Friday, July 15, 2011

Tribune Whacks Quinn Over Political Hires, Including Dan Seals

It's always nice to wake up in the morning and see the Tribune taking a whack at the Dems, especially when its Dan Seals. I could tell someone at the Trib was doing a little research based on the blog hits on my sitemeter over the past couple weeks, and today the Trib unveiled their little research piece on the number of political appointments to highly connected Dems made by Governor (not reformer) Pat Quinn. Right there on the front page is the reference to Seals' recent appointment to a cushy six-figure state job after losing three times in a row in his bid for Congress. We looked at this way back in May when the appointment was made.

Rick Pearson at the Trib says that "In the case of Seals' hiring and others, Quinn's awarding of jobs resembles a consolation prize for falling short in a bid for Congress."

Um, resembles???

I'm still laughing, though that former State Rep. Julie Hamos, who Seals narrowly defeated in the last primary, got a better paying job out of Quinn.

It's nice to know that there's a safety net for unemployed Dems named Uncle Pat. So, Illinois Dems, get out there and run, and even if you lose, you win.


Anonymous said...

I am not condoning this, but it's pretty standard in dc. I thought the pup and alexi would get obama administration appointments the way duckworth did and daley did, but alexi probably couldn't pass a background check given the mob and doesn't seem like the pup wanted to move. For what it's worth, if senator kirk would have lost in 2000 or 2006, he would have been given a post at either the pentagon, ustr, the state department or usaid. The picture is the best part of the article, and sadly one they haven't shown before.


Publia said...

Um, FOKLAES, that picture has been around for a while.

I suppose some voters will be delighted that they "took care of" Dan.

Also, A few weeks ago I saw Dan Seals getting off the train in Wilmette. It was probably a 4:35 out of Chicago, so we know he must have been working some as he had a suit on. Any word on how he's doing on the job?