Monday, July 11, 2011

State Rep. Carol Sente to Challenge Dold in IL-10?

Lynn Sweet at the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that State Rep. Carol Sente (D-Vernon Hills) of the 59th District is thinking about throwing in for the newly-remapped 10th District. How real this thought might be and how much might be a little vanity on Sente's part remains to be seen. I have heard, however, that the Dems are casting about with a pretty big net, desperate to catch a potential candidate that will have a better chance of winning against Congressman Bob Dold than socialist/progressive Ilya Sheyman.

Sweet also reports that another announced Dem primary candidate, Brad Schneider, will report over $300,000 raised and in cash on hand for the quarter, but I will be curious to see how much of that was actually raised versus being contributed by the candidate.


Anonymous said...

Heard Rep. Sente made a lot of enemies when there was talk of consolidating school districts. Libertyville residents, which I believe are still 10th District constituents will come out in force against her.

Anonymous said...

schneiders money is probably all kellogg people and aipac friends which is why dold spent a week on a juf trip to israel. By far kirk's biggest source of fundraising money was pro israel people and the dan burton mentored kennilworth bred dold has no history with them and needs one. Footlik-seals race taught us however that the soul of the 10th dems is the leftwing labor people, not the pro-business jewish vote so I don't really see schneider's path forward.

sente considering getting in tells me dc democrats are still looking for people, which they should because their 2 candidates right now are d level, but that she's waiting until dold releases his q2 numbers (I think 800k is a decent figure for him) suggests she isn't all that confident in her chances or that she can raise the $3.5 million necessary to win.

I think they need to recruit chris kennedy or someone with some actual heft because a springfield democrat will be easy to destroy, and seals showed the last 7 years how hard it is for a political neophyte to go from volunteer to congressman-even in the best of years.


Anonymous said...

According to, that race has these three Democrats:

Bob McKenzie (D) - Attorney, Ex-Merchant Marine Officer & Electrical Engineer
Brad Schneider (D) - Tax Consultant
Ilya Sheyman (D) - Progressive Activist & Political Organizer

When the map was drawn, Speaker Madigan thought that a Democrat would win, in the 10th Dist. If a Democrat could easily win, State Sen. Link or Garrett would run.

Phil Collins

Anonymous said...

What happens in the Springfield capitol stays in the Springfield capitol...right?

Anonymous said...

Schneider cannot hold a job. Worse than Dan Seals. No wonder they are looking at Sente.

A. Bees said...

I'm hearing that Kennedy is still looking at possible shooting for the Lake County State's Attorney position.

Anonymous said...

Last week Kennedy announced he was running for Lake County State's Attorney. He was surrounded by nearly all the Lake County Democratic heavyweights when he made his announcement.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

Highland Park Patch just reported our Congressman raised over $500,000 in Q2. Take a look (

Anonymous said...

Under the Capitol Dome, mon dieu!!