Thursday, August 28, 2008

No Change For Dan Seals: It's The Same Old Message, Now on TV... 'I'm Just Like Barack!!!' (UPDATED- Missing Daughter Found!)

Tenth Congressional District Dem nominee Dan Seals likes to talk about change, but he hasn't changed his message from the primary election cycle, where he did his darndest to tell people he thinks he looks like Barack Obama. Tonight, Dan unveiled his first TV ad of the general election cycle, and guess what... it's basically about Barack! See the video here.

Needless to say, there's nothing new or original here. And, except for basically saying he'd be a "me too" to whatever Obama would tell him to do in Congress (should, horrors, they both be elected), not sure exactly what this was supposed to convey. To be fair, he does say that we can't send the same people back to Washington and not expect nothing to change... of course, that must not include Dem Veep candidate Joe Biden, who's been in the Senate for 36 years. And, why is Dan Seals still broadcasting these "get to know you" videos? For someone who touts how close he came in the 2006 election to beating Mark Kirk, why isn't he secure enough in his name recognition that he can get past the rookie stuff and concentrate on his supposed agenda, rather than waste time and money still trying to make the basic introduction?

Maybe it's just me, but doesn't Dan actually have THREE daughters??? What happened to the little one in the video???

It is that Barack only has TWO daughters, and we can't highlight anything that would make Seals look any different from Barack?

I didn't catch any actual footage of the Seals commercial on TV (I assume it ran more than once, and I just missed it every time), but I did see Mark Kirk's ad on his Apollo Energy program on NBC-5 just after the convention. I noticed that Kirk's ad talks all about what he's accomplished, not about who he supports/looks like/panders to.

UPDATED 08.29.08 9:20 a.m. MISSING DAUGHTER FOUND!!!: Thanks to an alert TA reader (see comments), missing daughter #3 has been sighted--if you look VERY carefully at the video, there appears to be an infant on Mrs. Seals' lap, although the kid appears to be sleeping through the whole thing (no shocker). The baby is pretty much hidden by the campaign logo. Whew! I didn't really have any concerns that Seals might have given the kid up for adoption just to further emulate Barack, but the thought was funny, at least to me. As usual, the Dems will have no sense of humor.

WHO WATCHED THE OBAMA SPEECH? Well, I did, but the only thing that kept me from breaking the TV was the fact that I kept one eye on the liveblog at Now THAT was funny!

I admit to a strong bias, but I really thought the speech was lame. After the initial bounce wears off, will anyone actually remember anything he said? Bring on McCain!!!


Anonymous said...

I can't answer the question about the absence of daughter # 3, TA, but I agree that this speech was not his finest oration. It was good, let's not say that he can't use a teleprompter better than anyone else. He is a master at that. I think his most powerful word was ENOUGH. The other statement that stands out was that this election isn't about him but rather it's about us. No kidding.

To lay the blame for all of the ills we face on the Bush Administration is old and tired. Just like The Pup and his TV spot.

Other than telling us that 95% of Americans will get a tax cut under his administration, we still don't have the 'meat' on the bones as to HOW he can accomplish all the lofty goals and promises.

Let's see how John McCain comes out of the Convention next week. I hope that John uses a totally different style, one that fits his personality. John McCain has the experience, the maturity and respect and the leadership that he has proven if he can muster the inner strength to show that side of who and what he is as a very unique leader.

There's a lot of work to do in the next 67 days. Let's all make sure that we GRD! That's Get R Done.

Anonymous said...


I didn't see the third girl when I saw the ad on TV. But I went online and found it -- he put his campaign logo over the baby. You can kind of make out that his wife is holding an infant that is being hidden.

Anonymous said...

Even a conservative pundit as partisan as Pat Buchanan admired Obama's speech as magnificent. He quoted lines directly from text to demonstrate particularly strong passages. For someone who claims to be a "moderate" to find the speech "lame" offers a true picture of where you are really coming from.

I read your blog for curiosity. Given the other comments, your other posters constitute an online support group for people in search of an alternate reality.

However, I did wonder why Seal's #3 daughter was missing.

Team America said...

Anon 9:26- for the whereabouts of Daughter #3, see the update.

As to Obama's speech, everyone's entitled to their opinion. I thought it was too long, and basically degenerated into a standard Dem "big government will save us" platform speech. It wasn't particularly inspiring or original.

Anonymous said...

*sigh* Why are you making an issue out of the number of daughters in this video? Has that any relevance to...anything?

As for the content of the ad, Seals said he supports Obama's stances on issues. And, if you compare his views with those of Obama's, you will find that they are very similar. Laugh all you want at the ad, but I think you have missed the point if you think the ad is about Seals trying to look like Obama.

After all, a large number of voters in the district are probably planning on voting for Obama and Kirk, seeing Kirk as a paragon of "thoughtful, independent leadership." My guess is that these people do not know that Kirk disagrees strongly with Obama's agenda. By quoting Kirk in the ad, Seals at least lays down where Kirk stands on Obama.

kellyann1293 said...

The Illinois Education Association has endorsed Kirk:

UNION ENDORSES KIRK: The Illinois Education Association-NEA, the state's largest and traditionally Democratic-leaning teachers union, has announced its endorsement of U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk, R-Highland Park. IEA-NEA board member Kathi Griffin cited Kirk's No Child Left Behind initiative as one of many reasons he earned the union's endorsement, along with securing increased impact aid funding for North Chicago and Highland Park schools.

Source: - political briefs