Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Team America Gets Inside Dan Seals' Head: Seals Blows Off Patron Charlie Rangel

Weep for the Pup, my friends. He was all ready to go to the Big Apple and get his allowance from Charlie Rangel. He had his ticket, his bags were packed. But mean, old TA had the temerity to tell people about it, other media picked up the story, and now Dan can't go. I bet he's stomping his feet over in the 9th district right now.

Of course, the untold story (which we will now tell) is that since he can't be seen acquiescing to the demands of decency and good taste, the Seals team had to scramble and put together another event for tonight to give Dan an excuse for why he wasn't going.

1st Ward Alderman Manny Flores sent out invitations last night for an event with the Pup tonight. Talk about short notice. The event is in Chicago; where Dan feels most comfortable. Information about the event is here. Flores, by the way, was one of the twits on the Chicago City Council who voted to enact the foie gras ban that made Chicago the laughing-stock of the world. Such supporters Dan attracts.

The question is, will Dan be refuse the proceeds from Rangel's big bash? Considering his determination to win at whatever the cost and Mark Kirk's utter dominance in fundraising I doubt it. But who knows, maybe the undoubtedly small, bruised, much ignored thing Dan Seals calls a conscience will assert itself and Dan will refuse his mentor's dirty cash. But I'm not holding my breath.

On the other hand, based on some of the comments we've been getting today, it may be that Rangel's people are so mad at Seals for leaving Rangel in the lurch, but still having his hand out, maybe that cash offer will evaporate before the check is ever sent.

Seals sure has class, don't he?

Here's the e-mail I was forwarded this afternoon:

From: Manny Flores [] Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2008 12:21 PM

Subject: Join me tomorrow to support Dan Seals

Dear Friend, I hope you consider joining Democratic candidate for Congress Dan Seals and me tomorrow for a special event that I am hosting here in Chicago's 1st Ward. Dan is a true blue Democrat and a tremendous candidate and he needs our support. To RSVP, please call (773) 510-0540. Thank you.

Aug 5, 2008

Dear Supporter,

Travel to Arlington Heights, Palatine, Waukegan, Northbrook or any Northern suburb and you'll see there's a crucial battle going on between a truly independent-mined, progressive Democrat and a Bush Republican. That Democrat is Dan Seals. I am proud to say that I endorse his candidacy. Dan is a tireless worker, he'll represent our Democratic values in Congress and he needs our help in his campaign in the 10th U.S. Congressional District against Republican Mark Kirk. On Wednesday, Aug. 6, I'm hosting an event to benefit the Seals campaign. I ask you today to join us in helping my friend Dan Seals.To RSVP, please click here.

If you cannot attend, I hope you choose to make a contribution to the Seals campaign via the ActBlue site that we have set up for this event:

Quite simply, Dan's opponent has been a rubber stamp for the Bush Administration's failed policies and he will never provide the kind of thoughtful leadership that we expect from our legislators.

In contrast, Dan will be a strong progressive member of Congress. He is endorsed by Presidential nominee Barack Obama and U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin. He fell just a few percentage points short in his 2006 bid against the Republican incumbent and we want to put him over the top on Election Day.

The bottom line is that Dan needs our help and he's counting on good Democrats to deliver for him this summer.I hope you consider joining us on Wednesday, Aug. 6. To RSVP by phone, or for more information, call Trevor Montgomery at (773) 510-0540 or Corey Solow at (847) 945-8900.Sincerely,Manny Flores

When & WhereSuggested Contributions:$125 Individual$500 Sponsor$1000 HostDate: Wednesday, Aug. 6Time: 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.Location: 1330 N. Leavitt, Chicago, IL 60622To RSVP call Trevor Montgomery at (773) 510-0540 or Corey Solow at (847) 945-8900

This email was sent to by
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Email Marketing by Alderman Manuel Flores, 1st Ward 2058 N. Western Ave. Chicago IL 60647


SinkPack said...

Great work TA! Don't let up til he gives back the 14k!!!


SinkPack said...

Great work TA! Don't let up til he gives back the 14k!!!


Anonymous said...

Super Sleuth, you did a great job on this one. So Dan got cold feet and decided that it's better to stay where he's safe, aka - the city of Chicago, than go to NY and rub shoulders with the big guys doling out the big bucks tonight. I think you're right in suggesting that the largesse from Rangel will be short lived. Once he's a no-show one can bet that some other lucky attendee will scoop up the cash. Oh well.

Anonymous said...


It's clear Seals reads Team America.

Now get Seals to give back the DIRTY RANGEL MONEY before Rangel is indicted.

Anonymous said...

TA: This is a stunning success for your blog. Thank you for your dogged pursuit of Seals' shenanigans. He would be such an embarrassment for the 10th -- I think people are beginning to see that. We deserve so much better, and we have so much better -- Mark Kirk -- let's keep him!

Anonymous said...

We shouldn't be so cynical. Maybe Seals has a job interview in the morning?

Anonymous said...

