Lex Green Campaign * Truth in Accounting

Thank you to our fellow Freedom Patriots:
* Northern IL Patriots * Lake County 9-12 Patriots * Schaumburg Tea Party *
* Palatine Tea Party * The Great Awakening * Chicago Tea Patriots *
* Illinois Conservatives *

Lake County Tea
Info@Lake County Tea


Blue Wind said...

You disappoint me. Are you a tea-party supporter? How can you support those people? They are, at the very least, ignorant, unintelligent and politically illiterate. Many (not all, but many) are driven by bigotry and racism, and I am sure you realize that as well. You are a moderate republican per your declaration. How on earth could you support those crowds?

Team America said...

Hi Blue - I knew this would drive you nuts. I can't say I support the 'tea party' as a blanket endorsement since they seem to attract more than their fair share of nut jobs, but the mantra of lower taxes, spend within our means, pay down the deficit, is really starting to reasonate nationwide. Folks like you that dismiss them all as a bunch of militant wackos do so at their peril.

Blue Wind said...

They are as you said. A bunch of semi-illiterate, far right militant wackos. The equivalent of neo-fascist movements in europe. No difference whatsoever. The same bigotry, anti-immigrant hysteria and "ultra-nationalism" that characterizes neofascist movements there.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Blue, and what would YOU call the team in the White House today? How do you characterize the kind of governance or lack thereof that's coming from this dangerous administration. Be careful about labeling ALL Tea Party folks as illiterate. Words like ALL, NEVER are tough words when used to describe anyone at anytime.
These are precarious times. And don't say it's the fault of George Bush. Get over that one. Your guys and gals have chosen a very odd way of trying to get our nation back on track. Check the polls, the polls that matter, and I think you'll see that many in our nation are sick and tired of the direction your buddies want to take our great nation. 62% say we're headed in the wrong direction. I'm NOT a Tea Party advocate but, like TA, SOME of what they espouse rings true. Let's see how many are attracted to the Libertyville event. I won't be there, but I'm glad that TA's Blog is open enough to let those who want to hear their story know about it. That's fair enough for me.

Anonymous said...

I was in Libertyville today and saw them setting up for the event and was wondering what was up with that. It would be interesting to get a report and to see if Brady shows up. I'm thinking no because some of the elements there will make it easier for him to be smeared as a crazy by association.

I do agree with the general gist of the Tea Party movement, especially considering the amount of obnoxious, meaningless road construction projects with creepy porkulus signs popping up around Lake County. It seems like 43, Green Bay, and Milwaukee are permanently under construction. That being said there seems to be some strident, creepy right wing elements at this event... The Minuteman Project?? Anyone? And I'm not impressed by the tantrum that has been going on about Mark Kirk among the group. What exactly do they think they gain by holding their breath and pouting?

Anonymous said...

"They are as you said. A bunch of semi-illiterate, far right militant wackos. The equivalent of neo-fascist movements in europe. No difference whatsoever. The same bigotry, anti-immigrant hysteria and "ultra-nationalism" that characterizes neofascist movements there."


Anonymous said...

I attended the Tea Party event in Libertyville and as a moderate Republican, I must say the crowd was filled with main stream individuals just fed up with the direction of the country and the state.

Blue - I thought "progressives" supported freedom of speech - the Tea Party movement may not believe in a left leaning agenda, however, the crowd I saw today was made up of decent families and individuals. Just because they do not agree with you does not mean they deserve the vulgar and inaccurate description you provide.

Your comments reflect poorly on your character.

Anonymous said...

Blue Wind,

I'm confused. Which of the african american, Jewish, female, hispanic, or immigrant speakers were "ignorant" or "driven by bigotry and racism?" yesterday at Libertyville?

Name names, you stereotyping bigot.