Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Afternoon Fun: Cadigan Dishes on Blago via Hannity; Giannoulias's "Pathetic Cash Deficit"

TA diehards will recall attorney Bill Cadigan, who was running for the GOP nomination for the 10th Congressional District. I got a call from Cadigan today to catch up. Cadigan split his remaining campaign funds between Bob Dold and Mark Kirk after he dropped out of the race, and has been busy with his law practice. He found time recently, however, to appear on Hannity and give some perspective on the Blago trial:

Meanwhile, Alexi Giannoulias's awful fundraising report for Q2 is not going unnoticed, and Alexi's attempt to portray himself as an underdog being whipped by special interests doesn't really seem to pass the red-face test. NBC-5's Ward Room Blog takes a pretty hard look at the Giannoulias spin machine and concludes he comes up way short:

Alexi Giannoulias may not have as much money as Mark Kirk. But he has better money than Kirk. That’s the spin Giannoulias is trying to put on his pathetic cash deficit in the U.S. Senate race. [snip]

...Giannoulias is forced to portray himself as an underfunded outsider, taking on a tool of the financial industry. [snip]

Not surprisingly, Kirk is accusing Giannoulias of hypocrisy for adopting financial reform as an issue.

“It is ridiculous that failed banker Alexi Giannoulias would campaign on financial reform after Broadway Bank was shut down for ‘unsafe and unsound’ banking practices,” Kirk spokeswoman Kirsten Kukowski said. “Giannoulias lost any credibility he may have pretended to have on this issue the minute his bank’s failure cost the FDIC $394 million.”

Kirk will take that line all the way to the bank.



Blue Wind said...

So, is Kirk as much of an admirer and supporter of Sarah Palin as Sean Hannity (whose clip you show) is?
Just curious.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Or does that make me bigoted, ignorant, tea bagger, Blue Wind?

Blue Wind said...

Anyone who supports Sarah Palin, must apparently find her political knowledge acceptable and is probably as educated as she is politically. And that is truly sad. I dont think using Fox News as means of political education is a good idea.

Ellen has a great post and a clip in her blog where Dold said that the tea parties have a "great voice". That summarizes his case. He is the very worst candidate ever for IL10. A far rightist is not electable in IL10.

Anonymous said...

There you go again, Blue. You just can't help yourself with those idiotic comments. Bob Dold makes a statement that many others have made. He in NO WAY endorses what Tea Party advocates are saying and that's a proven fact. The guy makes a statement and you think you have a gotcha moment. You don't. You don't any more than the even less credible posting of Steve Sheffey who says that Dold is not pro-choice. Dold IS pro-choice, Sheffey knows it, but he feels compelled to write more garbage. Mark Kirk has never endorsed the Tea Party folks nor does he stand in lock step with Sarah Palin. More of your continuing BS. You just make things up as you go along hoping that you can push your twisted agenda. You can't. And Blue, not a word from you or your fellow trashers on Alexi's pathetic fundraising numbers. With all the heavy hitters who came to help this guy he sure went down in his attempt to raise support. Guess that fact eluded you. And don't think you can use his ridiculous line that Kirk's money comes from shady sources. We can go line by line and compare both sides of who gave to whom anytime you're ready. Alexi can't draw flies.

Blue Wind said...

Anyone who would say that the tea party movement has a "great voice" shows his/her true colors. Dold use that word, not me. Sorry, but he is obviously someone on the far right trying to disguise himself as a "moderate". Kirk was electable in IL10 for a reason. At least as congressman, Kirk was really a social-moderate and was supporting gay rights, abortion, etc. Dold seems to be a real tea-partier ideologically.

Anonymous said...

There you go again, BW. Spinning so hard that you don't even realize how ridiculous you sound.

You somehow equate the phrase "great voice" with a lock step endorsement. I think Maria Carrey has a great voice, but I most certainly don't listen to her music.

I think Bill Mahr has a great voice, but I don't agree with his politics. (by the way, catch Bill Mahr at Genessee Theatre in Waukegan next month).

Bob Dold respects anyone or any group who cares enough abut their country to speak out and try to make it better. That is why he spoke to the Tea Party and that is why he spoke with Elliott Richardson's Small Business Advocacy Council.

Dold is out talking to the voters, listening to their concerns. Seals is mobilizing an army of hate-bloggers trying to misrepresent who is Bob Dold.

Seals = Tired divisive Politics as usual
Dold = A fresh positive voice who will represent the entire district.

I think the choice is pretty clear.

Anonymous said...

YEP, Anon 8:27, you have it right. Blue has his talking points and his warped sense of what those hate bloggers put out there. Bob Dold has never endorsed the Tea Party and these leftie folks want to have you believe otherwise. Same for Mark Kirk. He remains a Social moderate, fiscal conservative even though Blue and his clueless followers try to state to the contrary. Truth is in short supply with them. It boils down to the tired old fact that they can't accept, even now, that Seals is a nobody, Alexi even worse, and that Lauren Beth LOST in 2000. Enough said.

Blue Wind said...

