Monday, June 22, 2009

State Senator Matt Murphy Announces for Guv Race (UPDATED)

One of our alert readers noted that State Senator Matt Murphy of Palatine has thrown in for the governor's race in 2010, after a few weeks of sending out some feelers. Trib coverage here; AP coverage here. The Daily Herald was apparently caught sleeping on this one; perhaps this is due to budget cutbacks?

Murphy joins a slew of announced and not-yet-announced candidates on the GOP side, including fellow senators Kirk Dillard and Bill Brady, DuPage County Board Chairman Bob Schillerstrom, DuPage State's Attorney Joe Birkett and businessman Adam Andrzejewski of Hinsdale.

Oh, and maybe another fellow, Congressman Mark Kirk.

Does Murphy's entrance into the primary battle mean anything, or is it way too early to tell? Is Murphy serious or running to build name recognition for later? And what of Kirk? Do more candidates in the primary help him or hurt him if he runs for guv? Would Kirk's entry clear out many of the amateurs?

Consider this a 2010 guv open thread.
UPDATE: The Daily Herald put a short blurb up on the Murphy announcement on its website this morning, which appears to be the AP article, but I don't see an accreditation.


Anonymous said...

Matt Murphy is a terrific candidate and would make a terrific governor.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

I'm with King Louis Astaves the Ellen Slayer. This Dillard punk deserves retirement for the obama stunt last year. Murphy has it together.

After him I like the dude adam with a really long last name. If he wanted to go into politics he should have changed his last name to andrews. He's what the brady's, dillards, other re-treads are not-a good new conservative.

Also TA not to be a pain in the ellen, but it would be great if you let us post live links. Most blogs have it, and it would be better for sharing info.


Team America said...

FOKLAES, if you are talking about allowing hypertext links, that's enabled already. You just have to insert the html code. Click here if you need instructions.

Ciao, TA

kellyann1293 said...

"not to be a pain in the ellen"

OMG - that made me burst out laughing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks kellly. The chipmunk's hired a new finance chief. Hopefully she'll be as bad for him as emily loh and michelle weil were for pup. Looking at her press clips, she's a c-teamer. She raised money for geoghan who got crushed inthe 5th race despite being the BFF of democrat uber god, chuck schumer. No Obama 08 for her which means she's not a hitter and the DCCC hasn't been targeting Mark yet which may mean they've given up on bond with all the hick districts they've got to play defense in this year they've taken, idaho, bama, carolina, ohio, pa, ect.


Anonymous said...

Matt (little experience and no ideas) Murphy and some guy who helped run Alan -the Carpet-bagger- Keyes' campaign for Senate. I don't think that one who ran Mr. Keyes' campaign for Senate and is a part-time Conservative radio host (in the lineage of Rush and Sean?) can claim to be concerned about the average citizens of Illinois (I would say the same thing about the carpet-bagger Hillary by the way). Of course, given that Bush didn't know what the price of gas cost and Mr. McCain has more houses than he can keep track of, it could be that the GOP's target demo is not the average citizen, but I digress.

So far, not necessarily a 'bumper crop!'

Cheer up, it looks like Mr. Sanford may be relieved of his duties soon, so maybe you could get him - as being from out of state and a bit off kilter seems to fit the GOP MO.

An article about the failings of yet another GOP'er fails to appear on TA's blog. But wait, wasn't Sanford on your blog as part of your modern heroes section not a month ago?

Anonymous said...

Matt Murphy is the type of Conservative who can will in Illinois. Temperate personality, not caught up in the flaming rhetoric and bomb throwing mentality like some of the other conservatives out there. I think a Kirk Murphy one-two punch reaches out to all types of Republicans and independents and gives us a good shot at at least two statewide races this year.

Note: Politico is deducing from Mark Kirk's statements re the proposed cap & trade bill that he is seriously considering a Senate-run.