Monday, March 1, 2010

Dan Seals Campaign Manager Fired?

One of the wonderful things about modern blog technology is that I can "see" every search that people use to find my blog. I don't often highlight that a lot for obvious reasons, as it gives me really good intel on what people are curious about out there that I've been known to pass along to various candidates campaigns from time to time. For example, many people use Google to search for "Team America Blog" to find this blog, either for the first time because they heard about it, or maybe just because they are just too lazy to add it to their "favorites" list. But many of the searches are much more interesting... and sometimes downright funny.

For example, here are some of the recent searches that came up with Team America as a hit in Google or other search engines, whereupon someone clicked on that result, which enables me to "see" their search, their IP address, their place of origin, and sometimes lots of other information:

"charlie rangel cash cow"

"fox news broadway bank"

"lake county casinos prostitution"

"dan seals human zombies"

"methadone clinics open on sunday"

"acorn and seiu"

"is dan seals a socialist"

and many others. Avid readers of the Blog will understand why this Blog would come up as a top result for many of those searches (although I can't seem to remember writing about casino prostitution... maybe they were interested in scoring over in Lake County, Indiana, since we have no casinos up here... yet). But lately, I have been seeing a number of searches for:

"dan seals campaign manager fired"

or some variation thereof. Usually when I see a lot of searches on a topic like that, that means there is a rumor floating around out there that people are trying to check out...

Anyone have any info on this potential development???


Anonymous said...

Just a thought: maybe they understand "blog technology", too, and are using it for their purposes. lol

Anonymous said...

The Seals campaign manager is a creep who used to hang out in the Kirk campaign parking lot at night until the Northbrook cops chased him away.

Wonder if Dan ever knew this.

tikkunolam said...

Based on a Google search, TA? Pretty lax reporting standards, considering all you have to do is call Seals' office and ask the front desk volunteer who the campaign manager is. I know, spreading scurrilous and purposeless rumors is more fun, but at least have the dignity to make up a blind quote, or something.

Team America said...

tikkun - you're not really suggesting that I start making quotes up are you?

While I COULD call 'Seals for Congress,' assuming they did not hang up after I identified myself, I doubt very much they would tell me the story behind the story, which is what we are really all interested in.

Anonymous said...


1. go to fec reports look at dan seals for congress expenses. look for salary of campaign manager. said person and find out where their employment is. Go to their facebook page. see if you have mutual friends ask mutual friends of status of employment.

3. go to or where they keep listings of who is running which campaign.



Anonymous said...

TA - the NRCC just hit Seals

Anonymous said...

So we can keep getting the Seals campaign managers fired by simply Googling "Dan Seals Campaign Manager Fired"?

Hey! I'll Google it 100x a day if that works! :-)

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

King Louis,

fortunately pup is not a brilliant man-it's hard to get a u of chicago mba and get unemployed and will hopefully fail no matter what.

One of my new years resolutions was that team america would start allowing direct user posts of links. on chicago suntimes right now they have a really awful made for kirk attack ad interview where airhead alexi soprano fumbles like cedric benson on the goaline. I highly reccomend it for a team america posting. Team Kirk's message these days seems to be broadway broadway broadway and while I realize team america is only a supporter, not an official outlet of team kirk, publishing it is a must.,CST-NWS-AlexiLoans22web.article


Anonymous said...

The Chicago Sun-Times seems to be trying to help Alexi white wash this problem away.

Love this part:

===""I know the criteria financial institutions look at when they decided whether or not to approve a loan," Giannoulias said, "It's the credit-worthiness of a borrower. Is the value of a property enough? The income from the business? Their ability to repay a loan? It doesn't look at criminal background checks. The credit worthiness is: If this person is buying a hardware store, have they ever owned another hardware store? Is their credit 800 versus 400 or 500?"

The Stratievskys had no criminal records when they came to see him and Giorango downplayed his, though they did talk about it, Giannoulias conceded after some prodding."===

He doesn't do criminal background checks. So someone convicted of fraud, previous financial crimes, money laundering, etc. etc. etc. could have safely had a loan approved by Alexi when he was at the bank.

Nuff said!

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

If you go to Dan Seals has taken 14,000 dollars in direct money from disgraced congressman charles rangel from his pacs and campaign. this money is tainted and dirty and needs to be immediately dumped.

dan seals has also recieved tens of thousands of other dollars from democrats whose money came from rangel this must also be dumped.

Finally there's the matter of the millions of dollars the national democrat party has spent on behalf of dan seals. Rangel has only given them 400k and since we don't know how much of that was spent on dan seals he should do the honorable thing in lieu of the dirty politics and his pledges and dump that money.

All told unless dan seals immediately dumps the 50k in tainted money he has gotten from charles rangel it is fair to say he is a corrupt chicago politician.


Anonymous said...

dirty dirty dirty

Crazy4glf said...

It -USED- to be hard to be cut lose from what one would think are secure positions.

However, enter a 2 year recession that Gramm and McCain weren't even aware of and what used to be or the old rules no longer apply.

See: borrowing for tax cuts
See: borrowing for a pre-emptive
strike (without including
the cost in the annual WH
See: Confusing, incomplete
Medicare Reform Act that did
not have funding allocated
for it.

Also, Mr. Bush has an advanced degree, though you wouldn't know it if you listened to him, saw his policies, or were looking for consistency and comprehensiveness.

G W is brilliant and deserving of praise but Mr. Seals and others aren't? I'm no fan of Mr. Seals,
however, as the current President said, you can disagree with someone without questioning their intelligence, faith, and philisophical approach. Of course, this is unless someone's philosophy changes with the tide or the wind like a certain Representative on the North Shore.

I know, I need to stop letting hypocrisy, rhetoric, and inaction (a lack of results) on the part of the GOP frustrate me.

We only pay their salaries and for their health insurance which can be considered a very public option.

If you have a disdain for governance, why run for office and the aforementioned entitlements?

Of course, Bush could only lead failing organizations for so long.

Finally, I think the RNC has mis-interpreted FDR's "Only thing we have to fear" speech. It was not meant for mongering and a weak excuse for a campaign platform.

The only things we have to fear are Sanford, Schock, McConnell, Cantor, and Boehner.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to understand how and why you chose your list of those you fear, Crazy. Sanford? I think we could compile a list of those we fear on YOUR side of the aisle, beginning with the guy living in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Perhaps TA can make this into a contest.