TA once again you prove your grassroots rockstarness. I know for a fact that team seals (soon to be devoured by killer whale kirk), monitors this site, with the fear and envy of a squad about to win another silver medal.

As for Seals job interview, Democrats being elite arrogant liberals, tend to either eat their own or welfare them up with b.s. government jobs. Should Obama win and Dan lose, I could see him being named deputy assistant secretary of a random international trade agency monitoring nose picking political appointees who get trashed in adams morgan.

NYCGOP said...

Rangel's people are not happy that Seals takes his money but won't stand with him. We got an earful from one of his fundraisers who knew we were Republicans. Other candidates showed and stood with Charlie. They will get better treatment that this Illinois guy.

Glad we could help tonight.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone prove Seals actually had a fundraiser tonight in Chicago? The event web site ( still shows ZERO raised for this supposed event -- several hours after it took supposedly took place.

Maybe this was a ruse to divert attention while Seals went to NYC?

Anonymous said...

You dipsh*ts need a reality check. The Flores event was in the works for a month. The email that went out earlier this week was a reminder, and yeah, it actually happened. "Great research" on that one. Why didn't one of you just come on out if your curiosity was piqured?

I thought you level-headed Republicans would leave it up to the crazy libs to come up with wacky conspiracy theories, but I guess they don't call you wingnuts for nothing.

I can't wait to check this blog on Nov. 5. I'm sure you'll be doing a lot of yapping then after your non-descript Congressman goes bye-bye...

Team America said...

Anon 2:49- glad you found our humble little blog. But, 'Riddle Me This': If the Flores event was scheduled a month in advance, why in the world was it double-booked against the Rangel event? Are you telling us that Seals NEVER intended to show up in New York for an event partially held in his honor, by the very poweful (albeit ethically challenged) Charlie Rangel, along with all the Dem power brokers that were scheduled to attend? I guess that's possible, but it doesn't seem to be very smart on Seals' part. (It also doesn't square with the comments of the folks who claim to know that Rangel's people are pissed at Seals, but we have no confirmation of that besides a few anon comments, so we'll disregard that for now)

Generally, when someone hosts a party in your honor, it's nice to show up and say thanks in person, never mind the advantages to Seals in attending. Flores could have had that even any night he chose. If you're right, Seals is just dumb.

But, my money is on the guess that Seals is dumb AND gutless.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, I hope anger management courses come with your streets and sanitation no show job, because clearly a vocabulary, decency and an education (other than studies in the right to vote of dead animals) do not. My second guess is you are a low level democratic operative or volunteer without much future so if this is the top of your career, hats off.

I don't know who "flores" is and hope unlike the rest of the democrats in the state he's not under indictment.

As for you, read a newspaper and note, your presidential candidate is way underperforming right now in the polls despite 500 million and 2 years of campaigning and your man dan up here can't get anyone other than a few old hippies and bitter soccer moms to take him seriously.

I could go on but I will stop.

Moderate Mom said...

I also got the invite for the Flores event a couple weeks ago along with the NY invite.

The Rangel event wasn't really a Rangel/Seals event, or even in Seals honor, he was 1 of 10 candidates on the invite, including Debbie Halverson. Also, Dan wasn't the only candidate that didn't show up to Rangel's event.

Just for context, members of Congress have these events all the time and don't really expect all the candidates to show up. Considering the pot is split up so many ways, it might be in his best interests to not show up. 2 days in NY with all the expenses incurred may not be worth it if you're only getting 10% or less of the money.

Sam said...

"Quite simply, Dan's opponent has been a rubber stamp for the Bush Administration's failed policies and he will never provide the kind of thoughtful leadership that we expect from our legislators."

Haha, good one Flores

Anonymous said...

Team America

Thanks for keeping the word alive about the pup's activities. It's time he had a real event in the district. I forgot, he's never lived in the 10th. Maybe the people making negative comments should learn the real record of our Congressman and the fine work he does for his constituents.

SinkPack said...


The Seals campaign staffers on the blog can't change the fact that 24 hours after a "long-advertised" fundraiser, the Act Blue page established for the event reflects ZERO contributions.

Again, I don't think it actually happened. And if it did, it was probably Dan and Flores in a room together somewhere with no money being raised.


Publia said...

Well his house is definately for sale so maybe Dan's planning to move into the 10th.

Anonymous said...

Well all you super sleuths out there, you may be able to get to the bottom of this one if you put as much energy into actual research as you do concocting your paranoid conservative fantasies - check the FEC site at the end of the quarter, match up the date with the date of the event and you'll see how much money the Flores event brought in for Seals.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the total reflected in the page is the total for the event. I think it's just the subtotal for the tickets ordered. If you add tickets it changes the total from 0 to whatever the ticket price is.

Anonymous said...

Check Act Blue here:

The August 6 event isn't even listed.

The mystery deepens:

Did he create a fake event as an excuse not to go to New York?

Was Chicago a real event that tanked?

Is Dan moving to Wisconsin?

Will Dan ever answer these questions?

Where was he on August 6?