Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Roland Burris - Just When You Thought Illinois Could Not Be More Embarrassed

I'm tired of having Michael Bond's mug on my website, and the comment string on that last post was getting way too long (not to mention the three-way flame war between commentors FOKLAES, Blue Prairie, and Tikkunolum was getting a little out of hand), so it's time to move on.

In the absence of any new info from Congressman Mark Kirk about his intentions on running for Senate or Guv (remember everyone who was telling you that they just KNEW weeks ago what Kirk was going to do because 'someone' told them?), and now that the Illinois General Assembly three-ring circus has subsided for the moment (it's now Governor Quinn's turn to start throwing blame around), papers like the Tribune are having a field day with pointing out the various lies told by U.S. Senator Roland Burris, that is, when they are not giving us the blow-by-blow description of Patti Blagojevich and her bug-eating trials down in Costa Rica (my wife at breakfast this morning: "Would you eat a tarantula 'for your kids'? Not sure I would.")

The best thing was the Tribune's cut-out and fold-together, 3-D Roland "Pinocchio" Doll. Burrisocchio's long nose features two quotes- one by the real Pinocchio "There are no strings on me!" and one by the real Roland "I'll send you my check by Dec. 15th." Hahahahahahahah. Can't find it online, so you'll have to buy the print edition to see it, but it's worth it.

I'm surprised the Tribune printed this. Remember the outcry from Congressman Bobby Rush and others when various politicians were refusing to help seat Burris?

I guess that when the Tribune starts printing little cut-out dolls of black politicians without fear of being labeled racist, you KNOW the guy is toast.


Anonymous said...

I'm still in mourning from that cubs bullpen meltdown last night, but...

shocking move by the tribune given how flamingly liberal they've gotten (hint the way to win readers and influence people is to have a better sports page, columnists that don't get their talking points from the DNC, and political reporters who actually report new things and cover republicans).

I'd love to hear a defense from Prarie or any of the other Illinois Democrats who come on here and bash Mark and future Illinois State Senator Team, when Burris and blago have been so awful. You did elect blago 3 times (primary, 2 generals).

FanOfKingLouisAstavesEllenSlayer (foklaes)

Blue Prairie said...

Sorry to have made you wait, F, but I was out of town. And I'll further disappoint by offering no defense of either man. Blagojevich is a tragedy, a lesson in the ability of power to corrupt weaker men. Burris is also a tragedy. He succumbed to the lure of higher office when better judgement and clearer heads would have declined. His case is sadder still as it becomes an ugly cap on an otherwise fine career. I can only take solace in the knowledge that the sting I feel from these two yahoos is akin to that you must have felt when the truth about George Ryan became known.

And, gubenatorially, that would have been 4 times: primary-general, primary-general.

Anonymous said...

Blue, I worked for peter fitzgerald and was not old enough to vote for Ryan. I commend you on your apology for blagoyevich, but he's only the beginning of apologies you need to make ranging from obama, to rahm's congress, to queen lisa, to stroger. The best way to make that apology is for them to do the proper thing and either resign for office or end their awful careers of self-service. It is worth noting that members of your party like comrade jan and dick the hick durbin have not yet apologized for these cats.

Governor Matt Murphy will be a tremendous leader for Illinois with Senator Team helping to pass his budgets.


Blue Prairie said...

F, if you failed to understand that I was NOT making an apology for either Blago or Burris, I see no reason to believe your claim of employment for whatshisname, except, perhaps, to pick up his laundry. Laddie, you couldn't get the number of elections correct, you grammar is abysmal, your insults pedestrian, and your logic emanates from somewhere like the planet Uranus. And we're all supposed to believe you're the on-line Chairman of the Senate Whatsis? The credibility gap widens, Sonny Jim.

By the way, doesn't Louis Astaves live in the 9th?

Anonymous said...

The Democrats will not too easily shake themselves of the Blago/Burress stigma. There will be a 'Scarlet B' upon the chest of most every Democratic Party candidate for the next couple of years. Want proof: look how 'B'lue Prarie effectively brings up Ryan still.

Anonymous said...

The scarlet B still stands for Bush, Jr. and don't you forget it!

Also, as I've been apt to point out, the Party of Bush, Alan (where do you live?) Keyes, Judy (loan forgivenss for the connected) Topinka, Jack (family values optional) Ryan, and George (licenses for sale - no experience necessary and any denomination) Ryan have almost exclusive holds on all 26 (scarlet) letters in the alphabet. So Blago has to wait.

Also, I haven't necessarily seen leadership from Cross, Radogno, or Murphy.
Where's the legislation?
Where's the compromise?
Where's the acknowledgement of the moral need for a safety net?
Was it not a GOP'er who stated last night that the $500 million in landscaping and office remodeling was essentially a 'necessary piece of legislation?'
(Possibly, in other words, "I didn't read the entire legislation.)

The above are not demonstrative of a decent track record for student council President much less governor.

Of course, given the GOP penchant for carpet-bagging and double-speak (abstinence-only, Mr. Vitter, Mr. Gingrich, and Mr. Ryan?) maybe Sara Palin (corrupt, elitist, and co-governor-in-chief hubby) is available.

I think that the GOP may want to hesitate when complaining about government.

Maybe, while Blago was not a saint, the GOP should wait a few years after Ryan's conviction, to complain, especially given the aforementioned pork spending and the pro-bono work provided Mr. Ryan and the EXCUSES former REPUBLICAN Governor Thompson has made for Mr. Ryan's early release. So much for law and order and paying one's full debt to society.

Finally, how about those GOP public servants who are both township officials AND State Legislators? Double dipping in the pension and general public dole?
And who is it that is going to solve the pension problem for the rank and file? These very same duplicate public servants?

Anonymous said...

Blue Prairie, no, Louis doesn't live in the 9th Congressional District. He lives in Moraine Township, Lake Co. All of that township is in the 10th Dist.

Phil Collins

Anonymous said...

TA, I'm tired of these democrats who continually harp their causes on this blog. I know you are not like Ellen but can't you block them please. This is no longer fun.

Blue Prairie said...

Thank you, Phil. I just thought perhaps I'd met him a year or so ago and misplaced his card.

And no, my intent was not to 'out' anyone. I may bark at an unpleasant or inappropriate post or comment, but I get that this forum is better when all feel free to speak their minds, regardless of how narrow so of them may be.

And c'mon Anon 11:20! If y'all are just singin and dancin to the same tune, isn't it sort of boring - like watching the same chorus line over and over? Unless, of course, you're into chorus lines. Which isn't wrong, mind you. Just..., well, boring.

Anonymous said...


Ask yourself, are you and your family better served with you on this blog or you in the state senate creating jobs, cutting government waste and building a better Illinois?

As for the democrats that have come on here and bloviated about former Republican officeholders, we don't care and neither do voters. Your team was elected, and just the other day daley took a 974 million dollar hit on meters, the state legislature is only considered about their jobs not ours, and your governor wunderkinds wife is on t.v. eating spiders.

I've worked with some corrupt governments over the years in some shady foreign countries, but not once have I seen an American government as flamingly corrupt and arrogant as Illinois state dems. What exactly is progressive or liberal about pay hikes for legislators and cuts for kids welfare?

See you fall 2010. Bring your excuses and dead goldfish, you'll need em.

Team for Senate 2010: Yes We Can do better than this.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who describes Blago as "not a saint" has completely lost perspective. Ramble on Rose. You guys have the scarlet B now, even if you don't yet realize it.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who describes Blago as "not a saint" has completely lost perspective. Ramble on Rose. You guys have the scarlet B now, even if you don't yet realize it.