Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The S.S. Terry Link Doesn't Sink, For Now (UPDATED x1)

TA's Cub Reporter has checked in by cell phone fresh from the Johnson-Link hearing, and it's a good day for Terry Link. The judge threw Terry Link a life preserver and affirmed the decision of the State Board of Elections, using a "manifest weight" of the evidence standard--in other words, there was enough evidence to support the decision, so that's the end of the story.

No word yet on whether Johnson may appeal to the Illinois Appellate Court, which would be a three judge panel. Johnson's attorney reportedly still believes that Johnson has a good legal argument that failure to consider all of the evidence Johnson tried to present before the hearing office is an abuse of discretion.

We will have the play-by-play recap of today's hearing soon, hopefully before I head off to the 10th District debates at Stevenson High School tonight.

UPDATED 01.10.08 6:50 a.m.: Here's the Daily Herald story. According to the article, Johnson will not appeal. Interestingly, no mention of whether Johnson will remain a write-in candidate or give up. Of course, all eyes are going to turn now to State's Attorney Michael Waller and his investigation, to see where that leads. Here's the News-Sun article.


Anonymous said...

Bring back some video! I've lived on the North Shore for several decades and I have no question that, after viewing the Trib video with Seals and Footlik, Seals is simply not electable. His friends and supporters need to thank him, find him a good job, and remove him from the mix. They should not waste any money on this primary.

Team America said...

The revolution shall not be televised... except perhaps here in the 10th...

Anonymous said...

"People will have their own opinions about what they think happened," he said. "I know what happened. I'm just glad the proper decision was made." (News Sun Article)

Link KNOWS what happened? After weeks of saying he knew nothing?

Louis G. Atsaves

Team America said...

Right, Lou. Link spun this for all he was worth. The judge didn't decide everything was OK, contrary to what Link stated. The judge found, of course, simply that there was enough evidence to support the Board' decision--not that there were not dead people on the petitions, and not that phone books were used for roundtabling, which never came up in court.

Waller's investigation will be the kep going forward.