Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lake County GOP Alleges Senator Terry Link Violated Campaign Finance Disclosure Laws

The Lake County GOP has issued a press release alleging that State Senator Terry Link failed to properly disclose several payments to campaign workers who passed Link's petitions. As TA readers know, Jerry Johnson, Link's former democratic challenger, alleged that many of Link's signatures were forged, and included dead people. The press release is below. More on this as it develops.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Contact: Dan Venturi, Chairman


Based on the most recent campaign finance disclosures filed by State Senator Terry Link’s campaign, it appears that expenditures for paid campaign workers were not disclosed. Kenneth Davison testified before the State Board of Elections, that he would receive roughly $100 for each 200 signatures obtained. Together, he and Jerry Knight collected nearly 2,700 of the 3,378 signatures on Link’s nominating petition. Knight and Davison are currently under investigation by the States Attorney’s office in connection with these petitions.

According to the Illinois State Board of Elections, political committees are required to file Reports of campaign contributions and expenditures on form “D-2.” The deadline for filing the latest D-2 report was January 22, 2008. The reports are accessible for public view on the Illinois State Board of Elections Website,

Neither Jerry Knight nor Kenneth Davison appears on the expenditures portion of the D-2s filed by “Friends of Terry Link” and/or by the Lake County Democrat Central Committee. A check of the D-2 forms filed by other Democrat candidates whose nominating petitions contain signatures provided by Knight and Davison including, Angelo Kyle, Jim Parks, Richard Keller, Mary Ellen Vanderventer, Diane Hewitt, Michael D. Jacobs, or Cynthia Purim Haran, also do not include expenses for the so called “circulation” of petitions.

According to Senator Link’s report, a staff salary was paid to Vice-Chairman of the Democrat Party, Pete Couvall for $2,500. The payment occurred in late September which coincides with the dates on the petitions provided by Knight and Davidson. Senator Link is required to reflect the actual expense to Knight and Davison or the in-kind contribution if Vice-Chair Pete Couvall provided the benefit to Senator Link.

The Lake County Republican Party is calling for the State Board of Elections to review the D-2s submitted by Senator Link and the Lake County Democrat Central Committee and demand accurate reports that reflects all receipts and expenditures, as required by the State Board of Elections reporting laws.

Daniel Venturi, Chairman of the Lake County Republican Party, stated “Senator Link continues to run from his association with these individuals who are currently under investigation by the State’s Attorney’s office, but he cannot hide from the election disclosure laws.”


Anonymous said...

You Republicans have been way too polite in your criticisms of Link. "Demand accurate reports?" Wow! Any more wet noodles to hit them with?

How about demanding full disclosure? He didn't disclose how he paid his lawbreaking circulators. He didn't disclose how much his legal fees were for his lawyers he hired for the petition contest, unless the Democratic Senators paid for it, in which that should have been disclosed as well. Even Rod Blagojevich reported that he owes two million in legal fees.

And I see that Link told the Daily Herald about Jerry Johnson being in the hip pocket of a labor union. He pulled no punches while the Lake Republicans pull theirs.

And no Democrat office holder or candidate in Lake County to my knowledge has stepped forward to say: "I am disgusted over Link and Couvall's behavior." Watch them get reelected to their Lake County party positions without a wimper of protest.

Democrats. No ethics. No morals. No shame.

Republicans. Too polite. You should be demanding that the Democrats disown and disavow Link and Couvall's behavior. But you don't. That is why you have been losing elections.

Team America said...

Well, Anon 6:45, you may well have a point. As someone once said, "If you're going to wrestle with a pig, you're going to get a little dirty."

But, the Republicans are just getting warmed up on Link. And I think Chairman Venturi did call on the Dem candidates and officials to disavow Link's actions in his open letter recently (which the News-Scum published). This call, of course, was met with dead silence, which the GOP will push as a campaign issue all cycle, especially if the Dems see fit to re-elect Link as the party chairman.

Anonymous said...

So who is going to run against Link as a Republican? Chuck "I'm not running for reelection for Shields Township Supervisor" Fitzgerald?

Anonymous said...

The State Board of Elections to investigate? The same State Board that decided not to toss out the fraudulent petitions of Link?

Don't hold your breath. That agency is worthless as a watchdog for clean and honest elections and campaigns.

Just a girl said...

I think the SBOE has to take action. As I understand it, the purpose behind disclosing expenditures and receipts is to provide the public transparency as they view political committees reports.

The SBOE and Link were both made aware of the payments to the circulators under investigation. Testimony was provided in front of the SBOE and three (3) attorneys for Link were on hand when one of the circulators discussed the payments.

So Link IS REQUIRED BY LAW to either reflect the expenditures on his D-2 or to reflect the In-Kind contribution if the circulators were paid by Pete Couvall after Link's attorneys and the SBOE were made aware of the payments.