Tuesday, July 19, 2011

David Barkhausen to Run for Lake County Board (UPDATED)

My friend David Barkhausen, with whom I served on the Board of the Lake County Republican Federation for about 10 years and got to know quite well, is throwing his hat in for County Board in the new 13th district, which will have no incumbent running. The Lake County News-Sun has an article up about Barkhausen, who is currently Shields Township Clerk and who served in the General Assembly for more than a decade. Gazebo News has more:

Barkhausen said his top priority would be maintaining strict controls on Lake County spending. “County government is the second largest item on our property tax bills after public schools,” Barkhausen said. “County Board members have an obligation to maintain the County’s strong fiscal position without adding to this burden.”

“I offer proven leadership to carefully review Lake County’s fiscal policies,” Barkhausen maintained, pointing to his past public service at the state and local level as an example of the type of representation he would provide to Lake County government.

David is a hard worker and a well-qualified guy. Good luck David!

UPDATED 7/20/11: Here's another article from The Patch, which has a lot of additional detail about the race and Barkhausen's platform.

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Anonymous said...

The County is about 7% of property tax bills. Saying it is second to schools (which is about 60-70%) is like saying a Pinto is just one step down from a BMW...