Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kirk: Alexi Giannoulias Tries to Shift Blame for Springfield's Debt Problems, Continues to Mislead Voters

Democrat Alexi Giannoulias has been hitting his GOP opponent, Congressman Mark Kirk, pretty hard with charges of lying and attacks on Kirk's credibility. We've now learned that Giannoulias has planned a press conference for today, after some weeks of running from the press, so we can expect some hard questions to be presented to Alexi. To prime the reporters' pumps a bit, the Kirk for Senate campaign released the following e-mail this morning attacking Giannoulias on his credibility on the issues:

Giannoulias Tries to Shift Blame for Springfield's Debt Problems, Continues to Mislead Voters

Background: During an appearance last night on Fox Chicago, Alexi Giannoulias continued to mislead voters about Congressman Kirks record while attempting to shift blame away from his failed leadership for the economic problems facing the State of Illinois.

Giannoulias Myth: What happened in Greece, what happened in Springfield, what Mark Kirk and George Bush have been a part of and Congress has been a part of, and thats really saddling the next generation with disgusting levels of debt.

Get the Facts: Alexi Giannoulias cannot blame Mark Kirk for his failed leadership in Springfield. While the national unemployment average stands at 9.5%, Illinois unemployment rate stands at 10.4%. The New York Times recently dubbed Illinois Greece by Lake Michigan noting the skyrocketing debt and unfunded liabilities in Springfield. In June, Fitch downgraded Illinois generation obligation bond rating to A with a negative outlook and downgraded its appropriations rating to A-.

Giannoulias Myth: He voted against extending unemployment benefits.

Get the Facts: Kirk voted to extend unemployment benefits five times in the last two years: On October 2, 2008, Kirk voted in favor of extending benefits. Kirk repeated his votes in favor of extending unemployment benefits on November 5, 2009, February 25, 2010, March 17, 2010 and on April 15, 2010. Congressman Kirk has said he would vote to continue unemployment insurance benefits again if Congress pays for it by cutting other spending.

Giannoulias Myth: He voted against time after time increasing the minimum wage.

Get the Facts: In 2007, Mark Kirk broke with his party to support raising the minimum wage. (Roll Call 18, 1/10/07)

Giannoulias Myth: Yet has no problem increasing his own salary.

Get the Facts: On April 27, 2010, Congressman Kirk voted to forego a pay raise for Fiscal Year 2011.

Giannoulias Myth: I am the only candidate who is out there proposing a plan to create jobs.

Get the Facts: Mark Kirk has outlined his plan to help small business employers grow their businesses and create jobs. His Small Business Bill of Rights is endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Business.

Get the Facts: Mark Kirk is the only candidate promoting specific economic agendas in local communities across Illinois. Learn more about Mark Kirks Rockford Agenda, Quincy Agenda and Springfield Agenda.

Get the Facts: Mark Kirk is endorsed over Alexi Giannoulias by the Illinois Chamber of Commerce for his economic plan and vision.

Get the Facts: Alexi Giannoulias wants raise state income taxes for Illinois families and employers and allow federal tax relief to expire.



Anonymous said...

Way to go, TA. In this post today you've managed to do what hasn't been picked up by the main street media concerning the truth behind all the myths and mud slinging by Alexi and his troops. Thanks, TA, for setting the record straight. Can't wait to see how the other side tries to attack what simply can't be attacked. IL voters are beginning to see the vast difference between the two candidates. Mark Kirk is the clear winner.

Anonymous said...

In any state other than Illinois, MSK would be leading by 15 - plus points. Only in our scandal ridden state, can Alexi even manage to stay in this race. Alexi is only showing the voting public his true colors by this disgraceful approach.

The Chicago way is alive and well in the AG camp just as it is in Washington. "Lie, twist the truth, and blame someone else" should be their motto.

Anonymous said...

I might have agreed with Anon 1:31 at one point, but can't anymore. Both campaigns have made some major mistakes, and it looks as if Kirk's--because the mistakes seem to have been inherent in previous campaigns, but never revealed until now--will probably stick longer. Would have happened in any State, assuming the players were the "same".

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:36 just remember one very important issue: Mark Kirk's resume embellishment has hurt only him personally. What Alexi has done has dramatically hurt everyone in our State and country. The FDIC bailout of Broadway Bank cost all of us, the United States taxpayers, over 394 MILLION dollars. And then there's the Bright Start money that lost many in IL sorely needed college funds. And let's not forget the funds that Alexi's family conveniently took from the Broadway Bank before it was seized by the Feds.
Mark Kirk has apologized for his embellishments on his already outstanding Navy records. Enough said.
There is simply no comparison in these two candidates. Kirk has an impressive record of achievements and successes as our Congressman for the past 11 years. And Alexi? Nada, nothing, zippo.
It's all about choices and consequences in every election. We sure found out about that hope and change jabber that Obama promised. I'm just hoping we survive all the changes and return our country to the shining city on the hill before it's too late.
Same with the election on Nov.2. Our State can not afford to elect Alexi. Kirk isn't perfect, but he's sure a man with a proven record of proud service and someone I can't wait to vote for in 104 days.

Anonymous said...

6:33, I don't need the reminders and "tutorial" from you--thank you. I'm also tired of hearing about Broadway Bank as if the story just broke yesterday--just as everyone else probably is right now.

Furthermore, I wasn't referring to Kirk and his embellishments. I was referring to his Campaign. If you can't tell the difference, then I suppose you just can't tell the difference, can you?

Anonymous said...

=Mark Kirk's resume embellishment has hurt only him personally.=

And THIS type of "thinking" (or lack thereof) and spewing is a perfect example of why he's where he's at right now.


Seems to be SOP for some of the people working for him. Some on his staff wouldn't be able to do a better job of damaging his image, if they tried.

Anonymous said...

Oh--and sorry, I forgot to take "credit" for the last two comments.

Anonymous ?