Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Final Countdown to Charlie Rangel's Party for Dan Seals

Well, it's the final countdown to Dan Seals' pilgrimage to New York to bend his knee before Congressman Charlie Rangel, profess his fealty to whatever Rangel might demand of him in the future, and come home with a big check (so Seals hopes).

If you're just joining us (or one of the hundreds of new viewers from around the nation who joined our coverage over the last few days, according to my Sitemeter), here's a quick rundown on Charlie "The Boss" Rangel again:

As the New York Times reported, Rangel rented several apartments in Harlem at below-market prices -- even using one for his campaign office -- all in violation of local, state, and federal law. The Times editorial page lambasted Rangel.

As the Washington Post reported, Rangel solicited corporations with business before his congressional committee to pay for a building with his name on it -- a violation of federal law and House ethics rules. The Post said Rangel's actions didn't "pass the smell test."

So why do we care? Because Dan Seals has taken $14,000 from Charlie Rangel -- $7,000 in the 2006 general election ($2,000 from his campaign and $5,000 from his leadership PAC) and $7,000 in the 2008 general election ($2,000 from his campaign and $5,000 from his leadership PAC). Dan Seals is tied as the top recipient of Charlie Rangel contributions in two consecutive general election reporting periods ($7,000 is the maximum for a general election).

The Illinois Republican Party called on Dan to return the money. Dan Seals has not said a word -- and, quite unfortunately, no MSM reporter has found the courage to ask him why.

But it doesn't stop there. As TA readers know -- and as you've figured out by the countdown clock to your right -- we are just hours away from a Charlie Rangel party for Dan Seals. That's right -- King Rangel is throwing Dan Seals a fundraiser to help him get even more dirty money. According to this online contribution site set up for the event, Seals could net at least $10,000 more from Rangel.

So for all you 10th District voters (or 9th District trolls) out there (and for the MSM reporters stopping by), I encourage you to come wish Dan 'bon voyage' before his long, soulless journey to New York City tomorrow. He is scheduled to walk in the Lake Forest Days Parade tomorrow morning at 10am (though according to his Web site, he is meeting up at 9:30 at 181 Laurel in Lake Forest -- and he's slot #85 in the parade).

If you get a chance to talk to him, ask him five simple questions:

1) Do you think Charlie Rangel did anything wrong by renting four apartments in Harlem below market value (and which were intended to be used for low-income renters) and using one as his campaign office?

2) Do you think Charlie Rangel did anything wrong by soliciting donations from corporations with business before his committee to finance a building with his name on it?

3) Do you plan to get on a plane and go to New York City after this parade to take more dirty money from Charlie Rangel?

4) Do you plan on returning the $14,000 you've already received from Charlie Rangel? Or will you wait until Rangel gets indicted?

5) How would you have voted on the Rangel censure resolution considered by Congress last week?

Good luck gumshoes! And remember to report back. In the meantime, TA has been contacted by several people who intend to monitor Seals' movements throughout the day. We may even have some live blogging on the big night. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Good thing Dan doesn't have to take a day off to make th big journey (since he has no job).

SinkPack said...


Why do you think the MSM is afraid to touch this story? You've just presented one of the most compelling, well-researched reports I've seen in a while -- how come the Tribune doesn't cover it?


Team America said...

Sinkpack/Fox- that's an excellent question. I'm assuming for now that the ethical challenges of a far-off congressman, like Rangel, and his strong ties to Dan Seals, and Seals' track record of buddying up to such folks such as Creamer and Rosty is all just too much work for our local MSM to follow, even though we've laid it out for them.

Remember how much it took for the MSM to finally get the Rezko story straight? Or Seals' own professor-gate story? We literally pounded the professor-gate story for MONTHS before the MSM took some notice.

When it comes down to it, this is not as simple as someone getting arrested for DUI on the Edens. It takes some time to understand the implications, and then make it understandable to the average reader. But that doesn't make it any less important.

I predict that if Seals continues to take large sums from Rangel, and Rangel gets indicted, you will see some coverage, and it will end by Seals claiming (and channeling Barack) that "this wasn't the Charlie Rangel I knew" as he returns the cash. Or, maybe he will be too desperate to return what will amount to, by that time, multiple tens of thousands of dollars in dirty money.

At that point, maybe the clear choice 10th Dist. voters will have will finally crystalize enough even for the MSM to figure it out.

BTW- LOL, Anon 12:42!

Anonymous said...

Charlie gives all Democrats money.
He gave Melissa Bean 4K in September. Check out:

Anonymous said...

Great reporting TA - agree with sinkpack/fox on MSM - way too afraid to report the facts.

I find it absolutely mind boggling that Congressman Kirk, who clearly works extremely hard and has solved more of the problems facing the 10th than any representative or senator has, should even have to worry about a candidate that has been unemployed for two years and lives on the dollars of his donors.

As to Charlie Rangel and company, well there are clearly two sets of rules in this country - one for the Dems and one for the GOP. His base will continue to elect him because 1) criminal activity is culturally accepted and 2) the ends justifies the means. As long as Charlie reminds his constituents that noone else will "take care of them" - he's in.

Didn't see Seals this morning in Lake Forest, he may have been hiding...

Team America said...

So, Seals didn't show in Lake Forest this morning? Perhaps he's already on his way to NY for the Rangel lovefest. But, I heard through the grapevine that some Chicago politician is throwing an event for Seals tonight as well. If that's correct, wonder which event Seals will go to. The timing is interesting... why would Seals book something the same night as his big Rangel coming-out party, unless... could it be... that we've gotten inside Seals' head and he's afraid to go to NY after all? Wonder when that Chicago event was set up...

Hopefully I'll have more details on all of this soon...

Anonymous said...

Seals was at the Lake Forest parade.

Team America said...

Thanks Anon 4:39- how was his showing?

The question then becomes, if he was in LF this morning, where will he show tonight- Chicago or New York? (Notice the 10th District is nowhere on the potential agenda)

AmazingMets said...


You have won. According to my New York City sources (helping security at the Rangel event) Seals cancelled his appearance 48 hours ago. I found your site and now know why Seals won't show up - but may still take Rangel's dirty money.

We will still be there, photographing everything.
Most expect Rangel to be indicted soon in the Southern District of New York.

Knickerbocker27 said...

I just spoke with the Rangel people who didn't know who I was. They were miffed that Seals would take Charlie's money but won't celebrate the boss's birthday.

Knickerbocker27 said...

I just spoke with the Rangel people who didn't know who I was. They were miffed that Seals would take Charlie's money but won't celebrate the boss's birthday.