Tuesday, August 12, 2008

GOP Challenger Dan Sugrue Makes Headline With Fundraising Effort Over Kathy Ryg in 59th Legislative Race (UPDATED W/ OBAMA EARMARKS)

I woke up to get my Daily Herald this morning and was greeted by a nice, above-the fold banner headline proclaiming: "GOP challenger leads cash dash." Nice. It's a pretty good article about the fundraising efforts of political newcomer and Green Oaks attorney Dan Sugrue, who is running against incumbent Dem Kathy Ryg in the 59th legislative district, which is a dagger-shaped district that runs from Waukegan in the north, all the way south through Park City, Green Oaks, Mettawa, Lincolnshire, Buffalo Grove and the northern tip of Wheeling, and even captures 3 or so precincts in Lake Forest. It's the western half of the 30th senate district, currently held by incumbent Terry Link. More on him and his nomination petitions later this week, perhaps.

Kathy Ryg is an interesting legislator. She gets high praise in the 59th District for great constituent services, but generally votes in lockstep with the Democratic party down in Springfield. She originally ran against Vernon Hills mayor Roger Byrne, winning by only 107 votes, as I recall. She was then challenged by Riverwoods patent attorney Paul Tully, whom she defeated by a comfortable margin. She was not challenged in 2006. Part of the strategy on the part of the GOP not to run anyone against her was the notion that if she did not have an opponent, she'd stay home and not campaign hard on behalf of her fellow Dems. I guess we should have known better, as not only were "Link/Ryg" signs evident in the district in the last election, she wound up on my doorstep (you can imagine my surprise, given the Mark Kirk bumpersticker prominently dsplayed on the bumper of my car, which was in the driveway at the time). We had a nice chat, though, and I have to say I like Kathy Ryg as a person, and she is darn good at returning phone calls, which not many state reps or senators can say.

But, the question in this race will be whether Ryg can survive being painted with the broad brush of the woefully ineffective Dem party in Springfield, which, if you've bothered to look up from Obama-mania lately, is doing a great job of imploding (even without GOP assistance). The Governor's approval rating is lower than President Bush's. The budget sent to the Governor by the General Assembly was unbalanced and he has slashed programs left and right, including things like community outreach and rehab for drug addicts and even state agencies like the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (so much for Dems being for the environment). School funding reform is being pushed loudly by state senator/Reverend Meeks, who was threatening to send Chicago students to enroll in New Trier to protest the inequities of public school financing based primarily on local property taxes. The Governor has called the GA back to Springfield to deal with the issue, which costs taxpayers money, even though no one really expects anything to get done.

Will Kathy Ryg support proposals like taking most of our property taxes and shipping them to the Chicago Public School System (via a short layover in Springfield), just like she supported the RTA transit tax increase, which gave Lake County back only a percentage of the money added to the county sales tax? Will she continue to march behind State Senator Terry Link as the fallout from his fraudent nomination petitions begins to cripple him in the fall election against GOP challenger Keith Gray?

Look up from the presidential race every once in a while folks, there's a lot going on locally that you don't want to miss...

OBAMA EARMARKS FOR ADLER PLANETARIUM: For a guy campaigning on being an agent of CHANGE, this kind of crap really frosts me. I personally love the Adler Planetarium, but check out this article and tell me the timing of the money secured by Obama for the museum doesn't stink. h/t Illinois Review.


Anonymous said...

Kathy Ryg has learned from one of the best. Link is a master at glad handing at community events touting his deep care for the people of the 30th district, and then goes to Springfield to shield a governor who cares only about power and being re-elected. Watch out folks...these are the people we now have on the bench and who will step in when Blago is gone. We need new people in Springfield who are not beholden to the Chicago democratic machine. Dan Sugrue has no such connections and will get my vote!

Anonymous said...

I have seen Link at these "community events." He usually looks genuinely disgusted to be surrounded by us commoners from Waukegan, and he makes a mad dash for the nearest exit as soon as his BS speech is over.

Anonymous said...

Ryg is a nice person but takes orders from Chicago Dems.

By her voting with them, she is part of the problem in Springfield.

In short: Nice lady, no guts.

Anonymous said...

Don't go feeling bad for Kathy Ryg - she's nice, but high maintenance. Bottom line - King Madigan will come thru with whatever money Kathy needs to hold the seat and if that's not enough, well then there is "unallocated pork" paid for by the taxpayers, for political hacks to ensure they stay in office.

If you really want to see changes in Illinois, then change the people you send there including nice people like Kathy Ryg. I wonder how nice she'd be if she wasn't taking your money???

Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how many nice Republican candidates there are, and what's more you won't get a performance out of them in Springfield like the one we are getting now or the one Susan Garrett put on last night on Chicago Tonight.

The program topic was pay raises, the second one this quarter Chicago Tonight had had, and of course we had 3 democrats. If we had had a good Republican, he would have most likely gone on the program and ripped the democrats. Instead we had Susan Garrett, playing tea party with her comrades.

Again this is pay raises, an easy slam dunk to not pass legislation on, especially when the other 2 panelists are falling over themselves to belittle their work!

Imagine what's going to happen when our dumbfounded democratic leadership seriously gets to education reform and the teachers unions, and legislators from areas with bad schools come calling for the money and foot soldiers they provide for campaigns.

Do you seriously think they are going to do anything other than at best raise taxes and at worst raid the quality of our schools?