Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Former 10th District Congressional Hopeful Dr. Arie Friedman Forms State PAC; We Wonder What's Next...

Dr. Arie Friedman, who ran in the Republican primary for the 10th Congressional District in 2010, has formed a state PAC called the Doctors and Patients Alliance of Illinois. Friedman is a former Navy helicopter pilot and pediatric practitioner from Highland Park. After losing in the 2010 GOP primary to now-Congressman Bob Dold, Friedman has remained active on the political scene, leaving many of us to wonder what's next in his political future. The formation of this PAC could well be seen as a prelude to another run for office, perhaps against Jan Schakowsky in the 9th Congressional District, or maybe Susan Garrett, if serving in the State Senate might be attractive.

When I spoke to Friedman about the PAC, he was reserved on his political future but hinted that he was seriously considering some options. Meanwhile, he told me that the PAC has already raised more than $14K and will be looking to support candidates and advance its agenda, which is spelled out on the website:

The Doctors-Patients Alliance of Illinois (DPAI) was created to give doctors and patients a powerful voice in Springfield. By developing a grassroots network of doctors and patients, DPAI serves as a political force that will educate and influence lawmakers and voters, while providing the media with real human-interest stories about the impact of government-controlled medicine.

DPAI respects the intelligence of the citizenry and understands that the truth will always be the best medicine. Securing solutions to the healthcare challenges facing Illinois and the nation is our ultimate goal. To achieve our goal, we outline and advocate for those solutions, while explaining the devastating impact ObamaCare will have on families, medical practitioners and the Illinois economy. Our audience is both lawmakers and voters.

DPAI understands that real change is secured at the ballot box. By working directly with state-level candidates, DPAI educates candidates and provides financial support and endorsements to lawmakers and those seeking office who share our vision of protecting the doctor-patient relationship.

DPAI knows that government-controlled medicine is unhealthy for our state and our nation. Market driven solutions are the cure, and doctors and patients working together can write the prescription.

While Friedman asserted that the PAC is non-partisan, based on the viewpoints espoused on the website, you can safely guess that this group won't be endorsing any pro-Obamacare candidates any time soon.


Anonymous said...

About six months ago, I emailed Dr. Friedman, and I asked him to run against State Sen. Garrett. He said that he won't do that. Maybe he'll run against State Rep. May.

Phil Collins

Anonymous said...

I have been trying to plant the idea of running against Durbin in 2014. He would make an excellent senator.

Trebor of Libertyville

Anonymous said...

Jeff Berkowitz just posted an interview with Dr. Friedman on youtube. Apparently he's been asked to run for the 9th District against Jan. Friedman doesn't seem so enthusiastic about it. He also mentions looking at the 29th State Senate District.