Monday, July 4, 2011

Lake Bluff Independence Day Parade Features Politicians and Classic Cars

My, but this has been a fun-filled and action packed 4th of July weekend. I started off the day attending the Lake Bluff 4th of July parade, which has huge - was over 100 entries, for this tiny community. I wanted to attend some other parades, especially Mundelein's, but painting the deck got in the way. In any case, as usual, here are the pix:

Here's the parade kickoff.

There were several old fire engines.

Hot race cars and classics abounded.

I don't often feature Dems, but I will admit that State Senator Susan Garett had one of the best classic cars in the parade.

Keith Brin had a number of supporters at the Lake Bluff parade, and told me he was then on his way to the Deerfield parade.

I could only dream of affording one of these...

Bob Dold walked the parade, as usual, supported by a large contingent of supporters.

Some of these cars are just simply awesome.

A Civil War Regiment made an appearance.

In addition to the usual "Cheese" float, Caputo's added a Formula One racer.

Not yet a classic, but here is the Keith Brin-mobile.


Holiday homes for sale Lake District said...

Great photography.

Anonymous said...

Hey TA, if you had responded to my phone message you could have come to my 1st annual Senator MSK BBQ ,
the successor to my 12 annual Congressman MSK BBQs, you could have posted some pictures of B&B with the Senator. Good time with staff, interns, volunteers and supporters. Maybe next year?

B&B's Mom