Hey anonymouses :)

Let me put it simply. In my opinion and, I believe the opinion of the majority of IL10 voters, many if not most of the tea partiers are a mixture of racists, bigots, and politically illiterate people. The simple fact that Dold gave a talk at a tea party event means either endorsement or, at the very least, tolerance of the tea party movement positions. That alone makes him totally incompatible with IL10.

Have you ever seen Kirk giving a talk at a tea party? I bet you not. He is smarter than that (and in fact he is really socially moderate to his credit). Dold obviously enjoys the "great voice" of the tea party.

Anonymous said...

"In my opinion and, I believe the opinion of the majority of IL10 voters, many if not most of the tea partiers are a mixture of racists, bigots, and politically illiterate people. "

Blue Wind,

You are a disgusting stereotyping bigot. You should be ashamed of yourself. All of the democrats who read this blog should purge you from their ranks. Shame.

Anonymous said...

"Anyone who supports Sarah Palin, must apparently find her political knowledge acceptable and is probably as educated as she is politically. And that is truly sad."

Oh, and just to set the record straight, I have two doctoral degrees. What is actually sad is that the well-meaning democrats and liberals on this blog have not condemned you outright. Your behavior and how it is tolerated by your friends is further evidence of the racism and bigotry that is integral to the democrat party.

Blue Wind said...

ANON 12.19,
I did not say that all tea parters are racists and bigots. I said SOME are. And there is no question that is true. Take a look at Ellen's blog where is posted one of many many videos like that from tea parties:

Also, I did not see illiterate. I said "politically illiterate" and I stand by that. Many of the tea partiers are politically unsophisticated and ignorant and some advocate against their very own interests. A classic example was a person who was on TV about a year ago when health care was being discussed, who was against health care reform. The problem? That person had no health care coverage, but was advocating against health care for all. Go figure.

I am sorry if my post offended you. I am not offended by your attack on me. I can see you got upset. I am sure you are an educated and nice person and you are not one of those tea partiers. But there is no question that this type of people have defined the tea party movement. It is a movement driven by racism, bigotry and indifference towards other human beings. That is just my opinion and I am entitled to it.

Anonymous said...

And you feel that racism is relegated to just Tea Party members and Republicans? What in the hell are YOU smoking, Blue. The folks at the NAACP, are they mainstream? The folks in your party who attack Kirk with slugs that are vile because he stands in strong support of the US/Israel partnership are mainstream? Get a grip, Blue. Your side of the aisle is filled to capacity with all that you say about Republicans and those in the Tea Party. Bob Dold is no more a part of the Tea Party than YOU are. Get that in your head. Your guys are so damn quick to label and to criticize anyone who dares even speak in a different tone than you, Ellen, Lauren and the other leftie nutjobs.

Mark S. said...

As an occasional lurker here, I'm truly amazed at the vitriolic name-calling & personal attacks launched by "anonymous" on anyone who disagrees him/her.

I thought this blog would give an insightful & educated discussion about the issues. But it seems that "anonymous" wants to lower this to a junior high school bullying game.

Blue Wind said...

This "anonymous" calls people names and try to push out people who disagree with him. I think TA should ban him/her. There are multiple personal attacks coming from that anonymous that cross the line all the time.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. Blue and now the occasional lurker can give it out but can't stand to take it. Why not just stay over on Ellen's site and whack away over there. Your self righteous indignation is really too, too touching.

Anonymous said...

Blue Wind - if you can't stand the heat GET OUT OF OUR KITCHEN. You add nothing to the dialog on this blog but the same old same old nonsense against Mark Kirk. Go back on your democratic blog where you and the other dem operatives belong. I say good riddance to you -- just because TA is too nice to kick you off doesn't mean the rest of us have to like it.

Anonymous said...

Guys, stop feeding the Blue Wind troll. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Here is what BW wrote on Ellin's Blog:
"Blue Wind said...
This is unbelievable. Tea partiers are a mixture of racist, bigots, and politically illiterate people. The simple fact that Dold gave a talk at a tea party means endorsement. That alone makes him incompatible with IL10."

And here, I think, we have a clear distinction between Dan Seals and Robert Dold.

Robert believes that you talk with everyone who is serious about improving our country - left or right. That is why he spoke with the Tea Party and that is why he spoke with former democratic candidate Elliot Richardson's group that venerable Business Advocacy Council.

On the other hand, BW,sm Ellen of the 10th, and Dan Seals think that you only talk to those with whom you agree or who you are trying to lie to.

This distinction is important because it portends that it elected Robert will seek to represent everyone in the 10th, even those with whom he disagrees on most policy isues, while Dan Seals will represent only those far leftists that agree with his special brand of divisive politics.

Remember this next time Dan Seals tries to tell you he is moderate.

Anonymous said...

Just about everyone besides Blue, FOKLEAPS, Baxter & Beau's Mom, Louis, Colonial, A Bees, and maybe a few others post as "Anonymous" here.

Granted that the majority of comments come from those referenced above, bu no one has claimed the "Anonymous" handle exclusively on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Seals would rather talk to the Iranian president, Akmanajad-whatever his name is (recall that Seals supported Obama's call to talk to Iran wihout preconditions... rememeber how well that's worked out, byt the way?), than talk to citizens of his own country that might disagree with him. And BLue Wind would be right there cheering Seals on, while shouting down the Tea Party "racisits" How SAD.